Judicial Survey Hits Phones

A four-minute, twelve question automated survey was what I heard when I picked up the phone yesterday morning.

Demographic data was requested first:

  • Registered voter?
  • Party
  • Gender
  • Age (four choices)

Next were questions about favorability for the following:

  • Mary McClellan
  • Robert Wilbrandt
  • Ray Flavin
  • Demetri Tsilimigras
  • Robert Hanlon

Immediately following was a query about what attribute was most important in a judicial candidate:

  • Bring an elected official
  • Prior experience on the bench
  • Having served in the State’s Attorney’s office
  • Involvement in the Republican Party

The final question bored deeper into the importance of Republican political activity.

The two choices offered were

  • participation in party politics
  • politics has not place in the judiciary


Judicial Survey Hits Phones — 26 Comments

  1. My vote goes to Flavin.

    He has very libertarian values when it comes to the court system.

  2. Too many men running and will hand it to McClellan.


    What are these men thinking?

    She was a royal mess with the elections and her problems with the voting.

    As a lawyer, didn’t she get a serious reprimand from a judge for her problems??

    Aren’t we paying her husband’s salary because she hired him to work in her office??


    To my fellow women – do NOT vote for her because she is a woman.

    She would be a terrible judge.

  3. LOL While all you say is tru; it gave me a fit of giggles to read “fellow women”. Could you pick a different phrase?

  4. …and she’ll still be sitting as the crooked Clerk to insure she wins!!!

  5. Oh Good grief…I just had this bad thought…does Mary McCellen get to count her own votes?….

    some people should just stay out of politics…

  6. We have:

    1 republican
    1 democrat running as a republican
    1 hated by most republicans
    And 2 that have never taken a side

  7. Oh, Sara! Use your own words. It just struck me as really funny to read “men women”. Since we have so much gender neautral junk going on, no one else would probaby notice that fellow means man. It is how far afield we have come these days with the crazy agendas.

  8. Thank you swordfish – That is the info I was referring to.

    Sadly, it did not show up until she was elected clerk.

  9. I think there were a lot of us not ‘paying attention’ when we bought a pig in a poke, Sara. Better late than never?

  10. I have had several friends tell me they voted for her because she is a women.

    It has been determined that women get 5% more votes because they are women.

    We have to stop that kind of thinking.

    Being related to 2 female lawyers that I think and have proven to be ethical, hard workers, I can that there are many good qualified women in that field.

    This woman is NOT one of them.

  11. I have a neighbor that recently told me he voted for Hitlery because his ten yar old daughter asked him to. This is how lax voting has become. You need go no further than our own election of Franks. That man should be running NOTHING! Your work is cut out for you trying to get voters to actually listen to real issues.

  12. I can’t wait to support McClellan she will be a great addition to the judiciary.

    Anyone who says she is not capable does not really know her.

  13. Sara it’s actually about 10% or more votes ….. that’s bc since women live longer, there’s more of them voting, plus McHenry Co. has a curious geography. Men working outside the county on election day …. it does depress the male vote a bit.

  14. I didn’t know our county had such antique computers.

    Looks like Mary’s husband is on top of this problem!

  15. With my background in automation engineering, I stepped up to be a Tech Judge after Mary’s disastrous first outing.

    I have had the opportunity to work with Mary and chat with her, and to see the evolution from the first election to what I think is a pretty well run machine.

    Her big problem was attempting too many changes all at once, but things were modernized that much more quickly as a result.

    She is actually very professional and very pleasant, and has a wonderful staff who all speak highly of her.

    She has some very reasonable explanations for some of the negative things written about her and be speaking to those as the campaign unfolds

  16. No one asked about Tiffany Davis??

    Would not vote for her either.


  17. Re Cindy comment earlier.

    What kind of a moron would vote for a candidate strictly based on a request from his 10-year old child.

    I think most of us would agree that children should be seen and not heard and especially when it comes to politics.

    Maybe the voting age should go back to 21 or even 25.

    Most 18-year olds are sorely lacking in life experience – earning income, paying taxes, responsibilities, wisdom, experience – that would allow them to make wise choices in selecting a candidate for public office.

    To make matters worse, an 18-year old has likely been brainwashed by one or more leftist, socialist or Democrat teachers in her/his life.

  18. I am confused (not unusual) but I thought Hanlon was going to run for a different position?

  19. bred? You are correct. I will not out him, but he indeed has special problems. I only used that as an example of where we stand. I suspect there are many others, (not just this one unusual set of circumstances) that have equally foolish ways of discerning their voting habits.

  20. Speaking of ‘county employee’ , I’d sure love to hear from these county employees:
    -The employee that is suing McClellan for workplace assault.
    -The other employee that has a sexual complaint against McClellan’s husband / employee-Ed Gil.

    Info on both can be found on this blog by using search bar. Wonder what this will end up costing the taxpayers when the county is done paying the legal costs?!

  21. My vote goes to Hanlon, he is very competent, and not a political player at all.

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