Second Democratic Party Candidate for Governor Visiting McHenry County Friday

The Harvard Moose Hall is the location that Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Ameya Pawar has selected to hold a Town Hall Meeting.

It will be on Friday, July 21st, from 12-2:30.

He is scheduled to hold a Meet and Greet at Crystal Lake’s McHenry County College on Sunday, August 27th from 12:30 to 2 PM in room A240.

It is sponsored by Northwest Illinois Indivisible.

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The first candidate was JB Pritzker, who appeared at the Algonquin Library.


Second Democratic Party Candidate for Governor Visiting McHenry County Friday — 31 Comments

  1. Why doesn’t Pawar visit the any of the areas affected by The Great Flood Of 2017 ?

    Guess it’s just not that important for him to show some interest/concern/compassion for
    those who’s lives have been upended.

  2. Notice the honorable Alderman from Chicago chooses a time during the day that working men and women won’t be able to attend?

    He knows who is base is, those that are not employed.

  3. Ameya Pawar ?

    Couldn’t tell by the name if it’s a boy or a girl.

    Then I remembered the Democrats let em all use the same bathrooms anyway.

    After all it was Hillary that famously said “What difference does it make anyway”

  4. Probably a worthless Democrat like most of the so-called Republicans we elected.

  5. I say that the Republicans should go out in full force to find the worst candidate they can to run against Rauner.

    Then get out and vote for that candidate.

    Fight fire with fire!

  6. What ever happened to civility?

    Exchanging ideas and intellectually debating policy differences is one thing but making fun of someone’s name? Where’s the benefit in that?

    A large part of the deadlock in Springfield, Washington, D.C., pick-a-city/state/county whatever is a lot of people degrade the other person instead of offering a potential solution to the real problem/issue.

  7. Al? Did you look this guy up? Everybody is right here. Why do you want to go all policticaly correct and flip the conversation? Where’s the benefit in being a wuss?

  8. I wish everyone had as much class as the Democrats nationwide…

    OK, never mind.

  9. He better hope he gets a whole lot of his supporters to travel to his town hall in Harvard, because I don’t think he can count on a whole lot of support from the membership at the Harvard Moose Lodge.

    I would have a hard time thinking of a worse venue in the area for an ultra liberal Chicago Alderman to hold a political event.

  10. I don’t believe being civil is the same as “politically correct.”

    Being civil is something everyone expects and therefore should afford everyone else.

    Sadly, it’s not present very much in today’s society.

    I also don’t believe being civil and polite equate to “being a wuss.”

    As a Vietnam Veteran, I’ve already answered that question to anyone who matters.
    Making fun of someone for any reason is a sign of cowardliness not strength.

    “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” was a phrase my Mom taught me.

    Again, my point is provide potential solutions for open, free and intelligent dialog not senseless barbs.

    Casting aspersions require the IQ of a rock.

    Offering well-conceived ideas that can withstand valid scrutiny require a brain and some deep thought.

  11. Al?

    I see no aspersions cast.

    I see people telling it like it is.

    This man is very bad for anyone to even consider allowing him to be at the helm of anything.

    (We are Viet Nam vets,too. Throwing that in has nothing to do with your silly vague complaints and your trying to denigrate me.)

    Nothing uncivil about pointing out facts.

    A dog is a dog no matter how you try to get around it.

  12. OK Mr. Z, how about this?: …. People like this interloper Pawar are poison for a healthy society!



    WAKE UP MR. Z!!! Smell the coffee! Slo-mo civilizational death!

  13. Cindy, people like this Mr. Z are so bamboozled and brainwashed, they take the Jack Franks line that any criticism is intolerable! No libtard can be wrong! To criticize is hate speech!

    They’ve browbeaten down so many people in this dying state that few dare to shout out “The Big Brother Emperor Has No Clothes!”

  14. Oh, I see. He believes criticism is uncivil. I get it now. Thanks for the clarification, Rickey.

  15. Here’s my (and the dictionary’s) clarification.
    “Civil (adjective): 7. adhering to the norms of polite social intercourse; not deficient in common courtesy.”

    I made no comment, reference or complaint regarding any person’s position, merely pointed-out making fun of someone’s name is not civil and doesn’t really address, much less solve, any problem facing this state or country.

    Here’s what that observation precipitated:
    – “silly vague complaints” and
    – “libtard.”

    Point made.

  16. I propose that a group of blog contributors who merely parrot what they hear or read in the alt-right media echo chamber be known as a klavern of knuckle-draggers.

  17. Whackamole, do you consider this blog part of the alt-right media?

  18. It’s certainly the McHenry County branch of the echo chamber.

    “Libtard” is a good example.

    The epithet was certainly not original to this blog, yet it’s used often here by the ad hominem commenters.

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