Water Floods Johnsburg Area – Sandbags Still Available

Update from the Village of Johnsburg:


Sand and sandbags are still available in the parking lots at The Wave – 3309 N. Chapel Hill Road and Sunnyside Park (by the Village Hall) – Channel Beach Avenue.

Note, however, beginning tomorrow, July 18th, sand will no longer be available at The Wave as the remaining sand will be moved to Sunnyside Park.
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Here are photos from River Terrace Drive, which is on the east side of Fox River just off Chapel Hill Rd.

The Fox River laps into this Johnsburg garage.

These photos were take Saturday and Sunday, basically right at the Johnsburg bridge,

This alley had rising water.

A home on a new island in the Fox River.

Another Johnsburg home near the bridge over the Fox River.

The next two photos show Carl Kamienskis front yard:

When a car won’t do, a kayak will.

Carl Kamienskis front yard is under the Fox River.

When a car won’t do, a kayak will. This is Carl Kamienskis’ neighbor.

McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox wades in the front yard.

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Share your flood photos with others by emailing them to calskinner2@gmail.com. Please give their location and day and time they were taken.

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