Flooding Seems to Have Peaked

I made a loop from Algonquin to Dundee and back to Algonquin this afternoon.

Here’s what the Algonquin dam looked like about 12:45 the afternoon of Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

The Fox River was pouring over the dam in Algonquin.

This is the view downstream of the Algonquin Dam from its eastern side on July 18, 2017.

The sluice gates of the dam are still wide open, but one can see that the water is closer to them than it was on Sunday.

Sluice gates of the Algonquin Dam are open all the way on this Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

The water seems to be about a foot below the footbridge in Cornish Park.

The footbridge on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, in Algonquin’s Cornish Park.

Using the long lens, it seems that sandbags protecting the home on LaFox River Drive that Governor Bruce Rauner visited are working.

The home closest to Cornish Park on LaFox Drive in Algonquin on July 18m 2017.

Heading through West Dundee about two hours later, I saw this parking lot.

This picture of a parking lot west of Blueroot’s balcony shows water, but it also shows where water was and is no longer, although it is still wet.

Behind Bleuroot is a little plaza where State Senator Karen McConnaughay announced her candidacy.

The plaza behind Bleuroot is inundated.

Driving along that part of the road west of the Fox River, where it is open.

The river from the southern edge of West Dundee on July 18, 2017.

The street just south of the West Dundee village boundary was closed.

Looking in the direction of Carpentersville on July 18, 2017.

A boy was fishing in Carpentersville.

A view from Carpentersville west of the river to the east side of the Fox River catches a boy fishing.

A factory building has been sandblasted across the Fox River.

I’m guessing that Tom Roeser is renovating another facxory building on the east side of the Fox River.

Next stop was the dam in Carpentersville.

The Carpenter Dam from upstream, along with the observation deck.

I thought the flow of water rushing over the dam in Carpentersville was more interesting that that flowing over the Algonquin Dam.

A tire could not escape the current at the bottom of the Carpenter Dam in Carpentersville.

The smoothness of the Fox River above the dam contrasts with the roiling water below.

Another view of the Carpenter Dam.

An old tire was not the only thing floating below the Carpenter Dam.

Just in case one can’t figure out that the Fox River below the dam in Carpentersville is dangerous, this buoy provides the message–Danger – Dam.

On to Algonquin.

This Algonquin yard on the Fox River was covered with water four years ago.

Sandbags were containing the Fox River in backyards on LaFox River Drive in Algonquin.

The Fox River had not breached the sandbag barriers on this home on LaFox River Drive in Algonquin.

Three TV vans were parked on LaFox River Drive where Governor Rauner views the river Sunday afternoon.

At about 3:30 on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, television vans were on LaFox River Drive next to Cornish Park.

The home on LaFox River Drive seen from the east side of the Algonquin Day (above) is seen below with sandbags holding.

This is the riverfront home where Governor Rauner and legislators talked with its owners on Sunday.

The water did not seem as high on Tuesday afternoon as it was in 2013.

The end of LaFox River Drive.

Water, for example was in the driveway across LaFox River Drive from the Cornish Park bathroom four years ago.

This afternoon the asphalt was dry.

Here is the flood gage readings at the bridge in the photo of the mainly unflooded yard above:


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  1. Thanks for the investigative reporting Cal.

    Once again, far better coverage by a single man than the rotten NWH.

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