The Three Rat Demonstration at the Algonquin Township Hall Last Wednesday

Here’s what drivers saw on their way home on Route 14 last Wednesday.

Before the Algonquin Township Board meeting last Wednesday Local 150 of the Operating Engineers conducted a protest along Route 14 in front of the Algonquin Village Hall.

The first meeting after Andrew Gasser was sworn in as Algonquin Township Road Commissioner, there were two balloon rats.

This time there were three.

The demonstration from the west.  There were three rat balloons.

The same signs showing Gasser in a space suit (undoubtedly a reference to his Tea Party in Space blog) were visible.

New this time, I think, were ones saying, “Algonquin Township Road District is a Scab Employer.”

Those on the east end of the Local 150 protest.

Ir was in all capital letters.

A curbside view of the Local 150 picket line.

Anna May Miller and her daughter-in-law Rebecca Lee were on the picket line.

A close-up of one of the three Local 150 balloon rats.

Miller worked for her husband Bob Miller when he was Road Commissioner.

The Local 150 balloon rat closest to Crystal Lake.

Lee’s husband worked for his father-in-law Bob Miller as well.

A tee shirt of one of the kids who tagged along to the demonstration.  The message is “Little Operating Engineer in Training.  One day I will be a big one.”

There seemed to be fewer supporters of Local 150 during the meeting and, at the end of the meeting, only Democratic Party activists seemed to have stuck around.

Finally, a bumper sticker on a car parked in the Algonquin Township parking lot denigrates Governor Bruce Rauner.


The Three Rat Demonstration at the Algonquin Township Hall Last Wednesday — 41 Comments

  1. These fools are lucky to have good paying secure jobs living off
    the taxpayers and if they don’t like it they are welcome to quit.
    There are thousands of people waiting to take their place.

  2. Any psychological studies relative to the mindset of those who use a rat as their mascot?

    Were the rats and signs purchased with the $25,000 donated by McHenry County taxpayers at the behest of County Board members?

    Also, was it fitting that Anna May was in the company of rats?

    Eliminate prevailing wage = eliminate the power of Local 150.

  3. Such a Class Act and such a great show from what obviously is the upper level of intelligence here in McHenry County.

  4. Very ugly, dark, disturbing visuals!

    These people are infantile-like sociopaths.

    From the rats, to the iron cross on the car (reminiscent of swastikas) being the icing on the cake, along with the totally unacceptable foul language – they are very sick.

    Who displays this type of behavior besides the morally bankrupt?

  5. The death rattle of leftists….next they’ll claim Andrew was colliding with Russians.

    Keep the pressure on, only a matter of time before their heads explode.

    Tic tic indeed

  6. When you think of unions you do think of rats.

    They are called union workers.

  7. Unions helped create a middle class in this country.

    They help maintain livable wages for all.

    The set safety standards.

    Their work standards and skill sets are our very best.

    They gave all of you chatting away here your weekends in case you never thought about it.

    McDonald’s insists new workers “must be availabe” to work weekends and holidays as an example.

    It would be great if we all worked in union shops.

    And by the way..Algonquin highway is a proud union shop now and will be long after Gasser flits away to his next little political gig.

  8. What a display of the great unwashed!

    Blood-thirsty thugs with nothing to offer.

  9. Give the power back to taxpayers who have to foot the bill for these nitwits.

    Andy should force a walkout with further Union perceived grievances and be prepared to immediately replace all with entry level with agreement that all future pay and bennies to be determined by voter approval.

    Taxpayers need to treat this arrogant Public Sector, as one would any pet that’s soiled the carpet.

  10. It’s too bad it wasn’t raining.

    I once had the great pleasure of splashing a bunch of union picketers that were standing close to the road like that.

    I enjoyed it more than I probably should have.

  11. We need some serious pest control.

    You can see rats sitting in their cars alongside two inflated rodents at the entrance of a local business on the Virginia cutoff between Rt 31 and Rakow Rd.

  12. I am wondering if a contract involving local government taxpayer funds has to be okd by board of some sort.

    Just wondering.

  13. Deb? take a gander at this.

    This is truth unike what you are being led to believe. (Taken from comments made by hawkgrrrl elsewhere on the net)…

    “Collective bargaining is ostensibly the benefit, but in reality, unions are another business, and they are in the business of taking money from the workers and slowing down business to force the hand of management (which demonstrates their value – if they don’t influence, they lose power).

    They only thrive under certain conditions:

    1) when businesses are too short-sighted to see the impacts of poor working conditions and high attrition rates,

    2) when employees are not smart enough to get their needs met any other way (e.g. through more direct collective bargaining), or

    3) when industries have a legacy of being dominated by unions.

    What employees sometimes fail to realize is that once they unionize, the union is nearly impossible to get rid of.

    It’s like a golem to solve your problems (the Jewish monster).

    Unions often rely on low-brow intimidation tactics like putting a large inflatable rat in the parking lot to discourage workers from working with “management,” even if management is inclined to work with the employees.

    Once a union enters the picture, the discussion is over…”

  14. Can we rent those rat inflatables for a citizen protest of Sect. 8 housing ‘relocatees’ from Chicago to McHenry County?

  15. Has anyone seen this union contract?

    Since the contract and the terms within are the supposed source of this conflict, let everyone see it.

    Cal, do you have any information?

  16. Sorry Cal I googled and see you posted back in May.

    Sorry I missed it then.

  17. Rickeyricardo

    I don’t know who you are but you have a friend in me…..

    keep up the good work…..

    and you too Cindy good job

  18. Andy comes in and takes over….

    Stops the licensed to steal organization ….

    reduces expenditures drastically and this is the kind of thanks he gets……….

    unions are only making themselves look bad…

    and Miller like a very sore looser

  19. Bill, Andrew reduced services which he said he wouldn’t.

    No paint recycling, which has been proven to be well liked.

    Grass cutting has been slowed way down about a month late and Bush Hog hasn’t been out at all.

    Both relate to sight distance problems for drives and possible animal hits like Deer.

    You all who keep saying drain the swamp don’t realize that caused unionization.

    Save $$$$, you guys are going to cost me more $$$$ in the long run.

    Lawyer costs of a poor take over by a inexperienced dude with poor partisan advisors also.

  20. Unions are on wrong side of this.

    They will soon scatter like the rats they represent.

    Not hard to drive by crystal lake holiday inn and see cars with federal license plates.

    Guess why they are here?

    Millers are going bye bye!

  21. Hey Nob….the Bush Hog has been out a bunch of times on crystal lake ave, seen it on Hickory Nut.

    So to say it hasn’t been out is a complete lie.

    Also when Miller was in office they weren’t always on top of the mowing either.

  22. I knew he was an idiot – just hadn’t considered that he also a liar.

    Drain that swamp, Andrew!

    Get rid of the rats, too!

  23. Thx Joe good to know it’s been out.

    It hasn’t been down our way yet which is behind the normal schedule.

    Sometimes it’s who’s on the mower on how well it it cut.

    Today they finally made the second mowing cut, which is a month behind, but those cutting did a good job considering the rain and length.

    I could see the fawn in the ditch line when the day before it was hard to see the buck.

  24. CL Ave probably got done sooner because of repaving which wasn’t done on Three Oaks before it was paved.

    Three Oaks has been waiting on shoulder grave for sometime now also.

    Three extra experienced bodies especially in the winter makes a big difference.

    No lie, just facts.

  25. I’m not a union fan, and have watched Cary, Alg, LITH, and CL all unionize around or after a election.

    The employees should be faulted for their bosses actions.

    Yet that is what was perceived to happen and did at Alg Twh.

    Drain the Swamp works if your talking about leadship, I’d agree with that for sure.

    When it touches the employees not so much.

  26. I am simply amazed Gasser hasn’t “returned fire” like his critics said he would.

    Clearly he has hit a nerve with some inside the “old guard” of the McGOP.

    Gasser doing exactly what he said he would do.

    Andrew, while he is doing the right thing, is not communicating and allowing his critics to paint him into a very dark corner.

    So hooray for Gasser and what he is doing but Andrew you really should communicate better.

  27. Just look at all the sandbaggers standing around instead of doing real sandbagging …

    hey guys quit complaining and do some real sandbagging where it will actually do some good………..

    instead of just sandbagging the sandbagging…

    I am sure a lot of you are experienced sandbaggers,,,,,,,,

  28. Union workers doing what they do best; standing there doing nothing!

    These morons should be lucky to make minimum wage…

  29. The Union leadership in America, with some exceptions I’ll grant you, is so far to the left of their membership, it’s rather unbelievable the greedy leaders weren’t guillotined by their sheeplike membership.

    These are the same sort of ‘leaders’ who supported NAFTA, TPP, CAFTA, FTA, ad nauseum, which only worked to drive industry and many union jobs from our country.

  30. You know when the rats protest, you must be doing a bang up job!

    You, Andrew Gasser, are doing a bang up job!

    You are Tea Party and it took a Tea Party candidate to squash a 54+ yr family empire of unethical govt. behavior and you won Big!

    The louder they protest, the more we know you’re working hard for the People!

  31. Joe S, I talked to the one and only operator of the Bush Hog.

    He said he has not been on Hickory Nut at all this year yet!

    Is it that you have Oldshymers, were you can’t remember smit one year from the next, or lying for political gain?

  32. blue dots on a fish, bush hog drivers, who’s paved what and when, recycling issues, services, paint, gravel, salt, mowing, Miller’s, swamp draining, unions,….geesh!

  33. The Lorax ––– go read his Facebook page. He has plenty to say, including the southern way of telling people that don’t like him “f— you.”

    He has made numerous threats and I question his stability under this type of job.

  34. Your the idiot Nob!!!

    Your original post said the bush hog hasn’t been out at all!

    So who’s the liar?

    Maybe before you spot garbage on here check your facts.

    Maybe you should have asked him before you put your lie on here.

  35. Joe s.

    Was vague in my statement, sorry, I should for said that it had been where I normally drive.

    My bad!

    So after hearing what the operator said is a apology coming from your lips for miss speaking, or was that just a lie for political gain?

    Lighten up friend it’s use is behind the normal schedule.


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