Crystal Lake Overflowing

Never seen this before.

At the western end of the Crystal Lake Main Beach’s property and the entrance to Lakewood, water is flowing from the lake across Lake Avenue.

6,500 vehicles a day use Lake Avenue, according to the latrst data I remember.

This is the outlet from Crystal Lake to Crystal Creek when the water is at its usual levels.

Water is also flowing across the low lot two lots from the Main Beach,

The home next to Crystal Lake’s Main Beach is surrounded by water.

Huge tankers are being filled with sewage water from the Broadway pumping station and dumped into Lakewood’s sewage treatment facility.


Crystal Lake Overflowing — 10 Comments

  1. Surface discharge from the lake is by Crystal Creek, which starts at the spillway, near the south-
    east corner of the lake.

    The creek flows generally in a southeasterly direction about five miles to its junction with the Fox River, downstream from the Algonquin Dam in McHenry County.

  2. I didn’t realize there was an outflow from the lake.

    I was under the impression that it was a kettle lake with no in or out.

    Very interesting.

  3. Hey. I lived here THREE years before I even found the lake.

    Someone visiting me asked me where it was so I figured I had better go find out!

  4. Stream coming in.

    Stream flowing out when there is enough water in the lake.

  5. Oh?

    Where is the stream coming in?

    I’ve had a hard time finding info about the lake.

    It doesn’t appear to be on the DNR’s site or any of my other usual go to sources for lakes and streams.

  6. The U.S. Corps of Engineers considers it a navigable waterway.

    When the Crystal Lake Park District installed riprapping without agency permission, thus increasing the wave action on the lake, neighbors got notices of the violation from the Corps.

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