Sheriff Issues Statement on New “Trust” Act

From McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim:

Illinois Trust Act

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office would like to issue the following statement.

“We have a public act less than a week old with a sweeping effect that has yet to be interpreted by any court.

“Our objective at this point is to move slowly and cautiously, with public safety as our foremost consideration, consistent with constitutional responsibilities.

“We are working in cooperation with the State’s Attorney’s Office and have requested guidance from federal and state authorities.

“The defendant in question is charged with a crime of violence, which makes us even more reluctant to make hasty decisions.

“The Defendant, through his attorney, has agreed to allow us additional time to investigate the matter further by continuing the motion until next week.”


Sheriff Issues Statement on New “Trust” Act — 22 Comments

  1. So someone is accused of a violent crime and law enforcement doesn’t know how to deal with the situation because of the TRUST Act?

    Wow, this bill is working out great already, and it hasn’t even been a week yet!

    Thanks Rauner.

  2. The sheriff’s duty is to the people of McHenry County that elected him.

    Let the guttersnipe politicians go play with themselves.

  3. What do you do if the offender commits a violent crime, is here illegally and wants to bond out after it has been set.

    The Cowboys in Springfield just told you you can no longer hold anyone on an ICE detainer.

    No federal judge is going to issue a warrant unti ICE has processed the subject.

    What do you have?

    A Sanctuary state.

    Welcome to Illinois.

  4. If you didn’t want to leave before, you certainly are thinking seriously about it now.

  5. A major problem is the law took effect immediately upon signature by the Governor, which is obviously before training could be provided to law enforcement.


    The implementation before training issue was not brought up on the House or Senate floor in debate?

    No one thought this would be an issue?


    Here are the House and Senate sponsors of the bill.

    Legislator’s office is in parentheses.

    All of the sponsors are Democrats.

    Senate Sponsors: Omar Aquino (Chicago), Daniel Biss (Skokie), Cristina Castro (Elgin), Jacqueline Collins (Chicago), John Cullerton (Chicago), Don Harmon (Oak Park), Linda Holmes (Aurora), Mattie Hunter (Chicago), Emil Jones III (Chicago), David Koehler (Peoria), Kimberly Lightford (Westchester), Iris Martinez (Chicago), Antonio Munoz (Chicago), Martin Sandoval (Cicero), Ira Silverstein (Chicago), Heather Steans (Chicago), Patricia Van Pelt (Chicago).

    House Sponsors: Jaime M Andrade Jr (Chicago), Luis Arroyo (Chicago), Daniel Burke (Chicago), Kelly Cassidy (Chicago), Barbara Flynn Currie (Chicago), Marcus Evans Jr (Chicago), Sara Feigenholtz (Chicago), La Shawn Ford (Chicago), Robyn Gabel (Evanston), Jehan Gordon-Booth (Peoria), Sonya Harper (Chicago), Elizabeth Hernandez (Cicero), Stephanie Kifowit (Aurora), Lou Lang (Skokie), Linda Chapa LaVia (Aurora), Camille Lilly (Chicago), Theresa Mah (Chicago), Robert Martwick (Chicago), Anna Moeller (Elgin), Cynthia Soto (Chicago), Juliana Stratton (Chicago), Arthur Turner (Chicago), Litesa Wallace (Rockford), Emanuel Chris Welch (Westchester), Ann Williams (Chicago), Kathleen Willis (Northlake), Sam Yingling (Hainesville).


    Local Senate Votes

    Pamela Althoff (McHenry) – yes

    Dan McConchie (Lake Zurich) – yes

    Karen McConnaughay (West Dundee) – yes


    Local House Votes

    Steve Andersson (Geneva) – no

    Dave McSweeney (Cary) – no

    Steve Reick (Woodstock) – no

    Allen Skillicorn (Crystal Lake) – no

    Barb Wheeler (Crystal Lake) – no

  6. This is what concealed carry is all about, my friends.

    You have the right to defend your family and yourself.

    Remember this: when seconds count, the sheriff is only minutes away.

    If Prim won’t protect legal citizens, then the coward should be voted out of office – NO EXCUSES.

  7. The sheriff sounds a bit confused.

    Maybe Rep McSweeney could call the sheriff and suggest he call someone else…

    Then they can issue a joint press release to let us all know we can sleep easier because they had a phone.

  8. The guy George Kililis was trying to bond out for what the sheriff termed a violent offense is charged with domestic battery.

    Scroll down to 8/29 on the blog to see the court supervision order of Mr Mulcahy.

  9. Perfect. An adult discussion and nob is selling children’s books.

  10. Martin, you can’t be that stupid, or can you ?

    I understand that critical thinking is not your forte so I would suggest that you
    Google murders and crimes (such as rapes) committed by illegal aliens/immigrants and you will find your answer.

    No further explanation is necessary.

  11. William “Bill” Prim is the McHenry County Sheriff. He was elected into office on November 4, 2014 with 60% of the vote. William “Bill” Prim is a retired Des Plaines police commander. William “Bill” Prim is 58 years old. William “Bill” Prim attended Montana State Univ.; graduated from Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command; Chicago Police Academy. William “Bill” Prim is a Republican. He is not a Democrat. Jack D. Franks, conversely, is a Democrat. However, Jack D. Franks is not the McHenry County Sheriff. Jack D. Franks is the Chairman (God forbid the president) of McHenry County Board and a popular favorite of this sunshine blog. The sheriff is conservator of the peace. Each sheriff shall be conservator of the peace in his or her county, and shall prevent crime and maintain the safety and order of the citizens of that county; and may arrest offenders on view, and cause them to be brought before the proper court for trial or examination. As chief law enforcement officer of the County, Sheriff Bill Prim directs the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office, whose fundamental function is the protection of lives and property of County residents. He accomplishes this through the establishment and administration of a variety of divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, including: Operations, Corrections, Investigations, Special Services and Administrative. Please clap this prodigious research. Clap, clap, clap…! Thank you! Tick, tock, tic, tock…

  12. Is “TRUST” an acronym?

    Got to be suspicious about the naming, “TRUST”.

    Remember how the Democrat Party rammed through the faulty ACA?

    How dishonest was that naming, “Affordable Care Act”.

    Americans, who have been enrolled in it, have been faced with huge increases in premiums.

  13. Well our Fallen Angel, must be impressed with Mark.

    Angel contact Sheriff Prim, offer your generosity to the prisoner, give him a safe place to be.

  14. Angel ‘Antifa’ Llavona… I newly dub thee!

    Fallen angel is so accurate a moniker on many, many levels… thanks ‘anotherwatcher’!

    Is this Prim’s entire statement?

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