The Friday Court Order re Algonquin Township — 18 Comments

  1. Please stick to the subject. This post is not about our president tronald dump. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Thank you Cal for posting the court order.

    It’s clear what happening here.

    The Clerk has been successful three times in court.

  3. I see idiots cheering for this like it is some big WIN but all it is done is make all the records under the control of a Bobby Miller puppet.

    That’s like keeping the nuclear codes safe by only letting Trump have them.

    Look over there nothing to see here but the same old corruption

  4. Thewholetruth, very articulate response.

    You have shown you are uneducated or just ignorant.

  5. Lukasik is A Miller plant.

    Lukasik now has the ability to plant or steal records to protect Bobby.

    Is that clear enough for your pea brain to undersrand?

  6. First of all, thewholetruth, I am not a liar.

    Second, I’m not a Bob Miller transplant.

    How dare you say that about me.

    I ran to serve the people of Algonquin Township and have been kept from doing my job by people like Gasser and Lutzow.

    I welcome you to come in and meet me face to face so that I can show you what debacle I’ve been faced with.

    Chuck Lutzow didn’t do his job.

    Before you go spewing lies about me get your facts straight.

    I was a former Cary Trustee and I was always the voice of the people.

    I do not go by Karen Miller that is my maiden name.

    I’m from Oklahoma originally and if you are trying to insinuate I’m related to Bob Miller you are wrong.

    I am in no way related blood or by marriage.

    Now please refrain from calling me a liar and quit hiding behind your computer and make an appointment with me so I can chat with you face to face.

    I’m growing tired of games and all the hatred of many.

  7. I’m with ‘theWhileTruth’ on this one.
    FedUp must be a Bob Miller puppet-plant as well.

  8. “Judge” Caldwell, a Jourdan sad-sack from way back, likes to stick it to those who threaten the corrupt establishment he protects and serves like a little poodle pet.

    For example, he got embarrassingly hammered not so very long ago, trying to stiffle a grassroots uprising in Grafton Township.

  9. Chuck was Clerk, he just got elected as Supervisor.

    Chuck let records be removed with no record of what or who has them.

    Chuck’s wife gave Karen a tour instead pf doing it himself just after the election and the records seem to mostly all be there.

    After being sworn it he held back the keys to the files for a couple of weeks ignoring Karen’s requests for them.

    Two weeks later and finally getting the keys and opening the files many we’re obviously missing with added to the lawsuits.

    The Chain of Custody has been broken and where the files are have yet to be determined as well as the missing video hard drive which would of shown who did what.

    If I’ve been in error on my time line please advise the correct sequence.

  10. I thought Michael Caldwell was the bass player for Marshall Tucker Band.

  11. Had the records been messed with prior to Miller leaving office how would all the leaked credit card info appear in this blog?

    I’m sure Cal, Chuck, and Team Andrew would be glad to share the FOIA requests dated before Miller left office right?

  12. Michael Caldwell is a poor judge and a little tyrant at the McHenry Courts of Fakery.

    When the slimy Judge Slemiel aka Chmiel (sp?) sleazily pulled strings to appease the Great and Powerful Bobby Miller, the judicial taint in McHenry was there for all to see.

    I’m no fan of Lutzow’s, but where does this Caldwell get off, ordering Lutzow that he must ‘recommend’ anything?

    The Board can tell Lutzow and Judge Caldwell to buzz off.

    Hasn’t Caldwell ever of separation of powers?

  13. @Cindy

    Michael was his middle name.

    He went by Tommy.

    The Marshall Tucker Band was one of my all time favorites.

  14. Sorry, Tommy. RIP, dude. You were the driving force. They are not the same these days.

  15. This took long enough.

    Now drop all the suits Gasser!

    You failed miserably.

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