Another Flood Report from Lakewood

Village President Paul Serwatka offers the following:

A Brief Update and a “You Should Know”

I wanted to provide a brief update on our continued flood mitigation efforts.


Late Thursday night, I reported that prior to deploying the semi-tankers last Saturday, our wet-well was near the 17 ft. mark. I was told that the 13 ft. mark is the “Danger Level” with regards to sewage back-up into homes. Thursday evening, after all supplementary pumping ceased for the evening , we were at just over 14 ft.

Today (Friday) at 4:30pm, while all supplementary pumps were running, we were below 7 ft.. At approximately 6:00pm, our wastewater supervisor gave the “okay” to begin using water, toilets, showers again SPARINGLY.

At approximately 7:00pm we ceased pumping into Crystal Lake and continued only with the semi-tankers. An hour later we rose to 8 ft. We stopped the tankers tonight at 10:00pm and levels eventually rose to 10 ft.

We will resume pumping into Crystal Lake’s system at 7:30am (saturday) and anticipate that this should be our final day of pumping to achieve normal pre-flood levels.

Please continue to SHARE these newsletters and encourage neighbors to be added to the distribution list by emailing their name and address. I share MUCH pertinent village information that the website does not.

Please continue to also monitor the village website for updates: (The site is currently down as I write this at 1:00 am)

I will update you more tomorrow.


If you have already met our VERY new, temporary, Chief Administrative Officer, Julie (Heather) Meister, then you know what an absolutely wonderful human being she is.

Julie (Heather) is not only a Lakewood resident, but, she is dedicated, she is compassionate, she is selfless and she is generous. She truly has what I refer to as a servants heart.

Heather Meister gives her report to the village board where she was only a little spooked by the flash of the camera.

We recently brought Julie (Heather) on as a temporary consultant to re-organize our village administration and create a more streamlined, cost-effective, efficient village government. She did an incredible job of it, that I will brag about at another time, but, I really want everyone to the following about her now!

In her 4 weeks as our hired consultant, Julie (Heather) earned a salary, as agreed upon by our board, of $10,900.

Julie (Heather) was present at our most recent village board meeting, including the two hours of public discussion of all the horror stories from those devastated by this crisis.

She then gave a short presentation of her recommended organizational changes, as she was scheduled to.

Julie (Heather), then, announced that she wished to forego her entire month’s salary of $10,900 and instead have her salary be placed into a “flood recovery fund” to help expedite getting these families back together, back in their homes and back into their lives.

Julie (Heather) has since been out and about the east side coordinating and volunteering, sometimes until after 10:00pm, and then working at home past midnight (Thursday night she and I collaborated past 2:00am) to find additional resources and toward developing disaster plans moving forward.

When you meet Julie (Heather), please take a minute to thank her, hug her and let her know how very appreciated she is.

(I’m too tired to proof read this, so please forgive any typos/bad grammar.)


Another Flood Report from Lakewood — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t see our Illinois legislatures donating their salaries to help defray the deficits they created.

    Julie is giving her salary to help with a problem she did not create,

    Who do you trust to serve you?

  2. David, you are so right . . . however the title of this post is so accurate “Another Flood Report”.

  3. Julie is an excellent role model who displays the highest of moral standards,
    unlike those who created Illinois fiscal crisis.

    I hereby submit that she should receive official recognition from The Village Of Lakewood.

    Get the hint, Paul ?

  4. A number of us who have interacted with her in this week of trials would nominate her for village manager and hire her today!!!!

  5. Conflict of interest to be an advisor to help restructure and advise Village and then take a job.

    Wouldn’t you donate $10k to receive $120k and earn good will.

    Strategy people.

    Open your eyes.

    New Prez created this mess.

    Crystal lake had to bail us out like our big brother.

    Embarrassing time for Lakewood.

    All because new Prez did not take seriously the storm water into the sewage system and that lack of action along with historic rain caused this.

    Now let’s see what happens with the IEPA.

  6. CitizenX = Former Lakewood Deputy Manager, Shannon Andrews?
    Or mouth piece, trustee McMahon?

    Continuing with the same disinformation that Peterson, Smith Andrews and others have been feeding Lakewood for too many years.

    You’ve done great damage to Lakewood. But, not any more!

  7. CitizenX/former Lakewood Deputy Manager, Shannon Andrews?
    Please explain how the “new prez” who’s been in office for 2 months now is responsible for an inadequate sewer system that’s been there for years, and for your role model, Peterson’s decision to break off from Crystal Lakes sewer system several years ago.

  8. Lies will not take hold with intelligent citizens.

    Smith, Peterson and Andrew’s did remarkable work.

    Maybe just maybe you should look at the real world for some perspective?

    Smith, Peterson, and Andrew’s are people of impeccable character all making over $150k a year, where our town is being run by a guy on disability and people on the board willing to follow him.

    Doesn’t look like a recipe for success.

    For all of you that don’t have your house for sale, I can tell you from at least 2 residents that this disaster has hurt the ability to sell your house and they are already lowering their prices.

    You all are craving this small 10% reduction in the local portion of your RE Taxes.

    Instead your houses will all be worth over 10% less and that will sting!

  9. Federal Farmer, you have a good insight to Lakewood . . . I would think rather than repeating history in Lakewood, you could go to a source that knows the History.

    You need a “Flood Report”.

    Does Rich Flood still reside in the Village?

    As a citizen, he could be very informative, at NO Charge.

    Lakewood has spent far too much on Legal, no reason to have to go to that expenses for History the Village has already paid for.

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