Rauner Asks for Federal Disaster Designation

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Gov. Rauner requests federal assistance to help people recover from July floods

Request includes Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties

SPRINGFIELD (Sep. 1, 2017) – Gov. Bruce Rauner asked President Donald Trump today to approve federal assistance to help people in Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties recover from record and near-record flooding and severe storms in July.

The Fox River on July 17, 2016 on Sunnyside Beach Drive in Johnsburg.

“The information gathered during the recent damage assessments illustrates the difficult road many people face as they try to recover from the record and near-record flooding we experienced in July,” Gov. Rauner said.

“Federal assistance would provide the much-needed help many need to repair their homes and replace personal property that was destroyed.”

Joint assessment teams from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reviewed damage in the four counties earlier this month.

The teams identified more than 3,200 homes that were damaged, including 244 homes with major damage, and 2,985 with less severe damage related to the floods and storms.

If Gov. Rauner’s request for Individual Assistance is approved, people in the approved counties would be eligible to apply for grants and low-interest SBA loans. Affected businesses also would be able to apply for low-interest SBA loans.


Rauner Asks for Federal Disaster Designation — 12 Comments

  1. This is all trash. I can tell you how to fix the woes that have besieged the people here. Step one, get rid of the necromantic “gateway monuments” on Route 14 that are bringing all the violent evil. Step two, repent.

  2. ‘Sure’Trump should tell him.

    But first he needs to bend over and insert his head into his Sanctuary State rear end.

    Make the Fed jump through hoops to enforce the law? There’s your hoop Brucey..

  3. Hmmm After great thought, I give Cindy the award for the craziest comment on this post. It was a difficult decision; the other two are real deep thoughts too.

  4. And there you have it. Cindy has made a prediction/decision for the Lord.

  5. Tom? Jesus told us to destroy the works of the devil. If you cannot understand that – then you are on the WRONG side! Deride all you like. God will not be mocked.

  6. Not mocking God. I mocking you, Cindy. I am not the “work of the devil”, Cindy.

  7. No one said that, Tom.

    Why are you deliberately NOT understanding anything that was said?

  8. Nob? I presume you are babbling about me. Both of those entities are angels. Why would a human that was created ABOVE the angels ever want to be one? You truly are the dumbest thing that has ever posted in here. Just because you think you are Humphrey Bogart doesn’t mean anyone else wants to be something other than what they already are.

  9. How about calling the whole state a disaster area because of Rauner and Madigan ruining it!

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