Hultgren Visits Raue Center

Senator Pam Althoff, Raue Center’s Executive Director Richard Kuranda, Congressman Randy Hultgren, Raue Center’s Board President Tim Paul.visiting the Raue Center for the Arts.

Here is a press release from the Raue:


CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Raue Center For The Arts is pleased to share Congressman Randy Hultgren visited the theatre on August 23, 2017 to learn more about several exciting happenings taking place at Raue Center, including the grant their professional in-house theatre company, Williams Street Repertory, was recently awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

“Raue Center is an economic engine that generates approximately $200,000 for McHenry County each year in tax.

“Our overall economic impact is about $2.4 million and the NEA is helping us to increase our service area with this new marketing grant,” says Executive Director, Richard Kuranda.

Raue Center was recently awarded a $10,000 NEA grant to support their Next Generation Initiative and Audience Development for WSRep.

“Last year, Raue Center focused their attention on attracting new audiences, donors and artists, and WSRep lead the initiative with new plays, community events and educational outreach initiatives

Over the past year, Raue Center has seen a tremendous amount of growth both regarding artistic, audience and operational development.

The new grant will be used to support marketing initiatives associated with WSRep and its Next Generation Initiative.

Raue Center is proud to work with local, state and federal officials as they provide the arts for an annual audience of 60,000 and is grateful for the support of Mayor Shepley, Senator Althoff and Congressman Hultgren as the region’s premier arts center.

“We are thankful that Congressman Hultgren and Senator Althoff continue to focus on the strengths of our community by representing and fighting for our interests,” says Kuranda.


Hultgren Visits Raue Center — 4 Comments

  1. In May 2017, McHenry County Blog had series of 11 articles about the Crystal Lake Civic Center Authority and its relationship with the Raue Center for the Arts.


    In Illinois law, Civic Center Authorities are a unit of local government.

    Thus the Crystal Lake Civic Center Authority is a unit of local government separate from the City of Crystal Lake.

  2. And you would be a fool to support such shenanigans. Oh, look. There’s four fools now.

  3. We were sold this pile on the basis if the money was put up for the renovations, it would be self-supporting, and not need further taxpayer funding.

    The lat and worst act of Bill Dwyer.

  4. Hultgren is a loser.

    He won’t dare name the enemy!

    It’s called ‘controlled opposition’ …. I only wonder what they have on him. Is it worse than Hastert’s past?

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