Anonymous Commenter Called Out

From former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster:

Observations hit a cord!

Responding to a post on this blog [Ersel Schuster Reflects on a Jack Franks’ Patronage Hire], “moderate,” has taken the expected step of personal assassination; making my point in spades!

It has always been my understanding that I am fair-game from the likes of “moderates” crowd.

My life is an open book and I do wear my heart on my sleeve.

The real concern is whether, or not “moderate” is on the county’s payroll.

Wouldn’t it be great if people like “moderate” had the courage to face those they work so hard to discredit?

Since they are cowards… one would be foolish to hold his/her breath believing they will come out of the shadows.

To those who stayed on issue and stood up for me after “moderate’s” attacks… a million thanks!

For those who may not know, but may be questioning… here is the background story; something “moderate,” and his ilk, would not know.

As died-in-the-wool-entrepreneurs, Ed and I were working to launch a product.

Our sin was believing in the product and holding on so long it took us to our knees.

All would have been just fine had the housing market not tanked.

As a result, and at the time, the responsible action was to put ourselves into Chapter 13 to work at paying off debt.

Notice, Chapter 13… not 7 or 11!

For general clarification, there are two types of bankruptcy for individuals:

  1. the discharge of debts and
  2. the payment plan

Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code is for the discharge of debts.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are not seeking to get rid of all of your debt, but to restructure your payments so they are more manageable, considering your income.

Chapter 11 is used in business reorganization.

Simply put, 10 years after the fact, this information has never been a secret.

Clearly it is now being used as threats… to silence me.

Those in “moderate’s” mold, or mind-set, are notorious for slinging mud, perpetuating half-truths, personal assassination, and destroying reputations for political purposes.

The sickness of these destructive tactics undermines good government and is growing in our county.

Those of us who have been assaulted by these people over the years know this is the same crew working for, and perpetuating the financial mess in Springfield, Cook County, our school systems, unsustainable retirement plans, etc.

The critical message, and take-away, is to caution voters / taxpayers… make sure you question “anonymous” posts, negative campaign material, robo-calls and all personally damaging articles directed toward anyone still having the courage to run for elected office.

We have been asleep… thus allowing these folks to believe we are stupid and unwilling to challenge them.

It is long past the time to stand up!


Anonymous Commenter Called Out — 26 Comments

  1. Two items:

    1) You strike a chord, not a cord- unless you are referring to a tripline.

    2) A key component of Chapter 11 is the restructuring of a business’ debts to allow the business to continue, and allow your creditors to be paid.

    I’m an owner and director of a 135 year old manufacturing firm in the middle of one.

    Not all businesses are required to restructure under Chapter 11, and restructuring is just one part of the Chapter 11 code.

    If you were developing a product, that’s clearly a business venture.

    Now I’m curious.

  2. Moderate has proven himself to be one of the numerous Jack Francophiles (and probably an Alt-Leftist, too)
    who post their senseless and twisted cowardly drivel on this website.

    He possess little or no intellectual depth.

    He is to be ignored.

  3. Did you see that court ruling? I’m not on the taxpayer dole like Ersel and Cal were and would like to point out that the LitH Sanitary Consoldation effort will save taxpayer dollars in the long run! Gov Rauner signed into law a Jack Franks bill that will continue to push consolidation – are you disagreeing with you governor now?! Maybe Ersel’s best friend Klaatu can hop back on sing Franks’ praises.

  4. The left is 1984 to a fault.

    They are in fact Orwellian.

    Moderat’s handle tells you this.

    His or her comments are instructive to understand the clear depth and disdain that the public union “activists” such as Moderate have of us paying their way.

  5. Again Moderate Mrs. Shusters letter to analyze the facts of the patronage hires has nothing to do with the L.I.T.H. Sanitation district.

    As far as consolidation and saving money that is up for debate right now.

    However, you do owe Mrs. Shuster an apology but know you won’t give one.

    So she is or was paying back her debt.

    So to change the subject again is just a way for you to try and deflect the matter at hand.

  6. Moderate has a long standing hatred for Cal.

    Moderate has used words on this blog that were the exact same words used in a “robo” type call that was issued by Rosa K. Z.

    She is either that person, or someone very very close to Rosa as they speak exactly the same words!

    A very dull stupid person with an axe to grind!

  7. Moderate proves once again he’s not the person with the highest IQ on this site – or anywhere else.

  8. Hey Cindy,
    You know I’m a man. Give me a call and let’s talk it through. 815-267-1997

    PS: I’ve narrowed you down to six Cindys in McHenry County. Keep on yapping.

    Call me whenever you want as well if you want to match IQs.

  9. Ersel is a perfect example of why any true servant of The People needs no defending by others.

    She knows her mind and her reasons for every decision she has made.

    All politicians are more capable of answering any question of their life or character but very few have the inclination to do so.

    Very salacious things have been said about politicians in our community, particularly the women, both in this comment section and in the street.

    I wish they too would respond as Ersel has but they choose not to do so.

    All are to be respected for their reasons but Ersel couldn’t be more right about needing to stick to facts known rather than appealing to the lowest impulses of human existence.

    Please step forward to serve The People.

    There is no higher calling.

    Be honored by many and reviled by more but know the service should be its own reward.

    Join us and actively fight the predations of those who would enrich themselves and their friends through their trusted elected positions.

    Be the next Paul Serwatka and make a difference for your friends, neighbors and family for generations to come.

  10. There are way more than six in this county. Moderate is a stupid wastefull person that spends all their lunch hours thinking they are outing people that no one cares about being outed. You are a simpering fool and a mean one at that.

  11. Priest?

    Ersel has already given her time.

    She should be lauded for her past sacrifices – NOT begged to do even more.

    Where are the righteous men that should stand up and fight?

  12. I need no further evidence as to what your IQ is, Moderate.

    I have read many of your posts here and that leaves no doubt whatsoever in my mind
    or the minds of others here as to your intelligence or motives.

    And to be sure, there are far more than six Cindys in McHenry County, yet another
    foolish statement from your great high IQ mind. LMAO !

  13. Listen you anonymous commenters, everyone is anonymous on the blog. How about everyone must sign their real name and I will too! Why don’t we start with the guy who made the death threats against Franks?!

  14. I’m not anonymous. Everybody knows who I am. (Except Moderate. She’s still forgoing her lunch hour to play detective.)

  15. This is metanews. News within news. Comments about comments. Cindy why don’t you switch to your name then? It would be a lot better if Cal switched to Facebook login, then most would be under their real names.

  16. Are you insane, Watching? Anyone with half a brain is NOT on Fakebook. Have you learned nothing?

  17. “The left is 1984 to a fault.
    They are in fact Orwellian.”

    Good one – that’s something I’ll tell my grandkids – “….Donald was our president for 19 months – remember children – he tried to restrict the freedom of the press, and he wanted to build a wall to stop the Mexicans who stopped immigrating two years prior, wanted to bring back a failed war on drugs — — — — yet his supporters never looked in the mirror ——- and saw the hate, their support of middle-school language on national level, while allowing China to become a leader in future technologies.

    Cindy, I don’t care about you and “moderate” -your bickering is juvenile — Moderate can find you —- you should call him and be civil. Start with “Hello” talk about your family, disagree on rhetoric, and then you both thank each other. Try it, it works.

  18. Ken? You seem to be an idiot. Your ramblings make as much sense as Angel’s.

  19. Directed at Ken (but a teaching moment for all).
    From your incoherent rambles, you seem to be very wet behind the ears.
    Specifically from your “I don’t care” statement I see you clearly have no understanding of what fighting demons entails.
    Your silly advice statements tell me that you have no knowledge of Proverbs 3:5-6.
    (5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.)
    And so, although I severely doubt you will have any understanding of any of these either; I am lead to post them for your perusal anyway.
    Proverbs 16:25 says, “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” When we choose to direct our lives according to what seems right to us, we often reap disaster (Judges 21:25)
    ( See also Numbers 23:19; James 1:17; Romans 11:29 Romans 8:28 Psalm 119:142; Philippians 2:13)

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