Chuck Wheeler – a Dangerous Enough County Board Member to Merit an Anonymous Hit Piece

McHenry’s Chuck Wheeler is another McHenry County Board member that Democrats are targeting.

His four-year term is up next year.

He was subject to a hit piece last month, which is below:

The piece is put out by “Drain Swamp – McHenry County,” a committee for which no contact information is provided.  (The same anonymous committee put out the anti-Donna Kurtz, Jim Heisler piece.)

Wheeler has really irritated Democrat Jack Franks.

Keely Cat is on the lookout for young people dropping leaflets at the Skinner household.

When Franks nominated the only Democrat on the County Board to Chair the Public Health Committee, she was rejected.

Wheeler ended up in the post.

As an Afro-American, Wheeler also does not fit the Democratic Party’s play book.

All minorities are supposed to be Democrats, right?

Certainly not a conservative Republican like Wheeler.

Recently a letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald attacked Wheeler and Donna Kurtz, another subject of a hit piece (published yesterday).

When I read it, my reaction was that Dems had attacked a minority and a woman.

I learned that Rosemary Kurtz, the woman who beat me in the 2000 GOP Primary Election, had exactly the same reaction.

I concluded both County Board members must be considered quite dangerous to Franks.


Chuck Wheeler – a Dangerous Enough County Board Member to Merit an Anonymous Hit Piece — 23 Comments

  1. This cat is thinking: “This is the time to finally escape from this madman blogger.” Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. The hit piece can easily be overcome.

    However being lumped into a category with Donna Kurtz as in this story may do some real damage.

  3. Is the “anonymous” hit piece being distributed by Barb and Pam to clear the slate for them both to run?

    I do believe they are both in Chuck’s district.

  4. Could the hit piece be in retaliation for McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler exposing that political campaign items of McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks were being distributed at the McHenry County booth at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo on Saturday February 25, 2016 by patronage hire Oliver Serafini?


    McHenry County Blog

    Jack Franks Patronage Worker Caught Wearing Campaign Stickers at McHenry County Expo Booth for McHenry County Government

    February 26, 2017

  5. This sunshine blog could not be more entertaining. Our prodigious researcher constantly denounces agitators and this last comment is the quintessential example of agitating gossip disguised as prodigious research. Poor lonely souls, compassionate conservatives; we know them too well. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Sunshine blogger. Your ugly cat looks suicidal. Is he/she staring at your shotgun? Please show the complete picture…Let him/her free…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Chuck Wheeler is an up front,straight from the shoulder kind of Guy..and Jack Franks well we all know

  8. Notice the stickers and nail files had the Jack Franks political brand.

    The stickers and nail files had nothing to do with McHenry Country government.

  9. I’m starting to see a pattern…
    This blog is no longer about news, it’s about being a thorn in the side of Franks.
    I reiterate my claim from before: Cal is slowly deteriorating. His attacks becoming ever more sophomoric a-political:
    -Aesthetic Critiques on Logos
    -Micromanaging Routine Campaign Reimbursements
    -Doxing Personal Information on a Mother
    -Falsly Asserting Franks Interrupted a Constituent in a Public Forum
    -(Updated 8/4) A ‘hit piece’ with typos that was distributed nowhere
    -(Updated 8/5) Updates on an employee
    -(Updated 8/5) Falsely attribute attacks on Women and Minorities to Franks


    Notice that Cal does not give attention to the successes of Jack Franks. He is just a petty mudslinger.
    Watching Cal is like watching the slow decay of a once honorable man – his sense of self and identity gradually transitioning into a state of both loathing and coveting Franks’ success. His continued antagonistic posts serve to further delegitimize what few, honest critiques on policy he does make, leading to the side show this blog has become. Whereas the Northwest Herald once saw Cal as a threat and sued him, they now probably view him as a joke.


    Mark likes to constantly chime, “If the blog was not having an impact, Moderate would not be here.” Mark might be surprised to learn that he is right. This blog impacts 40 people! In my analysis of his readership, Cal has less than

    40 unique hits per page.

    This is a fact.

    If Cal were a newspaper, he would be out of business. Cal’s presence on social media was so disastrous, he removed the ability for people to “share” directly from the blog. Did Cal remove the feature because it demonstrated how few people read the blog? Was it detrimental to his sponsorships?

    So, who are the 40 people that read Cal’s blog? Clearly not the voting public or silent majority. It’s local Tea Partiers!! Cal’s blog is beneficial to Democrats in that he acts as the water cooler for local Republicans, posting sensitive GOP party information constantly. So yes, Cal is beneficial, but to a very narrow subset whose breadth and depth is electorally negligible at best. Look at all the info Democrats WOULDN’T have if Cal didn’t post it!! Typos be damned, Cal posts the GOP playbook. He is a spy who divulges all the secrets to the enemy. He bad for the local GOP.
    Don’t believe me? Let’s set the record straight.


    HEY CAL, how many UNIQUE visitors per month do you have?


    My goal is to continue to point out that Cal is a beacon of nonsense. I’m seeing more and more that Cal’s influence is diminishing. His content is stale. Cal’s pattern to post about Jack on cyclically, no matter how trivial, is obvious. That’s not the pattern of a news org, that’s the pattern of vendetta to smear Franks.

  10. Mr. Wheeler was the only member of Valley Hi Board to speak up for not spending money frivolously just so as to protect the ability to levy higher year-on-year,, lowering taxpayers burden, and questioning some frivolous spending and questionable misrepresentations to the public (such as that Valley Hi just serves McHenry County patients, or that $42 million excess accumulation in VH Enterprise Fund was necessary for ordinary operations and upkeep.)

    Mr. Wheeler deals in specifics while other Board members tend to speak in meaningless (politically safe) generalities.

    People know of his integrity, so I doubt his reputation can be harmed by sophistry such as this.

  11. Chuck wheeler is a true conservative.

    Chuck is a real Republican.

    What I suspect is happening here is that you may be seeing the initial link up between Democratic party operatives and RINOs looking to survive in the spring primaries.

  12. Wheeler is a friend and neighbor, PLEASE, if you don’t know him, do a little research and you will find out how conservative Chuck really is…he has fought every additional tax burden, just look no further than Valley Hi, he will not only have my support, I will go door to door for him.

  13. Wheeler is a good man and stood up to Franks.

    Franks dares to play the race card, does he? Jacko Franks, D-Isr. Jackcal Franks, D-Madiganistan

    take your pick.

  14. So I’m guessing if it’s negative about someone you like it’s a “hit piece.”

    If it’s negative about Jack Franks it’s an expose.

  15. Speaking of taxes, my village Lake in the Hills will be considering a 5.9% increase for the Police Pension levy next Tuesday.

    I wonder how budget officer Ray Bogdanowski will explain the need to dip further into the taxpayers pocket?

    This is 3x the CPI index.

  16. Joek? You fail to see where truth lies. Truth many times will appear as negative (especially if you’re used to being spoon-fed).

  17. At 5:51 PM, No no said: “Wheeler is a joke”.

    Might No No give us all of the reasons for his assertion?

    Probably not.

  18. I truly would like to commend the few readers of the MC blog for so thoroughly theorizing and “investigating” all suspicious occurrences to no end, regardless of their insignificance.

    And, of course, by investigating, I mean putting together random facts that have no relationship in attempt to maintain their delusions about local politicians.

    Truly a testament to citizen journalism here, folks.

  19. In other words the Democrat hit piece could very well be in retaliation for Republican Chuck Wheeler exposing that Democrat Oliver Serafini, who received an emailed offer letter from Democrat Jack Franks and County Administrator Peter Austin less than 13 hours after emailing his “job application”, was wearing stickers from the Jack Franks political campaign, and had a roll of the same stickers and and nail files from the Jack Franks political campaign on the McHenry County booth table at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo on Saturday February 25, 2017.

    Chuck Wheeler photographed Mr. Serafini wearing the stickers, more stickers affixed to the booth, a roll of stickers on the table, and a nail file, all sporting the Jack Franks political brand, at the expo, on that date.

    Now less than six months later, and about six months before the March primary election, the Democrat hit pieces begin rolling out.

    Reward the friends, punish the enemies, a tried and true Democrat technique, particularly associated with Michael Madigan, as depicted in the free 1 hour movie about Michael Madigan on YouTube.

    Michael Madigan in addition to being State House Speaker, is Chair of the state the Democrat Party.

    Oliver Serafini worked in Michael Madigan’s House Democrat organization as a Program Specialist, was temporarily released from that state government job to work on Democrat political campaigns, and then resumed his government job following the political campaign.

    Those workers are referred to as Madigoons.

    Thus Jack Franks and Peter Austin hired a Madigoon with the intention of placing him into the position of Jack Franks’ Communications Specialist.

    Thus McHenry County hired a Madigoon in less than 13 hours.

    County workers have not in the past taken temporary leave from their government jobs to work on political campaigns, and then resumed their job following the campaign.

    Oliver Serafini resigned from his McHenry County job effective yestersay.

  20. Chuck Wheeler should be commended.

    He was the one that exposed the big surplus at Valley Hi.

    This hit piece is most likely retaliation for letting that become public.

    Franks and the other Democrats wanted to get their hands on that money as evidenced by what the candidates for county board all stated at the Candidate’s forum.

    Sorry Dems but that money isn’t going to be used for your spending sprees.

    It needs to go back to the taxpayers or at the very least, the County Board should take away the levy for it until that is spent down…period!

  21. I like Chuck. He’s not dumb as a bag of hammers like the other two.

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