County Puts 5.18% Multiplier on Grafton Township Increasing Real Estate Assessments

The McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments has imposed slightly more than a five percent across the board increase on Grafton Township real estate assessments.

This is the second year the County has thought real estate prices in Grafton Township have increased over 5%.

Property in two other townships, Greenwood and Seneca, have previously received positive township multipliers.

Greenwood Township property assessments were hike 6.52%, while Seneca’s went up 3.96%.


County Puts 5.18% Multiplier on Grafton Township Increasing Real Estate Assessments — 12 Comments

  1. More “home for sale” signs going up even as this article is posted.

    What a miserable tax hellhole of a state Illinois has become and there is no end in site.

    The only people making any gains are the real estate agents.

    Thank the first DEMOCRAT you see today for what they are doing to the families of Illinois.

  2. Just to clarify…if all homes were raised uniformly then taxes on your home should theoretically not be affected.

    The tax rate on your home is set based on the cumulative assessed value of all homes, and the total of the tax levies.

    It’s not some flat tax rate.

    Taxes go up if your home value is raised and no one else’s is, or if the levies of any taxing body, such as schools, raise what ask for in their taxing levies.

    That’s the simplest explanation.

    (And don’t get me wrong. Taxes in this county are in the upper stratosphere.)

    If you want to make sure you don’t want your taxes to go up, get to a meeting when the taxing body is setting budgets.

    And if you think you’re home value is too high, find some comps and appeal the s**t out of it.

    It’s your right.

  3. Appealing property taxes is an exercise in futility.

    I’ve tried appealing and got nowhere.

    It actually cost me MORE to appeal than it saved me and taxes STILL went up, and keep going up.

    Many others have had the same experience and that’s why they have left the state or are planning to do so.

    See all those home for sale signs ? Therein lies the proof in the matter.

    Peoples property values are being destroyed and their lives upended at an ever increasing rate.

    The government’s insatiable lust for more and more tax monies is out of control and cannot be sustained,
    this is the cold hard truth of the matter.

  4. Einstein once said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was a sign of insanity.

    So why do we keep electing the same folks to office every election?

    Elect real conservatives.

  5. Be a patriot. Lend a moving truck to this compassionate conservative friend for whom we feel deeply sorry. Consider Alaska; perhaps Guam, or Burkina Fasso, or Vanuatu…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Interesting the logic of my compassionate conservative friends. Elect conservative republicans for a real change. This you find only in our sunshine blog…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Grafton Taxpayer is correct in his explanation.

    If assessments rise in a township, the Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) of the township increases.

    IF (and I underline, emphasize, bold, italicize, whatever the word IF), the levy stays the same, the tax rates will drop.

    Tax rate = Levy/EAV.

    Granted, the higher assessments will offset somewhat the lower tax rate so the only real way to decrease taxes is reducing the levy (again as Grafton Taxpayer states).

  8. Fine print…

    While this will have a net effect of zero on the Grafton Township taxes, other taxpayers in other townships will benefit when Grafton taxpayers pick up a larger portion of the bill for taxing districts that cross multiple boundaries. I.e school districts, county etc.

  9. Why do we even have a Grafton Township assessor anymore?

    Except for when he first slipped into office and screwed the people of Cheswick Place and The Gates, he’s been basically overruled on all of his whacked out assessments at the county level.

    Hell, they even review and adjust his nonsense before the homeowners even have to appeal now!

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