Former LITH Village President Paul Mulcahy’s Sentencing Order for Domestic Battery

Here’s what ended up in the Circuit Clerk’s Office after former Lake in the Hills Village President, defeated for re-election, was sentenced for domestic battery:


Former LITH Village President Paul Mulcahy’s Sentencing Order for Domestic Battery — 6 Comments

  1. @RickeyRicardo,

    Same thing happens when you are in MCC for a traffic violation citation and you have adjudicated
    as guilty (and you WILL be found GUILTY) and ordered to pay a fine.

    The money from said fines go to support numerous Liberal programs, they give you a breakdown
    of those programs when you pay the fine.

    You see, EVERYTHING that is connected with government at all levels and especially law enforcement
    and the courts in Illinois is one big scam.

  2. Honest Abe peaks the truth!

    Some beautiful day the ‘worms’ will turn on their oppressors.

    It won’t be pretty, but it WILL be pretty well-deserved.

  3. McHenry County has notoriously high court costs.

    It seems this gentleman got the Conditional Discharge you’d expect for someone with no criminal record but also got away very lightly financially speaking.

    I believe you’d get much more for a speeding ticket.

  4. I am sure the fact that Paul and the SA are the lord jack’s personal ball washers gives no sway at the County. .

    Honest It’s a coincidence that the judge seems to have elevated concerns about Paul Mulchahey’s tender little feelings above the value of victim’s health and well being.

    Not much of a slap on the wrist, more like a fist bump and a wink.

    What a sad commentary on equal justice under the law.

    What a Sad,Sick, group of little men playing games with the law and our wellbeing.

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