Kelly Liebman Goes after County Board Absentees

With permission of author Kelly Liebman of Wonder Lake, the following letter, which has been published in the Northwest Herald is re-printed:

We live in the state with the most imprisoned governors; where more than 1,500 public officials have been convicted on corruption charges since 1970.

Rather than serve the public that has elected them, politicians, along with government bureaucrats, have abused their entrusted power for private and personal gain.

According to the Journal of Comparative Economics,corruption lowers the rate of economic growth. 

Corruption also creates the opportunity for increased inequality, it reduces investment and job opportunities, and makes corruption activities more attractive.

Bribery, extortion and blackmail can occur at any level and corruption in government can evolve on different scales.

Systemic corruption is the one which McHenry County residents must be most vigilant. Systemic corruption is primarily due to the weaknesses of an organization or process.

It can be distinguished with individual officials or agents complacent to misconduct or that act corruptly within the system.

These nine McHenry County Board members answered the roll call for the meeting that could have eliminated the positions of Jack Franks’ two patronage hires.

By not attending an August 23rd Special Meeting called by county board members,

  • Michele Aavang
  • Kay Bates
  • Chris Christensen
  • Joe Gottemoller
  • John Jung
  • Jim Kearns
  • Don Kopsell
  • Mary McCann
  • Bob Nowak
  • Mike Skala
  • Larry Smith
  • Chris Spoerl
  • and Paula Yensen

have shown they approve of corruption in government and care little about transparency.

Administrator Austin, Chairman Franks and other Elected Officials have preyed on the weaknesses of Board Members.

Systemic corruption has festered because the majority of Board Members accept and approve actions inconsistent with numerous County protocols and procedures.

Voters must remove corrupt board members from office with their votes in the upcoming elections.


Kelly Liebman Goes after County Board Absentees — 9 Comments

  1. Interesting that Chris Spoerl was the must have replacement for Andrew Gasser, but apparently was not prepared to serve!

    I can guarantee you that David Stieper, had he been appointed, would have attended that meeting.

  2. Kelly,

    Thank you for taking the time to write out an excellent letter.

  3. As I recall, at least 7 of those names were endorsed and promoted by purported “fiscal conservative” MC GOPAC.

    As we know, many of these names were already well established elected officials with bad track records. MCGOPAC endorsed and promoted them anyway. WITH OUR MONEY!

    Tens of Thousands of dollars were contributed to this GOPAC, by voters seeking fiscal conservatives in this county.

    Yes, we were lied to.

    Now, be sure to Pony up!

    Dig deep and contribute once again to remove those that we paid to elect, and RE-ELECT.

    Or, we can put an end to the madness and keep them contribution dollars right in our own banks this time.

  4. Not only would I have appeared but challenged Chairman and 9 board members on right of public to speak under Section 2.06(g) of OMA as well as authority of Chairman to unilaterally close the meeting for want of a quorum.

    While MCB rule 3.1 states meeting of county board shall cease when a quorum or 13 members are not present, this local rule does not pre-empt OMA state law and right of public to address those present or go on the record at public meeting.

  5. Tell me one thing good Kelly Libshit, Liebman or whatever her name is, has done to benefit McHenry County?

    There was no real purpose for a “special” county board meeting other than to draw attention to some topics.

    That’s what happens when you get a bunch of political hacks like YENSEN involved with matters.

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