Milkweed Now “Official” State Wildflower

Milkweed in my front yar

Our yard now sports many examples of the new “official” state wildflower–milkweed.

The only local sponsor is State Rep. Steve Andersson.

Here’s an albino milkweed.

State Senator Dan McConchie voted against the bill.

Dan McConchie

“”We have way too many official state designations,” McConchie said.

“Just like we don’t need

an official state snack food (popcorn)

an official state pie (pumpkin), and

an official state soil (drummer silty clay loam)

we don’t need a designation for milkweed. With so many designations, we’ve gone beyond the point of ludicracy to meaninglessness.”


Milkweed Now “Official” State Wildflower — 10 Comments

  1. We got tired of ours and yanked them all out this August. They seemed to be taking over eveything.

  2. This is most fitting.

    The state is best compared to a weed that creeps into our fields taking away from a productive crop.

    I agree with Rep McConchie the place it turning into a meaningless joke!

  3. They couldn’t come up with anything better than an invasive weed ?

    Milkweed and DEMOCRATS, they have much in common.

  4. How about “Official State Commissar” …

    I nominate Jack “Defender of Illegal Aliens” Franks

  5. Those in favor of designating our McHenry county sunshine blog the official Land of Lincoln state blog, say aye…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. I let milkweed grow on part of my property because it’s essential for the survival of the threatened Monarch Butterflies, but I do agree that Illinois has far more important problems to deal with.
    I second the motion on the Official State Pest.

  7. Those in favor of designating our sunshine blogger the official state ambassador of compassionate conservatism political gossip say aye. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. The motion has passed unanimously,
    ARL is now the Official State Pest.

    The Antifa will be proud !

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