Governor Visiting Flooding in Algonquin This Afternoon

In a last minute add-on to his events calendar, Governor Bruce Rauner’s staff announced that he would visit Algonquin this afternoon to view flooding.

The notice said he would be at the Algonquin Public Works building, 110 Meyer Drive at 4:30. (That’s quite high ground north of Algonquin Road near the Post Office, so maybe that’s just the starting place.)


Governor Visiting Flooding in Algonquin This Afternoon — 7 Comments

  1. This is nothing more than a Blow Hard politician photo opportunity.

    Why don’t they fill some sand bags and actually make themselves useful while they are there.

  2. Why are there always pictures of nitwits trying to drive through flooded streets?

    These people get stranded, ruin their cars, and then someone else has to get them out. (IF they don’t actually drown!)

  3. Cindy, those people lack common sense.
    Illinois is full of them which explains why there is an overabundance DEMOCRAT voters.

    BTW, if the Gov didn’t show up to observe the flooding the DEMOCRATS would
    be howling that he doesn’t care about the people/children.

  4. I’m the real ” Voter” but it keeps putting up ” Voter On” don’t know why and I am NOT a Democrat

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