Shelter Dogs & Cats Designated “Official” State Pets

Whoever has this restless cat now has an “official” state pet.

Under House Bill 812, signed by Governor Bruce Rauner Friday, cats that are in or have been in shelters are designed the “official” state pets.

Here’s a bulldog, now an “official” state pet, being exercised at the Crystal Lake Animal Control Shelter run by McHenry County.

So are dogs.

This black cat, found at the McHenry County Animal Shelter, radiates the message, “I’m too good for you,”

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn is the only local legislator listed as a sponsor.


Shelter Dogs & Cats Designated “Official” State Pets — 3 Comments

  1. I love animals too, but there are more important issues, other than this one.

    It is bad enough we now have a State Holiday for Obama.

  2. Why not add DEMOCRATS the offical list ?

    Na, that would be an insult to animals.

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