Patrick Kenneally Fundraiser – Part 3

McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally spoke to his crowd of supporters after County Chairman Sandra Salgado’s short speech.

He thanked the crowd and, then, talked about adjusting to life as a public figure.

Patrick Kenneally addressed his supporters at his fundraiser.

Reviewing his eight months in office, Kenneally listed what had been accomplished.

More of the outside crowd listening to Patrick Kenneally.

Some of the activities are listed below:

  • Cutting the budget 10%
  • Winning twelve of thirteen felony cases that went to trial
  • Getting extended prison sentences for child molesters, murderers, death-causing drug dealers, drunk drivers and kidnappers
  • Creating a Veteran’s track to help those struggling with PTSD or substance abuse
  • Beginning continuing education programsĀ in-house
  • Conducting training sessions for police
  • Working with detectives, “mostly in the dead of night,” on every major case involving death or serious injury
  • Modernized justice system through an electronic warrant program
  • “Furthering mutual trust” with the defense bar by having entire staff join and participate in the McHenry County Bar Association
  • Providing service dogs to ease the burden on child witnesses who must testify
  • Doubling the number of people in the first offenders program, diverting more first time, non-violent offenders away from the criminal justice system
  • Starting a victims of violet crime support group in which hundreds have participated
  • Continuing to protect victims of domestic violence and child abuse by working with Turning Point and CASA
  • Improving government transparency and accessibility by putting all county ordinances online
  • Offering free training to elected officials on ethics and their legal obligations
  • Interacting with the community by volunteering for the Rotary Club, Crystal Lake Food Pantry, Paws Animal Shelter, raising money for St. Baldrick’s Day cancer fighting events, hosting moot court competition at Prairie Ridge High School and beginning Art for Justice Program with McHenry County College

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