Former Opponent Says Nygren May Be Back in Town

State Rep. Jack Franks and Sheriff Keith Nygren mingle before the ceremonies inaugurating the 22nd Judicial Circuit.

Tucked away in a July 15th article on Woodstock Advocate, a blog published infrequently by Gus Philpott, is this speculative tidbit:

Then recall McHenry County’s good ol’ boy former sheriff.

I hear he is headed back to McHenry County.

Guess the Florida heat did not agree with him.

Will he stay retired?

Or will his cronies ante up and find a job for him near Krispy Kreme?

Or maybe Bill Prim will hire him for security at the courthouse?

Philpott ran against Nygren as a Green Party candidate in 2010.

Nygren won big time:

With only five precincts missing in 2010, incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren led by 16,126 votes. ¬†Getting five percent of the vote gained the Green Party “major party” status, but the Greens did nothing with it, being unable to attract many candidates.

Philpott has moved to the Carolinas.


Former Opponent Says Nygren May Be Back in Town — 11 Comments

  1. Is it true, that you must be able to Beg, Borrow, or Steal to get a job with the Chicago Democrats?

    Just Asking.

  2. Actually, Cal, I was sort of counting on winning in 2010 but, as I told you then, I knew I’d come in no worse than Third.

    If Mike Mahon hadn’t shown up and if Keith had self-destructed far enough ahead of the election not to be on the ballot, I would have been Mr. Sheriff.

    Mike and I had fun running against each other.

    He was an honorable opponent.

    When someone ripped down one of his campaign signs on IL 47, I let him know.

    He did the same for me.

    As for Keith, he wouldn’t even say Hello to me.

    The vote totals were a little higher, when 100% of the precincts were counted.

    I had somewhere around 4,600+ votes (still over 5%).

  3. With regard to publicly verifiable info, both his house in Coral Gables and the one in Minocqua up for sale, have been for about a year.

    There’s a lot of other stuff that isn’t public yet.

  4. Listed at $599k for FL and $799k for WI. Pete- what is the other stuff ?

  5. Such a sad, sad old man. “If Mahon hadn’t shown up and if Keith had self-destructed. . .”

    LOL! If my uncle had a compressor strapped to his a**, he might have been a refrigerator. Gus, if you were the only person running you would have made a poor showing. The only people nutty enough to vote for you are the same crowd that consistently vote for “Micky Mouse” or “Donald Duck” as write-in candidates.

    Speaking of goofs, where’s that other idiot Dave Bachmann? He was another all-purpose, tin-foil hat seer/loon. About the only thing he ever said was Nygren was going to be indicted and he (Bachmann) was going to die soon. He’s been so quiet, perhaps one of his predictions DID come true. We know that Nygren has not been and most certainly will not be indicted, so maybe crazy Dave had better luck with his other prediction. We can hope!

  6. I’m always amused by the spineless cowards who hide behind names like DonkeyHotay when they do their trolling.

    Why don’t they have the backbone to publish their comments below their names?

  7. Cindy, I will have to agree with you on this one, Donkey seems to have a chip on his shoulder.

  8. Nygren, eh?

    If all this is true, he should be consulting a good neurologist bc its bats##t lunacy.

    But then again, maybe he got a nocturnal visitation from Great Al’s Ghost, and like the Dickens’ ‘Christmas Tale’ he was shown ‘McHenry Future’ and realizes he himself well could be a future criminal defendant if he stays in America (and not some non-extraditable safe-haven like Brazil or Cuba)

  9. It’d be tough to mantain two homes on a $132,000/year pension, I guess.

    Perhaps he’s coming back to explain what happened to the 5 Kawasaki KLR650s that the department received from the Department of Defense. Or the 6 Bose subwoofers that came with the 6 $3600 Bose TV sound systems the department bought for the jail TVs.

    Or- it’s too cold in Wisconsin, and too hot in Florida. Just right here.

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