Photos of Harvard McDonald’s Robber

A press release from the Harvard Police Department:


On 08-01-17 at 0101 hrs, police responded McDonald’s, 352 S. Division St, for a Robbery after a suspect (M/W approximately 25 yoa, 6’ tall and thin build), wearing a blue and white cap, blue shirt, khaki colored shorts, and armed with a hammer entered and demanded money from the register.

The suspect fled northbound, on foot, after striking and damaging a countertop with the hammer. No one
was injured and this incident is under investigation.

An investigation has revealed more information on the suspect.

The suspect has several tattoos on his left calf, right arm and possibly on his neck.

Photos follow:

Harvard McDonald’s robber.

Harvard McDonald’s robber.

Harvard McDonald’s robber.


Photos of Harvard McDonald’s Robber — 11 Comments

  1. Could very well be ARL, “redistributing the wealth” just as his masters have program him to do.

    Summer jobs for DEMOCRATS program, no doubt.

    Viva Trump – MAGA !

  2. We need more gun control.

    A counter man holding his Glock with both hands.

  3. Alabama with the diversity dig while the Democrats are busy passing out flyers attacking Chuck Wheeler.


    Maybe the burglar needs extra money to pay the penny per ounce Cook County sugary beverage tax to fight obesity.

    Anyone see a “No Cook County Sugary Beverage Tax” sign under the “No Cook County Cigarette Tax” sign under the “No Cook County Sales Tax” sign yet?


    How about a referendum to change the “Home Rule” name to “Taxes Rule” or “Allow Board to Pass Tax Hikes Without Voter Referendum Rule.”

    Home Rule for example allowed the Cook County Board to pass the sugary beverage tax without a voter referendum.

  4. no gun or weapon?

    gee if someone with concealed carry were there, they’d have this guy in custody.

  5. Maybe it was a desperate Senior Citizen who was being taxed outa his home.

    Homelessness or a Felony … a real Hobson’s choice!

  6. Good morning fellow McHenry county citizens. Did you read how good of a job my compassionate conservative brothers and sisters did romanticizing a bank robbery, being the most irresponsible comment of all the one posted by our prodigious researcher? But God forbid, do not bring the race factor into the discussion. We know them too well. 2018, please do not delay…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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