Andrew Georgi Posts McHenry County Government Officials with Party Designations

Andrew Georgi is a serious effort by former Hebron Village Trustee Andrew Georgi to put in one place the names and officials of elected officials in all governments covering McHenry County.

This information used to appear in the McHenry County Clerk’s Yearbook, but Mary McClellan removed it.

In addition to names and offices, Georgi does his best to identify party affiliation of officials, if any, even when they are elected on non-partisan ballots.

It’s not perfect, but it is a good effort.

He has a way to send a message, so I am sure that misidentified official, including Republicans and Democrats.

In introducing his web site, Georgi writes:

Today I published

There you will find the contact info for the 123 taxing bodies and over 800 elected officials in this county.

It is paid for by me and only me.

Has no advertising or party bias.

I am offering free posting of meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, budgets, audits, other documents, free job and event listings for all government bodies and community groups.

It is a very cheap cost to help educate the people about what government bodies and who their elected officials are.

I hope this will be the model for the other counties and get more people involved with their local government by letting them know who their elected officials are and when and where they meet.

I have a lot of missing info I can use help in getting since not everyone has that info on their website, or a website at all.

I am more than willing to work with any of the government bodies to post and keep their section up to date.

I have a contact form I made up and am trying to get volunteers to help fill in what info we already have and highlight what we still need. I will be sending them to the different government bodies as they get filled out.

Please pass the site along to your readers and my request for helpers.


Andrew Georgi Posts McHenry County Government Officials with Party Designations — 28 Comments

  1. Sunshine blogger, this looks like competition for our sunshine blog. You are correct in your statement “It’s not perfect, but it is a good effort” as only this sunshine blog is perfect. We need to unleash the compassionate conservative character assassination squad as soon as possible to eliminate any threat from this Soros’ funded Georgi guy to this glorious sunshine blog, pride of beautiful rural McHenry county. I yield the floor to our gossiper-in-chief, prodigious researcher. 2018, please do not delay…

  2. This guy better check his work.

    He has Paul Serwatka incorrectly listed as a Democrat.

  3. No worries Mr. Georgi. You are safe. I am a progressive guest on this sunshine blog and I am used to this character assassination squad. I admire your work and thank you for it. 2018, please do not delay…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Re: “He has Paul Serwatka incorrectly listed as a Democrat.”

    Maybe because he is always attacking people who run as Republicans?

  5. Questioning, you and the others continue to pretend all Republicans are equal, election after election.

    You all endorse complete garbage and help them get elected, and worse yet, you ask for contributions from other people to support these pathetic candidates and then complain and call them RINOS when they do exactly what you knew they were going to.

    MCGOP, MCGOPAC and Huntley Tea Party whore themselves out campaigning for the Kurtz’s, etc, and any other piece of trash who runs for office as an R..


    MCGOP, MCGOPPAC and the rest have ZERO credibility!

    Stop blaming “RINO’s” and start accepting the blame for being the one to put them in office to begin with!

  6. Taking the MCGOP and MCGOPAC at their word, by the candidates they supported and asked us to contribute to, to campaign for and to vote for, we now know that MCGOP and MCGOPAC, is PRO- Prevailing Wage, PRO-Tax hike, PRO-abortion PRO-TIF, and on and on…

    There is nothing “Republican” about any of that

  7. Federal Farmer, the MC is kinda of a clue to the word.

    McHenry County use to have McVotes, where you could watch election result.

    If I remember correctly it was started by Big Jim Thompson and it was affiliated with the School District.

    Is this still true?

  8. Here is the deal people.

    Local government is not really partisan.

    They mostly fill potholes.

    Potholes are not partisan.

    City government, school boards, library boards, etc. are not elected on a partisan basis.

    County government does the same types of things.

    The issue is, does government work as efficiently as possible?

    The answer is “no”.

    All governments are bureaucracies and the purpose of all bureaucracy is to perpetuate, and, if possible, expand the bureaucracy.

    To do so the bureaucrats take advantage of the fact that Boards come and Boards go and capitalize on that and the internal dissentions that are inevitable with or without partisan divides.

    Politicians come and go but the bureaucracy lives forever.

    So the question is, what, if anything, can elected officials do to curb this tendency.

    Right now, nothing.


    Because they are too busy fighting each other.

    Even with only one party there is infighting.

    With two there is more infighting.

    Or is it “outfighting”?

    In either case, nothing is being done to reign in the bureaucrats, which is exactly what they want.

    Then there is the whole question of to what extent do we want government to help people who are having difficulty helping themselves?

    To what extent do we want everyone to sink or swim on their own?

    Right now in America the working class is essentially being eliminated due to the combined effects of foreign outsourcing and roboticization of production work.

    This is probably a good think in the long run as people should not be doing work that could be done by a machine.

    They should be freed up to fulfill themselves in other ways.

    But how to we do this?

    How do we feel about the role of government in helping people when the person who needs the help is not only someone at the corner of 95th and Stoney but your next door neighbor or maybe yourself?

    This is essentially why Trump won.

    He attemped to address, albeit incorrectly, this issue.

    He blamed immigrants, who have little or nothing to do with the problem but who are convenient as scapegoats.

    Hitler did the same thing in 1932 by blamin the Jews, trade unions, Socialists and Communists, for the Great Depression and Germany’s defeat in WWI.

    Now Trump is treating the country to a clown show in the White House.

    His approval rating from Rasumsson, which was his only support, is now below 40%.

    The White House has become a revolving door.

    This will trickle down into the next election and Democrats will make gains.

    They may retake the Congress.

    They may elect more people to the County Board.

    This will increase the level of rancor and the bureaucrats will benefit.

    Meanwhile the people on this blog, which has become the only real source for local political news given the exit of the NW Herald from any meaningful local political coverage in favor of prep sports, car accidents, and sex crime coverage, are throwing gasoline on the fire by engaging in sophmoric personal attacks on one another.

    This place could be a discussion of real issues that affect real people in real life.

    Can we make it that?

  9. MCGOPAC also endorsed Paul Swertaka.

    You win some you lose some. GoPAC endorsed the slate for CL H.S. board.

    If you didn’t like one person on that slate that was a tough one.

    Any one of those candidates would have been better than what was elected.

  10. I was with ya Swamp, right up until you asked why. The rest of the post is ludicrous.

  11. Which is to say, I was with you until you made me read too much. In this sunshine blog, compassionate conservative commenters agree with you until you make sense…it goes downhill from there…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. Serwatka would never have accepted an endorsement from MCGOPAC nor the MCGOP.

    He made that quite clear when he resigned as a committeeman.

  13. Most of those that MCGOPAC boasts of “winning” equate to losses for the taxpayers.

    Case in point, how many MCGOPAC candidates voted in favor of prevailing wage this year?

    So we know that MCGOPAC is pro prevailing wage…

    Or perhaps that they just endorse a bunch of garbage candidates…

    Either way they have no credibility among real Republicans.

  14. The Crystal Lake High School Board slate was horrendous at best.

    Who was billed at the top of that slate?

    Endorsing them was like endorsing prostate cancer over colon cancer.


    Okay… but would you really endorse it and promote it?

    In the end, that is all our MCGOP and the PAC offer is something slightly worse than the worst cancer.

    Not very inspirational…

  15. Federal Farmer: Given the same choices, and even knowing what you know now (vs what you knew then), who should have been swapped with who in the elections?

    Should the PAC endorse the more openly liberal candidates?

    Please be specific about exactly who you thought the support should have gone to in the races that were supported.

  16. Notice how Angel calls herself a “Progressive” when in reality all she is a failed Liberal, who lives in McHenry County so she won’t have to confront the failures of Liberalism personally.

    Like Angel, I wouldn’t want to live near Democrat demographic groups either.

  17. Excellent comment! But please, explain me what would to tell to successful compassionate conservatives living in DuPage county, Cook county, or in Massachusetts, California, or New York? Is tronald dump a confused new yorker? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  18. Could someone explain to me Angel’s semi-psycotic response?

    Also, which grammar book did she study?

  19. Charles? It’s a progressive fanatical man. He has youtubes up of his meandering complaints. He likes to sue people for imagined paranoia caused by his self-aggrandized importance. He fancies himself some kind of a social warrior.

  20. Dangling participles be damned. Haven’t you heard? No one pays attention to grammar anymore. …”Sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent, yeah.”…Jennie Anderson

  21. Thank you Frank Potsticker!

    That’s just Paul Swertaka ripping on the Republican Party trying to appease his Democrat voters.

    But he is no psychic! He cannot tell how people will act/react/vote once they are elected just as the Republican Party cannot.

    I wish the Republicans had more people in it that would follow the party platform but putting Democrats in, would be insane, just amplifying the problems at hand! Duh.

    There’s a Conservative movement in motion.

    Republicans WILL attract ‘Real Republicans’ and the moderates will either be outnumbered, uncomfortable, unelectable or become Dems sooner or later.

    The wishy washy part of the Republican Party will not survive, nor should it.

    The Republicans with conviction will be fine. Starting a new party in retaliation is novel and cute, but isn’t the answer. We need to take the Party back!!!

    The Dems ruining this country will implode along with Obamacare – oh but not before they make things worse, while they can.

    There are only two parties-like it or not.

    That’s just a reality. Other parties don’t get to vote in Primaries.

    They also are burdened with having to get more signatures on petitions.

    Some would say this is evidence that we really are a one party system due to this, BUT if that’s the case we are a one party system with two different ideologies.

    I’ll gamble on people who seem to have the same ideology as the Republican Platform any day over the alternative.

  22. Potsticker/Cyndi (Karen Tirio)

    Why do you feel the need to endorse anyone when, as you say, there is no way of knowing how they will act/react/vote?

    Endorsing them IS saying that you vouch for exactly those things! ANd, by the way, many of the candidates you guys endorsed, were incumbents who you knew to be mediocre at best. Yet, you endorsed anyway! WHy? Because they run as “R’s”. THen when they do as they have always done, you blame them for being “RINO’s”. YEt, YOU are the RINO enabler!

    Blame yourself! And in the meantime, quit asking for contributions/campaign work from people to support candidates that you either can’t truly vouch for (as you say above) or worse yet, who you know to be garbage to begin with, yet hypocritically endorse anyway.

    Quit blaming “RINO’s” and start blaming the RINO-makers/enablers/supporters – and that is YOU and your GOPAC and MCGOP friends!

  23. The entire purpose of an endorsement is that the endorser is vouching for the endorsee. They are putting their reputation on the line and giving their “stamp of approval” saying “this candidate stands for something”.

    If you don’t know what that candidate stands for, then what are you endorsing?

    If you know a candidate or elected official stands for nothing, or for “mediocrity at best” and will likely disappoint and you endorse anyway, then you are effectively telling the public that your endorsement means nothing! You are telling them that you, yourself, stand for nothing!

    This is okay. As we know, there are many who, like MCGOP & MCGOPAC, stand for nothing. BUt, when you solicit funds and time and effort from others who believe you do stand for something and who believe you have actually vetted your endorsed candidates/officials, you are essentially defrauding these folks. and THAT is not okay!

    But to say that MCGOP or MCGOPAC support “conservative candidates” is now nothing more than a PROVEN BOLD-faced lie!

  24. Re: “you and the others continue to pretend all Republicans are equal, election after election.”

    Federal Farmer / Patrick Henry / Paul Serwatka: I realize you are doing the best you can with what you have.

    There are others doing the same.

    You continually use a broad brush to denigrate all people who support Republican candidates but you ran as a Republican yourself and decided to drop out.

    You have a choice: Join the fight against the Progressive juggernaut developing in this County or become another ignored person in the political arena – the choice is yours.

    I for one, am through attempting to get you to realize that the venom dripping with every word you write here is (imho) an insult to yourself and others.

  25. Questioning/cautious voter/Ev Evertson , you seem to have selective reading ability.
    My statements have never been directed at “all people supporting Republican candidates”.

    My statements are specifically directed toward SPECIFIC people who support ALL candidates who run as Republican, not based on what they stand for but only because they run as Republican.

    Look at the”Republican Platform” as Cyndi/Herb Willis/Wow/Cecile/Karen Tirio mentions above…

    Now look at the candidates that you, MCGOP, MCGOPAC, endorse and help to elect:
    -Mike Smith
    (Just to name a few… But there are another 20 on the county board alone.)
    Where do they stand with your “platform”?

    They oppose nearly the entire thing.
    YOU KNOW THIS. Tirio knows this.
    MCGOP knows this. MCGOPAC knows this..
    But you help them get elected anyway.
    You tell others to contribute money to help their campaigns.
    You tell others to work to get them elected.

    Then you complain and call them “RINOS”..

    You are shameful.

    You are at fault.

    MC gas been controlled by these “Republicans” for years. And what have they done for us?

    I’ve never seen such an effort at cutting tax levies until Jack Franks entered MC board.

    Damn that Democrat!

    Stole the R’s thunder!

    Oh, and who was it that brought an end to imrf pensions County board members?.

    Was that the phony MC Republicans!
    Of course not! They were the ones fighting to keep IMRF!

    Kurtz and the others launched a crusade against Gasser for calling them out on IMRF PENSIONS and getting that ball rolling.

    Then that damned Democrat Franks came in, picked up that ball and brought it across the finish line!

    “Republican Strong?”

    I guess, if you measure your strength on Bowflex!


  26. Ev, a good portion of mcgop is “Progressive juggernaut”!

    – Kurtz
    – McCann
    – GOP Chair

    They do not support your Republican platform, any means, but you support them!

  27. Ev, you mentioned Serwatka running as a Republican…

    As I recall the MCGOP supported neither him nor Skillicorn.

    They were pegged as “too conservative.”

    So, they support conservative candidates who aren’t too conservative.

    That’s code for “we hate those guys who say what they mean and mean what they say, and actually go out and do what they talked about!”

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