Hopefuls Crowd Allen Skillicorn’s Petition Party

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn held his second petition passing party at Crystal Lake’s Nick’s Pizza Thursday night.

Allen Skillicorn was the master of ceremonies at his signature gathering party.

Acting as emcee after giving his reasons for re-election, the East Dundee man introduced candidates for short speeches.

Part of the crowd at Allen Skillicorn’s petition party.

Skillicorn has no announced opponent in either the primary or the general election.

McHenry County Board members Craig Wilcox and John Reinert are facing off for the GOP State Senate nomination in Pam Althoff’s district.

Both Craig Wilcox and John Reinert made pitches.

Reinert emphasized his deep roots in McHenry County.

Wilcox asked that party activists compare his voting record on the County Board with Reiner’s before selecting a candidate to support.

Skillicorn pointed out that after the election, one would remain on the County Board and the other serve in the State Senate, adding that all had to remain friends.

Among other candidates was McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio, who is running for County Clerk.

Joe Tirio asked for help gathering signatures. Wife and MCC Board member Karen stands beside him.

Demetri Tsilimigras made his intentions to run for Circuit Court Judge against appointed incumbent Robert Wilbrandt and McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

Demetri Tsilimigras making his candidacy for judge public.  District 6 County Board candidate Orville Brettman applauds.

This time he has added “Pete” to his ballot name.

With Judge Michael Caldwell retiring, there may be another countywide judgeship opening up.

That would make three candidates for two slots and it is impossible to predict which candidates would run for which opening.

Precinct Committeeman John Pletz posed with Sheriff Bill Prim.

People were passing petitions for Sheriff Bill Prim as the candidate for re-election mingled.

District 6 County Board candidate Orv Brettman told of his background beginning with being elected the second youngest Illinois mayor in 1977.

Orville Brettman asked for support for his campaign for McHenry County Board in District 6.

He told the audience that his Village of Carpentersville was the second municipality in the nation to enact a developer impact fee ordinance, right after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Naperville’s to be constitutional.

He also said that supporters did not have to worry about term limits with him because of his age.

Arriving toward the end of the event was Lake County Board member Tom Weber.

Lake County Board member Tom Weber is running for State Representative in Barbara Wheeler’s district.

He is running for State Representative in retiring Barb Wheeler’s district.

Weber related how he had beaten an incumbent and found many problems he had identified could not be resolved at the local level.

After Weber spoke, Skillicorn offered high praise.


Hopefuls Crowd Allen Skillicorn’s Petition Party — 12 Comments

  1. Joel Berg is running against Tiffany Davis for Weech’s old seat in the First Sub Circuit.

    I think this would be a far easier election than the countywide election for McIntyre’s old seat, but the candidate would have to live in the 1st Sub Circuit.

    I hope a good candidate emerges here, because IMHO, neither Berg nor Davis have any business being a judge.

  2. Billy Bob is right as rain.

    Tiffany Davis … sounds like a stripper.

    Joel Berg has BIG baggage and IMHO should have had his law license suspended or revoked when he ‘practiced.’

    Berg’s weird pro-Hillary pronouncements, as a sitting judge, must be taken into account.

  3. Our freeloader paparazzi sunshine blogger delivers again on how to spot free dinner; giving living testimony of a self-sacrificing human being devoting his life to brave journalism. Not even Walter Cronkite reporting from Vietnam could deliver better. Interestingly, this time we were prevented of the privilege of close-up, in-the-face pictures like the one he took of Jack Franks. That was a gem. Next time, perhaps. Did you take any pizza to go? I mean, for your ugly cat of course…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Why is Reinert running as a Republican and not the Jack Franks Communist Party?

    Did Jack “The Great Oz” Franks even OK Reinert to run?

    Or did Pamela “Tax Queen” Althoff got Jack’s approval for her rotund, fatcat friend?

  5. Hi Billy Bob, Hi Swordfish – Genuine curiosity as a person fairly new to McHenry County.

    What history makes Joel Berg a bad candidate.

    I don’t know anything about him, but I was a juror in a trial that he ran, and I liked how he ran his courtroom.

    So my initial impression was pretty positive.

    What don’t I know?

  6. @Engineering Guy

    IDK about any baggage, you’ll have to get that info from Swordfish, but I used to know Mr Berg a little bit before he became a judge, and I am just not very impressed with him.

    I suppose he would have been OK to handle a simple will or traffic ticket, but there is no way that I would have ever considered entrusting an important legal matter to him.

    That in a nutshell is why I don’t think he should be a judge.

  7. Anyone else concerned that the current County Clerk who is in charge of the election in McHenry County and has been publicly named as violating ethics rules is running for Judge?

    She screwed up the primary in 2016 big time, will we see a repeat performance?

    As the 2018 primary includes federal offices, will the DOJ send someone to monitor how she conducts the entire election from absentee / early voting to supervising the count?

  8. Questioning – The clerk WILL BE ON THE BALLOT.

    Her husband, Ed Gill, was hired by her and he CALIBRATES THE VOTING MACHINES.


  9. Anonymous slanders.

    To the persons who say Judge Davis is not qualified, say why.

    Making fun of her given name is no answer.

    What does she lack in experience, ability, temperament?

    To the ones who say Judge Berg is not qualified, again, say why.

    You don’t want him on important cases, why?

    You must have actual knowledge, or your opinions are baseless.

    So, please share so I can verify.

    I am happy to report back confirmation of facts, court records, or other verifiable evidence.

  10. Silence.

    So they were anonymous cowards yapping, unable to back it up.

    I’m all for criticizing public officials – judges included – but base it on what they have said or done, not how you feel about them.

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