Ersel Schuster Reflects on a Jack Franks’ Patronage Hire

From former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster:

Embarrassed by Those We Elect to Office?

To begin, it must be stated that credit must be given to those McHenry County Board Members who have been working to clean up the mess created by the county board chairman [Jack Franks] when he took it upon himself to hire 2 of his personal friends for non-existent, nor needed positions.

Unfortunately, and thus far, the efforts of these board members have been stymied by the chairman, administrator, and the “chairman’s suck-up- Rino’s.”

Now that “Oliver” has resigned the McHenry County Dept. of Transportation “Utilities oordinator’s” position, we have an even greater problem with these unauthorized positions.

Still unanswered are the questions surrounding the need for, and definition of, the two positions.

The newest person, hired by the chairman, is now being labeled as a “Communication Specialist.”

What will this Communication Specialist do?

Jumping to reasoned conclusions and from past-experience, it does not take a rocket scientist to conclude this is nothing more than the chairman continuing his practice of self- promotion… that is about all that fits the “Communications Specialist’s” role.

Aside from the “crafted” letters to the editor and editorials we’ve already seen touting the chairman’s accomplishments, we can only imagine how our new Communication Specialist will spin the chairman’s “sell/promotion,” as he continues to take credit for accomplishments of prior county boards.

Heads-up… Folks!

Be wary of all glowing accomplishments of our leader, negative campaign material and the robo-calls already being sent our way!


Ersel Schuster Reflects on a Jack Franks’ Patronage Hire — 24 Comments

  1. More much needed words of wisdom from Ersel.
    Thank you for bringing a bit of sanity to McHenry County.

  2. Miss Schuster filed bankruptcy and listed casinos as creditors.
    Herjudgment is not something people should rely on. She ought to concentrate more on her own self governance, which is clearly lacking.

  3. I’d trust her judgement concerning politics in McHenry County
    before I’d trust a Franks bootlicker like you.

  4. Thats funny Moderate calls out someone that files for bankruptcy but what about all the Dems that have driven this state to bankruptcy?

    Jack Franks being one of them!

    How many unfunded mandates did he approve?

    Or when Jack Franks voted not to fund the Teachers Pension back in the mid 2000’s?

    Or his judgement to vote for Mike Madigan 9x’s.

    He really did the McHenry County citizens proud on that.

    Mrs. Shuster has done nothing but fight against taxes for the citizens of the county.

    Why don’t you tell me where she didn’t Moderate?

    Her voting record was great for the people of this county.

    Don’t forget Tina Hill filed for bankruptcy as well but the difference is Tina Hill was a spender.

  5. “when he took it upon himself to hire 2 of his personal friends for non-existent, nor needed positions” – sounds conspicuously like Donald Trump.

  6. Once more Moderate focuses on trying to kill the messenger rather than addressing the message.

  7. Can you defend this hire Moderate? Let’s hear it. We are waiting.

  8. Well I give Ersel Credit for standing up…

    she is fearless when it comes to doing the right thing and I am always amazed that there are people like moderate out there…

    Jack Franks is one of the craftiest politician in the country…

    Jack will set something up today so it will benefit him tomorrow..

    Jack hires a communication director….

    Kev Craver form the NWH…

    oh what a shock…..

    Craver will do what he has always done..

    flood the media with glowing reports of Jack franks and the unknowing liberal voters will eat it up…. ………………

    Lord have mercy on us….

  9. We need to give Ersel some back up and Vote in Orville Brettman…

  10. If schuster cared so much about taxes being out of control, why didn’t she do something about it when she was on the board?

    Shes another whiny republican like most on this blog.

  11. President Obama appointed numerous, numerous people to phony positions in his first term in office.

    He called them czars.

    Will a local Democrat leader try to emulate his hero, but to a lesser extent?

  12. This comment section is the best.

    The Lake in the Hills Sanitation district wants to bilk taxpayers for millions and you lot are worried about Franks having a staff.


    By the way, did any of you boot lickers of SKinner get a result from the FOIAs you submitted concerning the elimination of the Chairman’s budget for a staff?

    Do you recall Cal SKinner corroborating that the budget used to exist?

    Don’t you think it’s pretty convenient that the moment Jack was elected, the county board magically decided that every other county wide elected official that was a Republican should have a staff, except Democrat Franks.

    Don’t you think it’s convenient that Mark fails to post the data on the old chairman’s budget?

    Don’t you think it’s hilarious that Franks brings highly qualified people to work for the government and you lot want to ensure he doesn’t have a functioning office?

    Don’t you think it’s mind-boggling that the comment section of this rag can compare Franks to Trump, Obama, Czars, and Madigan.

    THe dog catcher will be busy today with you strays off leash. Get on message.

  13. I think it’s convenient, hilarious, and mind-boggling that we have to wear hip waders around Moderate.

  14. Again, Moderate, what is the argument in support of these hires?

    You still haven’t made it but attempt to pull the discussion off into unrelated issues.

    That is your method. Divert attention. “Oh look, a chicken!”

    The reason that the Chairman of the County Board should not have a staff has nothing to do with partisan politics, and you know it.


    The job does not warrant it.

    The fact that the method of election changed did nothing to the position itself.

    The fact that other elected officials have staffs is due to the demands of their jobs. You can’t be the Sheriff by yourself unless you are in a very small county.

    The County Board Chairman just chairs the meetings of the County Board.

    He/she also signs documents.

    Most if this is done automatically.

    The agendas for the meetings are prepared by staff and the Chairman mainly just signs off.

    There is very little work to do and even if the Chairman is doing it entirely alone it barely justifies the $82K salary and benefits.

    The previous Chairman, a REPUBLICAN, did the whole job while running a full time law practice, and had NO STAFF.

    THAT is the issue!

    It’s not about the LITH Sanitary District, or Ersel’s personal life.

    Can you Moderate, or anyone else for that matter, respond to it?

  15. No previous county board chairman had staff reporting to him or her.

  16. McHenry County’s Human Resources (HR) employment paperwork (HR Payroll Advice) for the newly hired Communications Specialist is incomplete and raises many questions.

    Most notably, no Supervisors name was listed, and the new hire is listed as working in the Division of Transportation.

    Is the new hire really taking orders from Jack Franks (McHenry County Board Chair), but the HR paperwork lists the Communications Specialist as being in the Division of Transportation?

  17. I think you will find there are lots of positions to which Trump can make appointments where he has not done so.

  18. If you look, you may find more bankruptcies for other public officials.

  19. Jack Franks will presumably be at the Illinois Democrats’ biggest fundraiser of the year, the Chairmen’s Brunch, on Thursday August 17, 2017.

    It is sponsored by the Illinois Democrat County Chairmen Association.

    Over 1,000 Democrat County Chairmen, elected officials, labor leaders, Democratic activists and candidates for federal, state and local offices are expected.

    This year the event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 3000 S Dirksen Parkway, in Springfield (registration opens at 8AM, doors open at 8:30AM, program begins at 9AM).

    Jesse White has said at that event he will announce if he is running for re-election as Secretary of State.


    The Democrats have a statewide push for more precinct committeemen and to build their ground game.

    Are the Illinois Republicans matching the effort?

    Will the Illinois Republicans put on an event which matches or exceeds the County Chairmen’s Brunch?

  20. You put a democrat in this position and all you get is Illinois politics. This should come as no surprise on how franks operates.


    and now Mchenry county is the same.

    Shades of Madigan.

  21. Still waiting on Cal and Mark to post that FOIA about staff budgets for previous chairmen.

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