McHenry County Offers Cleanup Help — 6 Comments

  1. So McHenery County taxpayers pay for “Emergency Management” but then when actual help is needed the County just refers people to a volunteer organization?

    Sounds like we could cut costs by reducing or eliminating the bureaucracy of Emergency Management.

  2. Passing the buck(et) ?

    McHenry County lowers the bar once again.

  3. Is that the same Red Cross Jacko Franks is tryin’ to self aggrandize with!??

  4. AFAIK, McHenry County Emergency Management (formerly Emergency Services and Disaster Agency and before that Civil Defense) is NOT FEMA.

    They are coordinators and administrators of the funds and resources available to assist residents in the county.

    When it hits the fan the paid administrators and their numerous volunteers come in and get to work.


    Did you really think the portion of the taxes paid that are allocated to Emergency Management were to pick up the whole tab?

    Are you a troll or just a special kind of stupid?

  5. That’s right Due.

    When an emergency comes up, government provides ‘managers.’

    It’s volunteer organizations that do the real work.

  6. I agree with a lot of the negative comments , however the bottom line is help for all the flood victims was I feel available, if you don’t live on the water you can’t realize the fear of the damage and the helpless of what you can do without help!

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