Cruising with Cruz

At the end of the Family PAC cruise the boat went up the Chicago River past Trump Tower.

U.S. Senator and former GOP Presidential aspirant Ted Cruz was the guest of honor at Family PAC’s annual fundraising cruise on the Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

Introduced by Family PAC’s Executive Director Paul Caprio as “a man who has made promises and he has kept them,” Cruz gave what seemed to be a stump speech based around three points:

  1. Truth matters
  2. Freedom matters
  3. The Constitution matters

Concerning the events in Charlottesville, the former Presidential candidate declared,

“The Nazis and the Klan and white supremacists are scumbags.

“Every nut bag has the right to protest.

“\Everyone of us has a duty to call out the lies…of the bigotry [they speak].”

The boat was carrying its maximum load–170 people.

More wanted to attend, but they would have exceeded the capacity of the boat.

Allen Brown of Fox River Grove met the man he voted for in last spring’s Republican Primary Election, Ted Cruz.

There sere four from McHenry County:  I and my wife, Gene Brown and Allen Brown.


Cruising with Cruz — 4 Comments

  1. Don’t believe a word of it! This man is a liar and part of the PSYOP! YOu have been set up and the wording is very clear. (To all but nitwits that can exchange the words of and from as equals.) White nationalists have nothing to do with white supremacists. There is where you can tell that he is a liar and fomenting the deep state agenda. Period! Is anyone hearing this? You are being brainwashed by switching of words. Learn your language and don’t be duped any longer! Stand against their unholy agenda.

  2. Cindy’s right!

    Cruz is part of the controlled opposition and always was!

    He’s a Canadian any way!

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