McClellan Plans Woodstock Fundraiser

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan, who is running countrywide for Circuit Court Judge, is hold a $150 per couple fundraiser at Woodstock Gardens on August 30th.

Further details are below:


McClellan Plans Woodstock Fundraiser — 43 Comments

  1. I haven’t heard anything horrible about Wilbrandt.

    I think he’ll be hard to beat, especially for a no-account like McClellan.

    I believe Ray Flavin lives in Woodstock.

    He would have a far better chance running against Tiffany Davis in the election for the first sub circuit judgeship.

  2. This little doggie should just run along now.

    Flavin can’t be taken seriously.

    Wilbrant has one overturned case, so the judges don’t love him.

    Big deal..

    This woman has so much unfavorable baggage, she shouldn’t be ‘judging’ anyone!

    My take is the deals been done and She’s going to work for Democrat Jack Franks when he gets elected to Secretary of State.

  3. I voted for McClellan, and I will NOT make that mistake again.

    What a great disappointment….

  4. I voted for McClellan and I have to say Eric you have no clue.

    I have seen the work of Mcclellan up close and it has been amazing.

    She is dedication and her ability to turn an office around that was in the 17th century without increasing her budget.

    She has and saved millions of dollars by upgrading her current office.

    She is smart and knows the law.

    If you truly took the time to know her you would understand what I am saying.

    McHenry County was lucky enough to have someone with McClellan’s talent step up and be a part of government.

    It is far to often we get the bottom of the barrel because politicians can’t get a job any where else, so we get stuck with the rejects.

    That said I am sad to see McClellan go as County Clerk but I know she will be a great judge.

    We should all be so lucky to have worked with someone so dedicated.

  5. What’s this about Jack Franks’ running for Secretary of State?

  6. Hey county employee, did you see the work she did with 2016 primary?

    It was so great a judge had to order polling places to stay open late.

    Even then, not everyone was able to vote because of a lack of communication.

    She really turned that office around with her husband.

    What planet are you living on?,amp.html,amp.html

  7. He can’t do that Cal.

    That “position” is now reserved for “minorities” only.

    It’s the DEMOCRAT way.

  8. County employee — Then invite her to your house for dinner.

    Do not expect the citizens to want someone that has messed up so much.

    She would not have won this if the information about her problems in court surfaced before the election.

    I, being a woman, warn women that vote for women just because they are a woman.


  9. Since the current Secretary of State Jesse White has said he would not run for re-election in 2018, and Jack Franks and Jesse White were among those attending the annual Franks Canadian fishing trip, it was speculated that Jack Franks could be a potential Democrat candidate for that office.

    Just speculation at this point.

    Another state office possibility for Jack Franks in this election would be Lieutenant Governor.

    A future possibility would be appointed or elected Judge for the 22nd Judicial Circuit, sub circuit 1.

    The 22nd Judicial Circuit is exclusively in McHenry County, and sub circuit 1 covers the western half of the county.

    Currently there are only Judges in sub circuit 1 (Charles Weech) & sub circuit 2 (Michael Feetterer), not sub circuit 3 or sub circuit 4.

  10. What is messed up is that McClellan is the one who asked the judge in the 2016 Primary to leave polls open longer to allow voters a chance to vote.

    You don’t understand what you are talking about.

    If you had a clue maybe you could get a clue.

    I get it you want to put people in power with no experience but you get people like Gasser who have cost tax payers money from his in ability to lead.

    But instead you want to talk misinformation about good people.

    I hope you get someone like Flavin because the way you treat people no one would want to run in McHenry.

    Flavin ran as democrat now republican that is all you deserve in this county, don’t know a good conservative when they are right before you like McClellan

  11. Getting sanctioned by a federal court is a big deal for an attorney.

    My guess is that it would cause her a great deal of difficulty if she tried to get another job in the legal profession.

    It seems kind of messed up that she thinks she is worthy of being a judge.

    It shows a certain amount of hubris.

  12. Billy bob you don’t know anything about which you professed an opinion. Tick tock tick tock to a real professional solution

  13. Sunshine blogger, make good use of your highest levels of integrity and please protect my copyrighted signature phrase; show your commitment to free markets…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. She cost Cook County a lot of money for her misdeed as a states atty.

    How much is she costing our County in 3 page color ads in the NWHerald and the MCC Anniversary Special Magazine and the McHenry County (MC Magazine) she puts out with campaign pieces?

    How much is she costing our County to obtain and man booths at these Expos so she can campaign on taxpayer dollars?

    How much is she costing our County by holding election judges training at Holiday Inn Crystal Lake while gifting a meal on taxpayers dollars rather than holding it at the county admin building?

    My hunch is that she knows she can’t campaign on county property so she’s using taxpayer dollars to have to rent this off-site venue and gift a meal on taxpayer dollars so she can mention her run for judge. Maybe even mention whoever she’s putting up to run against Tirio.

    Cal can FOIA these things and have another story.

  15. No, I’m Ray F.

    I Plan to take this by storm Vote for Me!

    A Democrat, I mean republican..

    Whatever, Just Vote for Me!

  16. I doubt that’s McClusterfnck’s husband.

    He couldn’t string a sentence together to save his life.

    I’m guessing with the typos and bad grammar that it’s Mary herself posing as ‘County employee’.

  17. LOL Bob. Precisely what crossed my mind. She really is a simpleton.

  18. I hope we get a report on who attends this shindig.

    I want to know who not to vote for.

  19. I have to say County employee considering that you have addressed me personally, McClellan was given a chance with mine and many others vote and she failed us horribly.

    I am not going to go into details, for the reason that you County employee, and as we all know the facts that McClellan was an embarrassment as McHenry County Clerk.

    Speaking of an embarrassment, when McClellan hired her husband, I was truly embarrassed for McClellan’s unprofessional decision.

    McClellan proved she has poor judgement when she hired her husband, therefore, she would be a lousy Judge.

  20. So far it is Robert Wilbrandt v Mary McClellan as Republican candidates for the Maureen McIntyre 22nd Circuit Court judgeship, which is currently being filled by Mr. Wilbrandt who was appointed to that position by the Illinois Supreme Court effective January 3, 2017.


    The other 22nd Circuit Court vacancy so far this election cycle is for Judge Charles Weech, who is retiring September 1, 2017.

    Tiffany Davis has been appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill that judgeship effective September 5, 2017.

    Ms. Davis has announced she will run to retain that judgeship.

    Judge Weech is assigned to Judicial sub circuit No. 1.

    So anyone running for that judgeship presumably must reside within the boundaries of that sub circuit.

    There are 4 sub circuits in McHenry County.

    But only two of the sub circuits, sub circuit 1 and sub circuit 2, are being used.

    Sub circuit 3 and sub circuit 4 are not being used.


    The 22nd Judicial Circuit (which lies entirely within McHenry County) currently has:

    – 8 circuit judges (elected)

    – 11 associate judges (appointed)


    Those appointed to a circuit judgeship due to a vacancy must run for election during the next election cycle.

    The term for an elected circuit judge is 6 years.

    After the initial term, circuit judges run for retention.

    Retention is where there is no competing candidate, rather, the vote is whether or not to retain the current judge.


    Associate judges are appointed by the Circuit judges to four year terms.


    The primary election is Tuesday March 20, 2018.

    The general election is Tuesday November 6, 2018.

  21. The 2016 Primary had some problems, we all agree on that.

    What’s more important to me is how those issues were addressed and fixes made so they didn’t happen again, which they haven’t now for the 2016 General, 2017 Primary or 2017 Consolidated elections.

    I served as an election judge for all 3 of those elections, and would know first-hand.

    Also, election judge retraining was mandatory during the summer of 2016 for approximately 1100 judges, and all training was done at the County Administration Building or other venues within the county at no taxpayer expense.

    All sessions served meals, the cost of which was borne by local businesses.

    McClellan and her staff more than demonstrated that they’re conscious stewards of taxpayer dollars.

    As an election judge, I view the current training location/meal option part of my compensation for the job.

    If that means some county funds are used once every few years, so be it.

    And no, I’m neither a current/former county employee nor am I a relative of anyone in the Clerk’s office.

  22. I moved to this area about 4 years ago, and was introduced to this blog by John and Cheryl Hammerand, who told me Cal covers things the newspaper won’t.

    I have found that to be true, and I appreciate the work and time that Cal spends on informing us about the local scene.

    This is the first time I’ve commented, and unfortunately, it will probably be an unpopular view.

    I decided to become an election judge, and worked the last 2 Katherine Schultz elections.

    I was out of state during the first Mary election, so I didn’t work it, and voted early, so I missed the pain of that election.

    But I sure read about it, and heard from my wife and friends!

    Hearing that Mary wanted more Tech Judges, and me being an automation engineer that works with PCs and touchscreens, decided to step up.

    My first training was so-so, next round of training much better.

    The fact is, Mary tried to make a big leap in one election, and technology doesn’t always cooperate so well, as I can well attest.

    But she worked things out, and I feel we are in a much better place now.

    I have worked several early voting sites as well as the actual election days, and things are pretty smooth.

    The Mary I know seems to be a pretty decent lady, and her staff is great.

    I’m sure Joe (I assume he will be the next Clerk) will also do a great job, but I will miss working with Mary.

  23. Have you met any of the judges, Billy Bob? Some of them are very nice. But all are complete airheads.

  24. I used to know all my election judges before the regime change.

    They are all pretty good people.

    They usually remembered my name even though I only knew them from the polling place.

    My comment was directed towards Big Orange’s claim that McClellan and her staff “more than demonstrated that they’re conscious stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

    She forever lost any right to make that claim the moment she hired her husband.

  25. There are a lot of new posters in this thread. I’d love to see the IP addys, because I doubt that Typhoid Mary’s peeps are slick enough to change or mask them.

  26. ©Engineering Guy

    If you are really an IT person, and not just some internet shill for Mary McClellan, you would know that it’s a seriously bad idea to perform beta testing at the same time as a mission critical function.

    The primary elections in this county are usually far more consequential than the general elections.

  27. Billy Bob if you knew anything you would know the state mandated the new electronic poll books during the primary and who do you think is in control of legislature.

    One guess the democrats and Madigan .

    Again you have no clue

  28. Hi Billy, I only know Mary from the interactions I’ve had from the training and elections I’ve done.

    You could argue that maybe that’s a too limited sample of time to have an accurate opinion of her, but I don’t know why you would assume I’m lying about my identity just because I claim to have generally positive interactions with her.

    Otherwise, like I said, I am an automation engineer, not an IT guy.

    I’ve done many a Factory Acceptance Test (the automation version of beta testing) for systems being delivered to customers,and no matter how smooth testing goes on the shop floor, there are always, always issues when your tested systems interact with the real world.

    During our training, Mary did a pretty good job of explaining things that went wrong, and called a “mea culpa” on herself for a few things.

    So she made mistakes and learned.

    Since I’ve read Katherine was in the job for something like half a century, I would think anyone stepping in that role would have a learning curve.

  29. Billy Bob: Just relating my experiences – nothing more, nothing less.

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