Naperville Man Weighs Shares Family Decision to Move Out of Illinois

A new commenter, Richard Martin, left the following comment under the April 27, 2016, article “Illinois Has Highest Real Estate Taxes.”

United Van Lines pulled out from a Crystal Lake home for an out-of-state move.

I don’t live in McHenry county, but we have the same problem in Dupage county.We live in Naperville, IL. in Dupage county.

Contrary to a lot of opinions, everyone in Naperville is not rich.

My wife and I are both in our 70’s and retired at age 65 & 66 respectively.

We did receive some inheritance shortly after retirement which allowed us to pay off our mortgage.

We thought we were ‘home free’ since we no longer had a mortgage.

Today, we are borrowing from our insurance policies and robbing our 401-k’s to pay our real estate taxes.

WE have both lived in Illinois all our lives (except for one year) due to a job transfer.

WE are now joining thousands of other people who live in Illinois who have decided to move to a different state.

We recently looked at carpeting to prepare our home to sell.

The manager of the carpeting store told us he has had many other people who are doing the same thing (moving out of state). Why is it that our elected officials do not see (or don’t want to see) what is going on.

The one year we lived out of state was in California (1979).

They had just passed proposition 13, which completely change how real estate taxes were calculated.

Had this not of happened, we would not have moved to California, due to the higher cost of a home.

It’s time for people who are stuck living in Illinois (job, etc:), To rise up,and do something about the ridiculous tax system in Illinois.

I don’t know where we are moving to yet, but at least we will be OUT of Illinois!


Naperville Man Weighs Shares Family Decision to Move Out of Illinois — 23 Comments

  1. You, it would be nice if one of the leaders of this great state, Madigan or Cullerton, would sit down and answer point blank how to justify staying here when these taxes are through the roof.

    But they’ll never do that, and still get re-elected.

    So we can continue to elect to live elsewhere.

  2. Similar story here. Although we are a tad under your ages; we too are scraping together our pennies to pay our real estate taxes.

    Chances of moving are very slim as I am no longer young enough to physically pick up and move.

    Nevermind that there is no market for anything in Illinois.

    Our golden years have turned rust colored.

  3. The only way the state will learn when it hits rock bottom; I already purchased land in another state and will be building soon then escaping this place.

  4. Best to leave Illinois ASAP, before the DEMOCRATS seize your property and give
    it to an illegal alien or other “economically impoverished” persons in exchange for their votes.

  5. Just took a $34 K loss selling a prop in smellinois this past month.

    Great job holding those prop values Pols!

    Tell me again how those bonecrushing school taxes, enhance property values.

    Or are we back to your other drivel that it’s “for the kids”?

    Now I can take these hits,selling off all my Illinois garbage given time, to anyone stupid enough to buy them going forward.

    My question is, how many can afford to pay these ‘exit taxes’, to get out of this dysfunctional tax hellhole?

  6. The financial problems in Illinois are mostly due to policies, actions and laws by Democrat politicians and judges with Democrat affiliations.

    They have encouraged and allowed outrageously high salaries and benefits to many in the public sector such as teachers, their administrators and many government workers. School boards and politicians have caved to unions.

    All existing and new government workers need to be moved to 401 type plans and the cola needs to be abolished.

    Our State drastically needs a Constitutional Convention to make some of this happen.

  7. The same forces that elect our current legislature would elect con-con delegates.

  8. Breadwinner is correct, however there were MANY RINO-GOP accomplices in the monstrous dispossession.

  9. Na-na na-na-na na na na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. Hey Mr. truck driver! Do you have enough space in that truck to take a few of our compassionate conservative commenters? It is time we export some of our McHenry county good old fashioned compassionate conservatism to other states. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. funny to see the teacher kiss his 100k pension funder for 9 months of Work a year goodbye.

    I’m sure the other state pensioners will gladly accept a tax on pension income as the tax payers continue to move.

    Tick tick for me, 3 years and counting.

  12. I would think Mr. Llavona would be concerned that his grossly under-funded pension might some day “cut according to cloth.”

    If this occurs, teachers pensions will be slashed throughout Illinois.

  13. Maybe someday people who live off the backs of Illinois citizens who now work or have worked in the private and non-government sector will have to take a HAIR CUT in their lavish pensions and benefits. Our current situation in Illinois is not sustainable.

    Many teachers and their administrators and other government workers make far too much in wages, benefits and pensions in regards to their contributions to our society.

    In no way are they more valuable to we the people than are engineers, accountants, architects, electricians, nurses, etc who work in the private sector.

    A haircut for these government workers is appropriate and is kind of similar to the haircut given to bondholders of an American car company when President Obama bailed it out.

  14. Currently looking at homes in IN, Nashville, and Boise.

    I can’t wait to move my family out of IL.

    I don’t care about how unhappy everyone in my family is going to be about new schools, friends, etc as we continue to make horrible choices to live in this state.

    I keep looking at the the market here in CL and it’s amazing how home values have been crushed by property taxes.

    I’m willing to take a loss on the house to just get out and start over, but so many people can’t do that.

    It’s really just a shame, but I continue to advise that you have to get out now before the whole state just implodeds.

    The only way IL will keep going is by rasising taxes without reform and that will continue to destroy home values and so much more. Sell now folks.

  15. tronald dump also needs a haircut, wouldn’t you agree? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. How many readers of this blog REALLY let the following sink in?

    Cal’s comment: “The same forces that elect our current legislature would elect con-con delegates.”

  17. I left IL in ’09 but had to pay real estate taxes until 2012 when the property sold for a $200,000 loss!

    Had to take approximately $18,000 out of my pension to pay the obscene taxes.

    I contacted Rep Jack Franks for help because he knew my spouse so well.

    I explained the unusual circumstances involved and asked him to propose a bill which would help others who found themselves with this problem.

    His only response was that I should stop paying the tax bill and let it go delinquent!!!

    Needless to say he never did propose any bill either.

    Jack is definitely a poster child of the democrat party who care nothing about IL citizens only themselves and their wallets.

    I thank God everyday I am no longer paying one red cent to the state coffers and no longer under the thumbs of corrupt politicians.

    Oh and BTW, my pension has begun to soar back since the stock markets is booming after the last 8 years.

  18. Grow your hair out
    Fight the power?
    Grass ignited always did nothing
    Yet ignorance tells me that’s the causality of nothingness
    Grow your hair out
    Shoot guns
    Smoke Marijuana
    Love equality
    Keep your eyes open
    Note all the ads on this page are aimed at 55-year-old folks and up ———– Grow a political party like a plant. Talk, water, love and attention. Not fear. No a president who I refuse to no accept that title. ——

    Grow your hair
    Get Monarch Senior Care
    They’re the best when you can’t be there
    I support conceal and carry
    Imagine all the weird, awful, domestic violence caused by guns if more people carried guns, and were trained to shoot out of fear. A 220$ class won’t solve, nor right hate, violence, and division.

  19. School districts account for the greatest percentage of property taxes, and that doesn’t include all the state revenues (state income taxes, state sales taxes, etc.) expended on public education.

    Voters elect school board members, state representatives, state senators, and Governors, who are responsible for passing resolutions and laws which hiked the taxes.

    The special interests and politicians were able to use their influence and power in various ways to influence the unwitting average voter.

    The same holds true at the Federal level and other local governments.

    Leaving Illinois solves the state and local problem, but not the Federal problem.

    Hopefully those leaving Illinois will spend time and effort on the Federal debt and other issues at the Federal level.

    One of the biggest problems of two primary forms of debt, bond debt and unfunded pension obligations, is annual interest to service those obligations.

    Illinois took a bad situation, unfunded pension obligations, and made it worse through repeated benefit hikes over decades.

    That was done by Democrats and Republicans.

    The special interests and politicians who are responsible for the benefit hikes and interest, minimize the impact of the benefit hikes and interest.

    It is in their best interest to do so, at least in the short and medium term.

    Others dismiss the problem by rationalizing, the pensions won’t be paid in full, and I don’t receive such a pension, so it’s not my problem.

    But how high will taxes and fees go, how much will services be cut, as the unsustainable schemes unravel.

    It’s really easy to charge something on the credit card.

    Typically not as easy to pay the resulting debt.

    Pension benefit hikes are analogous charging the credit card.

    Pension benefit hikes to underfunded pensions are analogous to charging the credit card on which one has been carrying a balance.

    All of that has one common theme.

    Don’t fully explain in a comprehensible manner to the average person the pros and cons of the various schemes in a way that can be easily understood.

    Omissions, deflections, distortions, hide and seek, kick the can, accounting and budget gimmicks, and other techniques have been commonly used.

    It takes a certain amount of knowledge and time to identify such techniques.

    Most people don’t spend the time to educate themselves, typically rationalizing, there’s nothing I can do about it anyways.

    So the system perpetuates.

    Voter beware.

    If one is planning on moving to another state, check out the website, Truth in Accounting.

    TIA focuses on government accounting and budget transparency at the state and Federal level, and also the bigger cities.

    Another source of debt information, although they don’t explain the gimmicks, is the US and State Debt clocks.

  20. Liked the “na, na, na,…..” post!!!

    I was born, raised, lived, married, raised a family, all my 65 years in the CROOKED STATE OF ILLINOIS!!!

    Retired on 12/31/2017….AND MOVED OUT IN JANUARY of 2018!!!!!!

    Last year (2017) our “Dream House” (of 2400+ feet) in Naperville came with a R.E. Tax bill of almost 8 GRAND!!!

    Our INITIAL FIRST YEAR TAX BILL was only $1600!!!


    Even in 2008/9 during the “Great Recession” as property values were declining our tax bill was raised!!!

    I was able to get it reduced only to see it raised over the following two years…..CROOKS!!!!


    We have moved into our “Retirement Home” ONLY A FEW HOURS AWAY FROM CHICAGO so we can still visit our kids/grandkids or attend a Bears or Sox game.


    R.E. Taxes???





    It will be “FUN” watching the State slowly slip into “Bankruptcy”!!!


    MOVE OUT NOW!!!!

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