Algonquin Township Offers Free Sand and Bags

This home is preparing for the rising Fox River.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser encourages people in danger of being flooded by the rising Fox River to get sandbags in place.

Sand and bags are available at the Algonquin Township Road District.

The river is expected to crest on Sunday at three feet higher than now.

He says that free sand and bags are available behind Building No. 5.

“Follow the sandbag signs,” he advises.

“We went through 4,000 sandbags today.”

The sand and bags will be available throughout the night.

“Volunteers are urged to come help fill sandbags,”Gasser said.


Algonquin Township Offers Free Sand and Bags — 28 Comments

  1. My suggestion would be to solicit all the help needed from Mike Madigan and the Democratic Party…who is better at Sandbagging than that crew…………………

  2. According to my compassionate conservative brothers and sisters, this would be considered a handout; hence totally unacceptable. The solution: make homeowners responsible for their own demise as a consequence of living so close to a flooding area. If only we had a balanced budget…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. This compassionate conservative has no problem giving free sandbags to people who live in flood prone areas, but I draw the line at subsidized flood insurance and grants/low interest loans for making repairs.

    When you knowingly take risks, you have to be willing to bear all of the costs.

  4. I agree with Billy Bob on handing out sandbags, but Angel’s shot at over the top conservatives hit’s the nail on the head.

    Apparently Andrew is as much of a socialist as Del and Bob was who started and kept this program available.

    Why is this story only highlight Alg Twh, when almost all the other gov agencies that have flood pron areas also offer this service?

  5. Nob, Cal is very selective on his coverage of events. Promotes those that are his idols, skips any bad information about ultra-conservatives, mostly likes to throw raw meat to his lot when reporting on crimes. He can also get almost Raymond-like on certain subject: political signs, Jack Franks, and free food events.

  6. Stop the socialist, pink-shirt Gasser! We need a real, horse riding, tobacco chewer, gunshot carrier republican leading our township. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Senor Llavona,

    ¿Es una llavano silvestre una especie de camélido extraño, hibridizada de Central o América del sur?

    ¿Por qué no ir? Por favor considere con su pensión hinchado. Es buen momento para ir. Espero que usted llegará a comprender tus insultos y desvaríos infantiles contra la gente blanca son deplorables, y así las personas miren de cerca lo que gritas. ¡La mirada es negativa!

  8. Be sure to mention one of the most famous compassionate Republicans – Abraham Lincoln.

  9. Would think that many people buy houses in flood prone areas not knowing this fact.

    Then, when the once in a hundred year (?) rainstorms ensue, they are devastated.

  10. The real honest Abe, the one confederate southerners hated so much, would be a progressive today. You are, after all, experts in American history and know how political parties changed over many generations since our 16th president. By the way, I am sure the copy and paste queen could calculate the exact number of days of Lincoln’s presidency. Should we count April 15, 1865? Was he assassinated before or after noon? Sunshine blogger, please get to the bottom of this. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Not only that, but it is GMO high frustoce corn syrup candy. (Poison.)

  12. That’s obviously hypothetical.

    Fact is he was a Republican.

    And you and Moderate are agitating Democrats who constantly insult.

    Not too easy to refute something that is documented is it.

  13. See what happens? The sunshine prodigious researcher slams the brakes into his copy and paste frenzy and considers hypothetical what is widely documented through history: the evolution of political parties and its political objectives through time. Then, what explains the transformation of the south into red states if it wasn’t because of the Civil Rights Act? Perhaps that is another hypothetical. Perhaps it is also hypothetical the worst insults in this sunshine blog are directed to the few progressives who participate; but apparently the prodigious researcher, master of character assassination, has not realized it yet. He/she feels entitled to label others as “democrats who constantly insult.” This is what makes this sunshine blog so entertaining. We know them too well. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. There is nothing hypothetical about the fact Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

    It is obviously hypothetical that Abraham Lincoln would be in a different party if alive today, because he is not alive today.

    Anyone reading the blog can decide which commenters constantly agitate.

  15. I think a statement has to be given buyers with facts like being in a flood plain.

  16. Would Honest Abe be a republican today? Perhaps our sunshine blogger has a clever answer for that one. The grand jury of this sunshine blog summoned by our sunshine prodigious researcher will notice it was him/her who brought up Lincoln to suggest he would be a compassionate conservative. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  17. Will Cal Skinner report how the gassbag who is a gasser lost in court today? Will Cal Skinner and his “sunshine blog” report how the gassbag who is the dirtiest of gassers is costing us thousands in legal bills? Will Cal Skinner and the notorious mchenry county blog report how gasser is denying the clerk records?


  18. Dear sunshine blogger: time to change the subject. How about a silly cat picture with a shotgun; perhaps resurrect purse-gate, whatever it takes but do something…despite all attacks our sunshine blog lives on…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  19. Dirty Gasser, please share what happened in Court. I assume this is regarding the suit Gasser filed. You know Cal won’t post about it if it didn’t go Gasser’s way.

  20. Sunshine blogger, perhaps a few fireworks pictures could be a good distraction. A few pictures of political signs from the 80’s could do it too. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. why are people complaining about Gassers legal fee’s and not the fact the millers have cost us millions in family salaries, family trips and vacations, shopping sprees for the girl friend and only god knows what else, We wouldn’t have legal fee’s had the township ran with integrity, honesty, and with the promises kept to the tax payers.

    Gasser bashing is all these supporters can do,

    they certainly cant talk about how ell things were unless they were on the receiving end of bob never ending illegal spending (theft)

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