Hope on Redistricting Reform

Before the 2010 U.S. Census and the Democratic Party’s re-map, there were 11 Republicans and 8 Democrats.

Changes in Illinois congressional delegation make-up from 2010 to 2012.  Credit Wikipedia.

Did Michael Madigan work his reapportionment magic to shift the delegation make-up to his party?

You betcha, as Sarah Palin would say.

A case coming from Democrats in Wisconsin will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Governor Scott Walker and two GOP-dominated legislative houses apportioned the districts to benefit Republicans.

It’s the nature of the beast for parties to see electoral advantage when in control.

Now, in my home state of Maryland, Republicans have won a similar case with regard to one congressional district.

To put in the words of one of the three Appellate Court Justices ( Paul V. Niemeyer), as reported in the Washington Post:

“It seems to me they were highly successful in getting exactly what they wanted,” he said of the Democrats who oversaw redistricting.

“These politicians had the power to make the map the way they wanted it.”

Might Illinois receive relief from out legislative dictator some day?


Hope on Redistricting Reform — 9 Comments

  1. We’ll never get rid of bias unless the system is changed to take out partisan nonsense.

    A computer should be programmed by outsiders, even out of the country if need be, to size the districts in the shape of boxes as much as possible with some consideration of legal boundaries, geography, and not much else.

    Start in one corner of the state and start sizing the districts.

    No consideration of any political nonsense as has been done in the past.

  2. Can’t wait to see the scramble, as Illinois loses two of those seats due to the ongoing exodus out of Illinois.

  3. I almost completely agree with the nob except districts should be as close as possible to same number of voters.

    That should be the only thing considered, not age, race, sex, ethnicity etc done by a computer algorithm.

    The same should be done with ALL voting districts federal, state, county, municipal, etc.

  4. Computers are not fail safe.

    Haven’t you people had enough of them rigging the computers with all the voting junk we have gone through?

  5. Cindy you can fix a computer for less than fixing a partisan hack human.

    That’s why I suggested out of country programmers, no vested interest in the out come.

  6. No matter where it comes from there will be people trying to buy off the people fixing the algorithms.

    It will almost always be a rigged system no matter if the person is Mike Madigan or a computer programmer in India.

    Money has no boundaries!

    So unless you start getting people in elections that are not tied up in the spider web of self benefit it will always be a rigged system.

    Hopefully you can get enough people at the lower levels of government to be in the majority and not the minority.

  7. India perhaps, but I’d lean towards Israel they are known for their computer programming skills.

    They recieve $$$$ from both sides, and as one commenter here says the Mossad runs our country already.


  8. Well I was against Rep/Clinton NAFTA and the Rep/BO TPP, both of which exported more jobs than one contract with the most unbias nation towards our nation I can think of, with the talent to get it right first time.

    And your recommendation is Hun?

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