Patrick Kenneally Introduces Political Community to Three Oaks’ Duke’s – Part 1

The restaurant run by Duke’s in Three Oaks Recreation Area was the site of McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s fundraiser.

McHenry County State’s Attorney took his annual fundraiser to Duke’s new restaurant next to the smaller lake at Crystal Lake’s Three Oaks Recreation Area.

Vehicles came from the west and the north toward the $5 toll booth.

There was a traffic jam at the entrance of the park.

Crystal Lake collects a $5 parking fee for Three Oaks Recreational Area from non-residents.

To avoid the $5 parking fee for non-residents, I rode with a person with a Crystal Lake vehicle sticker.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally was out front of the restaurant greeting people.

The festivities were on the lower level.

Here’s the lower level early in the festivities.

Above the eating area is a shop with equipment to be used on the ski course.

An equipment sales area is on the parking level.

There were steep stairs, but also an elevator.

Skiers being pulled by cable around the course provided a diversion from political talk.

Out on the smaller lake visitors had entertainment in the skiers jumping over ramps.

Folks gathered around the outdoor bar to chat.

On the lower level there is seating and an outdoor bar.

A view of the lower level from the beach.

More coming.


Patrick Kenneally Introduces Political Community to Three Oaks’ Duke’s – Part 1 — 15 Comments

  1. Did ya get more free food along with your free parking. Welfare King, Cal.

  2. Stop calling my freeloader sunshine blogger a freeloader! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Those that paid for parking were reimbursed by the Kenneally campaign.

  4. Come on Cal wasn’t being cheap riding with someone else, he is very concerned about Global Warming and trying to reduce his carbon foot print.

  5. I agree with the blog’s resident EspaƱol teacher & pest on this one.

    Really Calvin?

  6. Funny when Angel, the champion of freeloaders that are crippling this country, calls someone else a freeloader.

    Don’t forget he will be collecting his full pension from a fund that is app. only 30 percent funded.

  7. The purpose of the $5 toll and $10 entry fee into the swim beach isn’t necessarily to raise revenue.

    The primary purpose of both fees is to keep the wrong types of people from coming to Crystal Lake and detracting from the city’s atmosphere.

    Cal’s not a person of the wrong type.

  8. Hmmm. Cal’s not of the wrong type. Dog whistle from pubes. CP, Cal gets his $75 plus pension every year for less than 30 years service. He is a freeloader at the front of the line. MEGA

  9. Did Cal enter the country illegally, demand free Healthcare at Centegra?

    LDoes he fill his basket with free groceries because his kids were born here and he technically has no income.

    These are the freeloaders Angel defends.

  10. So many angry people.
    Must be the steady diet of over processed foods, herbicides, corn syrup and chlorinated water.

  11. Or maybe because people are overtaxed and see their tax dollars given away and stolen by politicians.

  12. Regarding Publius, there is a toll fee to get to Sanibel Island in FL.


    Was that set up many decades ago to keep the “wrong type of people” from coming to the Island?

  13. bred? It is the excuse they used for Main Beach years ago.

    They said they had to start chraging to keep the riff-raff out.

    Come to think of it, that’s the exact same excuse they used for charging people to “get into” the previously free Lakeside Fest.

    I guess it worked.

    I never go to either anymore.

  14. You have a point CP.

    The Madigan/Cullerton/RINO-Turncoats will continue to tax the working public of Illinois to death.

    There is no end point, just tax tax tax.

    The solution is to move out of Illinois.

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