NWH Takes Spanking by Reader

The following letter to the Northwest Herald from Harvard Resident William Matteson. It is re-printed with permission of its author.

Shame on no-shows at County Board meeting

Hey, an interesting thing happened in McHenry County Government the other night, “McHenry County board members speak to residents in unofficial setting after failing to reach a quorum for special meeting.”

It’s a must read story for citizens concerned with open, transparent government or any current lack thereof.

Where to find the article?

Let me give you a hint where NOT to look:

  • Election Central
  • Events
  • News (Local, State, Government, Town, or News & Info)
  • Features
  • Opinion – or
  • anywhere else intuitive for an article on local politics.

Nope, it’s buried under the section:

  • Photos and Lists

Makes sense, no?

Good job, NWHerald, no agenda showing here; just an editor failing to expose their favorite politician and putting the story where no one can find it or comment on it.

For those interested, the ‘Special Meeting’ was designed to bring light and discussion to 2 items:

  1. the secrecy employed by the County Board Chairman, Jack Franks, possibly privatizing our County’s Valley Hi nursing home, violating any notion of transparency, and,
  2. Franks hiring two personal staff positions (without posting those jobs), for jobs that don’t fit the qualifications (can you spell PATRONAGE?).

Would have been nice if the NWHerald had done a better job getting news out where readers could find it – that would have been a much better indicator of ‘fair and balanced’ reporting.


NWH Takes Spanking by Reader — 9 Comments

  1. That’s why I scrapped my subscription many moons ago!

    NorthWORST Herald!

  2. I found two stories on line both under local news.

    One on the 24th and almost the same wording on the 25th.

    Save a 🌳.

  3. Congrats, Bill.

    Can’t believe you are still reading that rag, but kudos for keeping up the fight.

  4. I read it online. I think it was featured in their daily email. It wasn’t really “front page news” and had they wanted to “cover it up” they would have just not written or published it, wouldn’t they?

  5. No he doesn’t Cindy, but that won’t stop him from making a fool of himself.

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