State’s Attorney Said to Have Opined County Board Can Eliminate Positions Labeled by Critics as “Patronage Hires”

That’s the hot rumor of the answer to a question that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks asked of McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally.

Advice I’ve heard that is given to beginning attorneys:

“Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.”

It seems that veteran attorney Franks did not follow that advice.

So now, it seems he has an opinion that says the County Board has the authority to hire and fire and that the County Board can eliminate positions.

If so, that would mean the twenty-three Republicans on the twenty-four person County Board could get rid of the two patronage positions that have disturbed a number of Board members.

Other information being passed around also confirms what any good attorney could have figured out for himself.

Constitutional officials like the Sheriff, State’s Attorney, County Clerk, etc., have more power over their employees than non-constitutional countywide elected officials like the County Board Chairman.

I figured that out when I was County Treasurer in the late 1960’s..

Funny how Jack Franks couldn’t come to the same conclusion fifty years later.

After all, we still have the same state constitution.


State’s Attorney Said to Have Opined County Board Can Eliminate Positions Labeled by Critics as “Patronage Hires” — 37 Comments

  1. We’ll have to wait and see if the rumor is true, but if it is, it’s just gotten a lot easier to count RINOs and McHenry County.

  2. It seems that Cal has stooped to reporting rumors and other BS.

    It would seem that a “reporter”, such as Cal, (rolls eyes) could at least try to verify a rumor.

    Instead he decides to make it about his long past government job. (75,000 grand in pension for less than 30 years)

    Cal is no reporter.

    But, he does get himself invited to any function that’s serving a “free meal”.

    I seen this in person.

    Man can eat.

  3. Cal’s goal of this post is in no way aligned with responsible or efficient government.

    Simply put, he just wants to be a thorn in the side of Franks.

    Looking forward to Cuckservatives Wheeler and Kurtz parroting this post.

    When did conservatism stop being about good government and more about annoying liberals?

  4. I don’t think that Cal has ever claimed to be a reporter. I don’t know where you people get your “informed” opinions from except out of thin air. You don’t understand the grand tradition of muckraking, but yet you come here in and try to partake.

  5. Looks like some people who read this blog actually do need to “read”.

    Read very carefully.

    Cal starts out this article by stating it is a RUMOR.

    Cal is being honest here.

    This is unlike the vast majority of mainstream media.

    That includes all broadcast tv media that have news programs, most cable “news” channels and many radio stations around the Chicago area.

    Most of these media are left leaning and will more often than not bias their so-called news reporting in favor of Democrats and socialists and against Republicans and conservatives.

  6. Bred, So, Cal’s more aligned with the National Enquire news reporting.

    One does not need to read very carefully to see that Cal has decided to throw all integrity to the wind when looking for anti Franks posts.

    I am not a big Franks fan, but Cal makes a bigger fool of himself with each of these posts.

    Cal claims to be part of the press when it’s to his advantage.

    I have witnessed this behavior.

  7. “The term muckraker was used in the Progressive Era to characterize reform-minded American journalists who attacked established institutions and leaders as corrupt. They typically had large audiences in some popular magazines.”

    Cal is neither progressive, nor reform-minded; neither a journalist, nor is the county board corrupt; Cal does not have a large audience, nor is he a publication. Cal is not a muckraker.

    So, what is Cal? He claims to have special knowledge about a conversation between two parties. He cites no sources.

    Cal is “a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge.” This is the abbreviated definition of a charlatan.

  8. For God’s sake! Please stop trashing my favorite freeloader sunshine blogger! Press 1 in support of the Pulitzer prize for our favorite compassionate conservative sunshine blogger. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. Even if McH C Board cannot or will not ask State’s Atty for this opinion (whether they may unilaterally vote on elimination of alleged patronage positions improperly created/kept open), Board Members still have the option of proposing a Resolution to take this action.

  10. Alternatively, Board could sue Chair quo warrento, asking by what authority Chair violated County Code and Salary Administration Policy.

  11. Kind of funny about some who continually criticize the content of this blog and it’s owner.

    You have to ask why do they keep coming back to read it and then taking the time to make comments.

    Why bother?

    Would these same people keep going back to a restaurant, week after week, month after month, if they had a couple, or few bad experiences when they initially tried the restaurant?

    What kind of a dope would do that? Anyway, suggest looking up the definition of the word “blog.”

    On a related topic, might this “blog” have more integrity than some big famous newspapers in NY and DC?

  12. Why bother?

    Because there are some local GOP officials where this is the only news source they (regrettably)

    I know for a FACT that each post Cal makes averages less than 40 unique visitors. His total readership is probably somewhere around 200 people. (By the way, have you noticed Cal never disagrees with this stat?) Fortunately, Cal only deletes comments that reflect his checkered personal history. Otherwise, this cesspool is a great place to consistently remind the casual observers that Cal is biased and fails to tell the whole truth when it comes to Franks or his efforts.

    Otherwise, those 40 people would live in an ideological bubble.


  13. comments frequently turn to the general rather than the specific.

    the general is not productive line of reasoning.

    the specific can be dissected, analyzed, and thereby made productive.

    specifically, this post was about a specific legal action which may be appropriate for county board members who believe that county code should not be SELECTIVELY enforced.

  14. Lots of unsubstantiated claims made by commenter named Moderate.

    Speaking of bias, one can be deluged with an enormous amount of bias every day if watching and/or listening to most of the mainstream media.

    Unfortunately, too many people are unable to discern that bias.

  15. Bred Winner,

    You want specifics? How’s this for specific? Here’s a website that tracks visitors on websites:

    According to the site, Cal has less than 4000 viewers per month and an average of 129 per day.

    If Cal posts, on average one to 3 times a day, that’s between 43 to 129 people per post – hence 40 about 40 people.

  16. lol bred. Love the “what kind of a dope would do that? sentence. Tickled my funny bone.

  17. Moderate’s facts are slanted by the crude devices the he/she uses to track other people’s hits. They don’t even have the common sense understanding that all of those programming sites are slanted and they lie. Just like the youtube hits, go up and down arbitrarily. It’s all controlled to make you believe in what “they” want you to believe. It all means bupkis. So take your facts and go back to your drawing board.

  18. Moderate says:

    “Why bother?

    Because there are some local GOP officials where this is the only news source they (regrettably)

    “only news source”? Back that up with facts.

    Could the criticizers of this blog start their own blogs if as they contend this one is not to their liking?

    Probably not.

  19. Why don’t you ask Wheeler and Kurtz if they religiously read the blog? Ask them who their fearless leader is.

  20. I stand with my sunshine blogger; not with his stinky cat though…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. The Democrats believe the blog hinders their agenda.

    Thus the presence of the agitators, Moderate and Angel R. Llavona.

  22. With the departure of Kevin Craver to work officially for Chairman Franks, the NWH is no longer covering county government except for republishing press releases from the aforementioned former reporter.

    This blog, with all it flaws, is now the ONLY SOURCE for news on county government that is not being shaped by the Chairman’s office.

    At least with Cal, you know where he stands.

  23. Mark,
    And what is this ‘agenda?’ Cutting taxes through consolidation efforts? Creating transparency by instituting transcripts of meetings with time stamps? Facilitating an RFQ to demonstrate cost savings associated with privatization of government units? Working with the board to cut taxes by 10%?

    I think you are the ‘agitator’ if you are against those agenda items.

  24. Moderate is the biggest Jack Franks cheerleader on the blog.

    The number one agenda of Moderate is to promote Jack Franks.

    The Jack Franks agenda is the Moderate agenda.

    Jack Franks is a Democrat.

  25. Beep beep …. boop boop

    Markobot just malfunctioned.

    Run a system reset and try reply again.

  26. Jack Franks is a human being. Moderate is a human being. Therefore, Moderate is no other than Jack Franks. Please praise me for this seasoned, data-centered, scientific conclusion. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  27. @ Moderate


    “Cutting taxes through consolidation efforts?”

    Appointing two individuals on his own to the LITH SD?

    I’m not sure that dissolution of the LITH SD is necessary nor the best way to go.

    They present a fair rebuttal via the comparison of services, rates, etc. that should be explored.

    This is another one of Jack’s “This is urgent, we must do it now and bypass all that formal stuff, like the democratic process.

    You know we have to pass it before we can read it!” LOL

    “Facilitating an RFQ to demonstrate cost savings associated with privatization of government units?

    With whom did he facilitate this RFQ?

    His wife?

    His father?

    Apparently not with the county board members or even the committee members charged with the management of Valley Hi.

    Did he even bother to check with Mike Madigan before he did this?

    Did he do it via Peter Austin?

    Oh, yeah, he did.

    Jack and Peter are running the show so let’s get rid of the entire county board.

    What do we need them for?

  28. Is ‘beep beep boop boop’ the sound of patronage hires crapping their pants?

    Cal’ got a line on those Hershey smears, you’d better believe it!

  29. Moderate says about this blog:

    “Because there are some local GOP officials where this is the only news source they (regrettably)

    She/he has no facts to back this up this statement.

    Is Moderate busted or what?

  30. I was just texting with a ‘County Employee’.

    Actually, I think it was rather charitable of Cal to post this as only a ‘rumor’.

    Bye Bye

  31. Cindy- Cal has long claimed to be a part of the Media.

    He claims himself to be a reporter. Many of us has informed opinions because – well frankly- we are informed.

    By attending the meetings, by reading the minutes, by watching the thinly veiled agendas of the people involved- INCLUDING CAL. Who is as guilty of suckling from the teat as everyone you have chosen to bash over the years.

    Just like the “tax fighters” Hammerand and Provenzano are suckling at the teat.

    Gasser and Wilcox who proclaim to be tax fighters DON’T EVEN PAY PROPERTY TAXES.

    The county board is a governance board- they are not tasked with the management of the county- you have a paid administrator for that.

    And your right- I will go back to ignoring this blog in that it only serves to make my head shake at the ridiculousness that you people occupy yourself instead of looking for ways to advance our community.

    Shame on all of you.

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