Barb Wheeler Tells Northwest Herald She’s Not Running for Re-Election

Friday evening, the Northwest Herald posted an article saying that State Rep. Barbara Wheeler is not running for re-election.

Wheeler, from unincorporated Crystal Lake, represents the district that runs north from my precinct into western Lake County.

Three state senate and state representative districts meet in Crystal Lake. ┬áBarb Wheeler’s and Pam Althoff’s territory is at the top of this map of Crystal Lake.

She was first elected in 2012 after House Speaker Mike Madigan split Crystal Lake into three State Representative and State Senate districts.

The 64 state rep. district. which Barb Wheeler represents. Prepared by Elgin-based political consultant Drew Veeneman.


Barb Wheeler Tells Northwest Herald She’s Not Running for Re-Election — 13 Comments

  1. The three State Representative Districts which meet in Crystal Lake:

    purple – Barb Wheeler (Crystal Lake office) – 64th House District (McHenry & Lake Counties).

    green – Allen Skillicorn (Crystal Lake office) – 66th House District (McHenry & Kane Counties).

    salmon / peach – Dave McSweeey (Cary office) – 52nd House District (McHenry, Kane, Lake, & Cook Counties).


    The other two State Representative Districts in McHenry County:

    Steve Reick (Woodstock office) – 63rd House District (McHenry County).

    Steve Andersson (Geneva office) – 65th House District (McHenry & Kane Counties).


    Each State Senate District consists of 2 State House Districts:

    The 51st & 52nd State House Districts combine to form the 26th State Senate District.

    The 63rd & 64th State House Districts combine to form the 32nd State Senate District.

    The 65th & 66th State House Districts combine to form the 33rd State Senate District.


    State Senators present in McHenry County:

    Dan McConchie (Lake Zurich office) – 26th Senate District (McHenry, Kane, Lake & Cook Counties).

    Pam Althoff (McHenry office) – 32nd State Senate District (McHenry & Lake Counties).

    Karen McConnaughay (West Dundee office) – 33rd State Senate District (McHenry & Kane Counties).


    The District boundaries are valid for the 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020 elections.

    2012 elections were for the 98th General Assembly (January 2013 – January 2015).

    2014 elections were for the 99th General Assembly (January 2015 & January 2017).

    2016 elections were for the 100th General Assembly (January 2017 – January 2019).

    2018 elections will be for the 101st General Assembly (January 2019 – January 2021).

    2020 elections will be for the 102nd General Assembly (January 2021 – January 2023).


    As a result of the 2020 US Census, new maps will be drawn in 2021, to account for population shifts.

    The new maps will be used for the 2022 elections.

    The winner of the 2018 election for Illinois Governor will be in office from January 2019 – January 2023, and thus be the Governor who approves or does not approve newly drawn maps from the Illinois General Assembly.

    Assuming Michael Madigan is re-elected in 2020, it will likely once again be Michael Madigan who has heavy influence on those maps in the Illinois General Assembly, in a process known as reapportionment (redistricting; redistribution of representation).

  2. The NWH has a puff piece on Andrew today also.

    Both stories seem to have been written by who the story was about.

    No where to comment on the Andrew story which is odd as all the rest do?

    One positive of this blog, one a story is posted it open whine time here unlike the more bias NWH.

  3. There was no puff in that piece. The headline was downright propaganda! Move on to the letters to the eeditor and really get a belly full of liars and fools. Worthless paper at best.

  4. The headline Cindy refers to?

    “Andrew Gasser preaches unity despite $21,000 in legal fees, ongoing disputes.”

    The “puff piece” calls Gasser embattled and controversial and refers repeatedly to the lawsuits filed against him.

    I’m not really sure how that’s a puff piece but in the Trump Era maybe those things are compliments now?

  5. Not allowing comments means they are bias and don’t want counter info.

  6. The NW Herald is owned by a loser company (Shaw) that owns a series of small town rags that are basically mildly liberal gossip columns.

    They essentially have local teenagers who are their “investigative reporters” and a few editors to correct their teenagers’ grammar and occasionally they’ll write some opinion piece on something important.

    They’re a joke, really.

    A failing business with a local flare, but really they are local gossip columns that generally do the water carrying for the local “authorities” of whom they are fond.

  7. Agree! That is why you will never see ridiculous political gossip or atrocious character assassination in our glorious sunshine blog, the shining city on the journalism hill. Press 1 if you support the Pulitzer prize for our sunshine blogger…tic, tock, tic, tock…


    She was nothing but another 2 faced Salvi-pest.

  9. It is said that when there was only the CRYSTAL LAKE HERALD and the WOODSTOCK SENTINEL that the good folks of McHenry County did not have a paper fit to wrap garbage in.

    Now, thanks to Shaw Media, we do!

  10. OldManWinter….you need help.

    Wheeler was the ONE SINGLE SPRINGFIELD leader who stood up to failure Madigan AND the incompetent Republicans, and you criticize her family?


    You need help, “Old Man”.

    You have given yourself an appropriate website name.


  11. I think OldManWinter is Chrarles O. Nelson is disguise.
    Who else who spout out such ridiculous drivel?

  12. Sorry Skeptic, Old Man Winter is not I.

    Barbara is the best of the Salvi family, and that is why she is the most successful politically.

    Skeptic, still hiding behind your cowardly annonimity?

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