Indivisible 14 Raises $8,000 in Home Parties — 17 Comments

  1. Is this like Never Trumpers? When did politics become a game of negatives?

  2. He is not a affective, and hides way to much.

    Rep’s need a stronger leadership type, but not rude like Walsh.

    Wilcox should run for that position.

  3. He’s not effective in what ways?

    He hides when?

    He’s been out in McHenry County meeting people in previously.

    After President Trump was elected, the agitators started agitating Congressman Hultgren and Congressman Roskam.

    The protestors are out of control

    They lobbied for a Hultgren town hall, then when he had one, they agitated.

  4. We need a fiscally responsible Fed gov, talks are under way to again raise the debt ceiling, when was the last time he pushed for a Balanced Budget Amendment?

    McSweeney has pending legislation on letting us vote on taxation, why hasn’t he or moat of the people here not really supported that?

    Politics have gotten quite rude, he isn’t dealing with that effectively.

    IMO, Wilcox would be a ram rod on fiscal responsibility and not shy away from conflict.

    His military background is a big plus.

    We have to fix the head first, or the body will not follow.

  5. So, Mark. Anyone who stands for an idea different from yours, this blog, or your politician is an agitator.

    He hides all the time when he’s in District.

    A coward, at best, hides much like your guy Gasser.

    A need to control the dialogue and responses is weak.

    He can only parrot “speaking points given to him by his masters.

    Sounds a lot like Skillacorn when you hear them. Not an original idea there.

    He’s gotta go.

  6. Democrats are dreaming.

    They are dreamers.

    Hultgren has won his present office in elections 4 times in a row.

    Two of them by substantial margins.

    Now more than ever, voters will select the Republican candidate.

    Especially when everyone realizes that Democrats and the Democrat Party is clueless.

    They are the Party that wants illegal aliens and open borders.

    They are the Party of big government, big spenders and increasing amounts of socialism and intrusion into the private lives of citizens.

  7. Randy has not received any real competition in the primaries, that makes for lazyness and ineffective gov.
    Unopposed is no good, a strong Dem with a personality and the right talking points could win this time.
    Bring on another stronger and more personable Rep candidate or roll the dice in the general.

  8. I am the creator of these stickers and hardly an agitator.

    If you make more than $250,000 a year, it is understandable supporting Hultgren.

    If not, you should join us and demand change.

    He is bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists.

    Explore his voting record.

    In 2018 support a candidate that cares about IL14 families.

    It won’t be Hultgren.

  9. The bumper sticker is from the Republicans?

    Indivisible Illinois 14 is a Democrat initiative?


    Gasser is not my guy, no clue where that came from.

    Hultgren has met with people in the district, average every day people, over the years.

    My experience is when Trump was elected, the Democrats targeted Hultgren, and began agitating.

    They called for Hultgren to have a town hall.

    Hultgren had a town hall.

    At the town hall, the agitators behavior revealed the reason for calling for a town hall….to agitate.

    Were some of those Republican agitators? – haven’t heard that.

    The Republicans who oppose Hultgren were not being referred to as agitators.

  10. Mark, list HIS legislation proposed or passed, primarly in regards to fiscally responsible gov?

  11. Thx for posting that Connect, that just helps in the point I’m making.

  12. William Bachman states:

    “I am the creator of these stickers and hardly an agitator.

    If you make more than $250,000 a year, it is understandable supporting Hultgren.

    If not, you should join us and demand change.”

    Hultgren obviously had substantial support from those making less than $250K/year.

    Just look at the election data.

    What kind of “change” do you demand?

  13. Seems like the bumper sticker is also a Democrat initiative.


    The Democrats believe that Randy Hultgren and Peter Roskam will win the primary election.

    They have already targeted them in the general election.


    Some sources to track conservative candidates, their legislation, and how they vote at the federal level follow.


    Conservative Review

    – Liberty Scorecard US:

    – Liberty Scorecard IL:

    – Liberty Scorecard Hultgren:


    Heritage Action


    – Heritage Action Scorecard US:

    – Heritage Action Scorecard IL:

    – Heritage Action Scorecard Hultgren:


    American Conservative Union


    – ACU Ratings:

    – Federal Legislative Ratings nationwide:



    American Conservative Union

    State Representatives and State Senators

    – State Ratings 2017:


    VoteSmart Hultgren –

  14. Bumper stickers are a nonpartisan initiative.

    Anyone but Hultgren 2018.

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