Andersson Gets More Unwanted Publicity

State Rep. Steve Andersson was the subject of a supportive July 12, 2017, column by the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn shortly after the vote to raise the state income tax by 32%.

The Eric Zorn column sported the photograph of State Rep. Steve Andersson shaking House Speaker Mike Madigan’s hand, as Madigan holds Andersson’s arm.

Although readership in newspapers is diminishing, this cannot have been helpful.


Andersson Gets More Unwanted Publicity — 5 Comments

  1. Whatever Eric Zorn says, believe the opposite.

    This is always true.

    And the Tribune wonders why it’s failing yet again.

    What a laugh.

  2. Was this a vote of conscious or quid pro quo.

    After he is thrown out of office, it will be interesting where he ends up.

    Of course, this game is played by both parties and has been for decades in Illinois.

  3. Andersson should back to the library board, where he can’t do much taxpayer damage.

    To raise income taxes with zero spending reform is simply stupid, regardless of what comes out of his turncoat mouth.

    He handed the Madigan mafia a shiny new credit card to play with.

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