Wife of Invisible GOP Primary Opponent to 2014 Steve Reick Writes Letter to NWH Supporting Jack Franks

Jeffrey Litche, a solid ally of Jack Franks, ran against Steve Reick in the 2014 Republican Primary Election.

The goal was to give Franks a free ride in the fall.

Franks was copying a strategy of House Speaker Mike Madigan:  run a stalking horse in the GOP primary who will lie down and play dead in the general election.

Now Litche’s wife Theresa writes another letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald in support of Franks.

You can read it, if you wish:

Franks: Does Lake in the Hills Sanitary District serve taxpayers or insiders?

Springfield’s failure to pass a budget for two years left more than $15 billion in unpaid bills, and the stalemate was only resolved by foisting an …


Wife of Invisible GOP Primary Opponent to 2014 Steve Reick Writes Letter to NWH Supporting Jack Franks — 8 Comments

  1. Cleaning up the language doesn’t make it any less of a lie. There will be a special place in Hell for all the liars and deceivers.

  2. The link in the article’s box is to a Northwest Herald column written by Democrat McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks.

  3. The column written by Jack Franks is dated August 6, 2017.

    The Letter to the Editor written by Theresa Lichte is dated August 7, 2017.

    Both were regarding the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District and both appeared in the Northwest Herald.


    Or a coordinated effort by the Democrats?

  4. Maybe Franks P.R. man is working overtime?

    Oliver gone; is former NW Herald staffer now on County/Franks payroll picking up where Oliver left off?

  5. I’m sorry, Chuck, but who is the family you are referring to?

  6. Soon that rag will be ….. G O N E !!!!

    and so will Jacko.

    Maybe Lichte isn’t married at all; he’s such a fake – who can really say what he is or does beyond being a sock puppet for Jacko. Perhaps Jacko, like Jim Jones with his So. American cult, arranged for the Lichtes to get married.

    One thing’s for sure, if it benefits Jacko and he can get a percentage out of it, he will.

    Like when he cast his votes for same sex marriage or for the tax hikes.

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