McHenry County Board Member Craig Wilcox Running for State Senate

A press release from McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox:

Colonel Craig Wilcox To Run for Senate District 32

Craig Wilcox

McHENRY, IL – Retired Air Force Colonel and current McHenry County Board Member Craig Wilcox announces his intent to run for Senate District 32, to replace Senator Pam Althoff.

Colonel Wilcox has demonstrated the leadership and values that he will take to Springfield, that he utilized throughout his military career and while fighting for taxpayers on the County Board.

“For 24 years I made tough decisions while serving our nation and will bring that commitment to our state capital.

“The Air Force taught me to live by core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. Values I intend to take to Springfield,” said Colonel Wilcox.

“I ask for your support and hope you will put trust and have faith in my leadership and conservative reform policy agenda.”

“For decades, the policies coming out of Springfield have not reflected our values. Government has overspent and under delivered.

“We see politicians serving themselves, instead of our families. Insiders receive special deals while our taxes skyrocket.

“Just last month, the Springfield ruling class passed a 32% income tax hike that will impose a
significant per-family increase in our communities:

Col. Craig Wilcox

  • Harvard ($486
  • Marengo ($654
  • Crystal Lake (North) / Prairie Grove ($1,236)
  • Spring Grove ($852)
  • Woodstock/Bull Valley ($685)
  • McHenry / Johnsburg / McCullom Lake ($674)
  • Lake Villa ($912)
  • Fox Lake ($574)
  • Richmond ($723)
  • Hebron ($712)
  • Wonder Lake ($557)

“On top of this, homeowners in Lake and McHenry Counties pay the highest property taxes in
the nation, driving families out of our communities and destroying our home values.

“In Lake Villa, the effective property tax rate is 4.33%, in Fox Lake it is 3.79%.

Craig Wilcox addressing citizens last Wednesday.

“In McHenry County homeowners in Harvard pay an effective property tax rate of 4.26%, in the City of McHenry it is 4.21%, Crystal Lake 4.13%, Lakemoor 4.03%, Marengo homeowners are paying at least 3.96%, and in Hebron it is 3.39%.

“Woodstock’s 4.6% effective property tax rate is over two times higher than Wisconsin’s average
rate of 1.96%.

“That hypothetically means a property tax bill of $9,200 compared to $3,920 if the home was located less than 15 miles north.

“Families are fleeing Illinois because those in charge have failed to pass policies that reflect our values. I vow to bring bold solutions, strong ethics and a unifying presence to Springfield.

“Illinois needs lower taxes, less regulation, and leaders committed to passing desperately needed reforms,” Wilcox said.

“My goal has always been to bring my integrity, leadership experience, and success in the military to serve the pressing needs of our communities.

State government needs reform and implementing the values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do would be a good place to start.”


About Colonel Craig Wilcox

Craig Wilcox and Janice Ricci

Craig retired from the US Air Force after 24 years of faithful service and chose McHenry, Illinois as his new home, joining Janice Ricci and kids, Joey, Alissa & Briana.

He quickly became a leader in the local community, speaking at multiple Veterans events, helping to coordinate the Chamber Veterans Breakfasts, volunteering as a librarian at St John the Baptist Catholic School while also serving on the Education Commission.

Craig, Janice, and Joey raised funds and chaperoned an Honor Flight trip, taking World War II and Korean War Veterans to visit their memorials in Washington D.C.

Craig is an affiliate member of Heartland REALTOR® Organization and supports Janice in her career as a full-time Realtor.

Now more than ever we need a strong advocate like Craig Wilcox in Springfield.


McHenry County Board Member Craig Wilcox Running for State Senate — 13 Comments

  1. This is the best way I can think of to start out a Monday morning.

    Some real good news for change.

    A very fine man who will do a very fine job!

  2. James K. Maybe it was the Cubs box score? They lost 10-2 to the Giants, with Steve Stone taking the loss. Giving up 5 runs while only pitching 1 inning. The Cubs were 15.5 games behind the Pirates in the standings.

  3. So I guess the special meeting was a political move to further his political career.


  4. @ Facts

    You’re the one that is sad. POS.

    A brave and decorated veteran and all you can think of is to accuse him of some little small political motivation.

    It’s because of cretins like you that we suffer the taxes that we have.

  5. In the following video, Craig Wilcox speaks to the audience members who remained after the Wednesday August 23, 2017 McHenry County Board special meeting that was cancelled.


    Edgar County Watchdogs Channel

    McHenry County Board Meeting August 23, 2017


    Following is the Edgar County Watchdogs post about that meeting:

    Edgar County Watchdogs

    McHenry County – Lord Franks – Republic or Kingdom?

    by Kirk Allen

    August 25, 2017


    Some background information about that meeting.

    The August 23, 2017 special county board meeting was quickly adjourned before the topics were discussed due to lack of quorum (not enough board members showed up for the meeting).

    13 of 24 board members are required for a quorum to hold a county board meeting.

    9 of 24 members answered the roll call at 7PM.

    So to reach the quorum of 13:

    10th member – (John Reinert) showed up 3 minutes late, after the meeting was adjourned.

    11th member – Donna Kurtz had arranged to call in for the meeting (she was on vacation).

    12th member – Chris Christensen said he was on his way when he got the word the meeting was cancelled.

    13th member – Joe Gottemoller arrived at 7:10 or so.

    So another special county board meeting should be called to discuss that topics that were scheduled to be discussed at the August 23rd cancelled meeting.

    The topics to be discussed were the two Jack Franks patronage hires and the Request for Qualification #17-37 for “Broker Services for the Lease of McHenry County’s Valley Hi Nursing Home.”

  6. Col. Craig has shown true leadership since his first day on the county board and will be missed.

    I would like to say that “McHenry County’s loss is the State’s gain” but I doubt that anyone can make any difference in Springfield so long as Monster Madigan is in control.

    There could be a number of other losses of people on the County Board going into the next term which could further strengthen Chairman Franks’ control.

    If Col. Wilcox wins the State Senate seat, it will fall to Chairman Franks, and his majority of board sycophants, to appoint a replacement.

    That replacement could be Pam Althoff.

    People really need to sharpen those pencils and get those petitions ready to circulate or it will be too late.

  7. Need a couple yard signs talked to you recently spring grv and Mchenry parades. Also at wall earlier in june.

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