Lakewood Chief Administrative Officer Resigns after Month on the Job

Lakewood’s new Chief Administrative Officer, CPA Julie Heather Meister, resigned as of August 29th.

She declined to explain why she quit after serving about a month.


Lakewood Chief Administrative Officer Resigns after Month on the Job — 8 Comments

  1. Very interesting ….

    Me thinks something is rotten in Denmark.

    But will we ever find out what it is, or will this be swept under the rug ?

  2. Paul’s Newsletter that I received said:

    Friends and Neighbors,

    I am quite saddened to have to report to you that on the evening of Tuesday, August 29th, Julie Heather Meister submitted her resignation as Lakewood Chief Administrative Officer.

    While no reason was given for her resignation, and several attempts made to inquire further were unsuccessful, I do know that in the last week or so she had communicated to myself and others that she was coping with extenuating personal matters and had spoke of resigning and seeking a replacement for her position on several occasions.

    I think it was well known that I thought the world of Julie Heather. We worked very closely together through some pretty strenuous times throughout our flood crisis and I am very sad to see her go. I believe she is a very capable person and I wish her all the best in all that she pursues moving forward.

    We have begun the process of finding someone to fill this role and, as always, I will be sure to update you accordingly.

  3. From the beginning of this saga, with the wonderful puff write-ups in the NW Herald and on this blog, my BS meter started going off. Now It has turned into a comical situation.

    “Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness”

    Titus Livius

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