Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade

Loud sirens could be hear long before emergency vehicles could be seen.

The 2017 Saufen und Spiel Parade in the Village of Johnsburg had plenty of sirens, village officials and employees, politicians and kids groups.

A Johnsburg Police car led the parade.

The Color Guard came next.

The Johnsburg Parade Color Guard.

The Polish Veterans made their presence felt.

The Polish Veterans were in the parade.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Department sent a squad car.

No motorcycle in Johnsburg for the Sheriff’s Department; just a squad car.

As the sirens were driving by, I was plugging my ears.

The driver of this, the first vehicle of the Johnsburg Rescue Squad observed, “What if you were in here?”

Entrants were tossing out candy.

One of the reasons kids like parades is the gathering candy.

Next were the Parade Marshalls–the Al Jourdan Family.

Al Jourdan’s family was honored at the 2017 parade.

Next came Johnsburg Village officials.

Johnsburg Village President Ed Hettermann.

Village President Ed Hettermann was followed by Police Chief Keith Von Allmen.

Johnsburg Police Chief Keith Von Allmen.

Next came Village Trustee Mary Lou Hutchison.

Village Trustee Mary Lou Hutchison.

Then, Public Works Foreman Dave Walsh came riding by.

Johnsburg Village Public Works Foreman Dave Walsh.

He was followed by Trustee Greg Klemstein.

Trustee Greg Klemstein.

Kyle Frost came next.

Trustee Kyle Frost.

Trustee Tom Curry was enthusiastically throwing candy.

Trustee Tom Curry

Next in line was Josh Hagen.

Trustee Josh Hagen

Village Administrator Claudett Peters was riding in a car behind Hagen.

Village Administrator Claudett Peters

After the Village officials, Johnsburg High School students struck up the band.

Johnsburg High School’s Band entertained the crowd.

= = = = =
Partisan politicians tomorrow.


Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade — 18 Comments

  1. Drink and play? Really? really! Sounds sacrilegious, especially as to where we are in history right now.

  2. Nice photos, but the photographer must not have been a car guy!

    It appears that the pols. were riding in beautiful classic cars, maybe even an early ‘vette?

    Please Mr. photographer, take a photography class.

    I did and it really helped.

  3. Cindy, do you live in a bunker of some sort?

    Mankind has come a long long way.

    Go outside, get in the sun and relax…

    Gary, there were the T-Birds hauling the Politicians.

    I had a 1957 E.

    And then came the Vett’s

    I have plenty of pics, don’t know if I can get them on here.

  4. Why did they have people sitting in weeds to take blood.

    You would think there was a better spot.


  5. A lot of people care about the parade.

    1. It’s a fairly big parade in a small town, so it gives people something to do.

    2. If you’re approaching it from the political angle, there were several candidates in the parade.

    3. It’s a good event for children and families. I find it funny how certain people complain about the deterioration of the family and then complain that this parade is getting coverage.

    4. Saufen und Spiel raises money for the community, which is more good than you trolls are doing.

  6. An? Where do you see trolls?

    I see no complaints on the parade being covered.

    The only complaint here, was about the classic cars NOT being covered.

    I just happen to not have any use for parades. (The last parade I attended many years ago – I was very sick for days afterward from the exhaust fumes.)

    I have no use for politicians, either.

    In no way does that equate to complaining about Cal’s coverage.

    Go ahead and suck up your fumes and think that’s helping families.

    Now, here’s a complaint for you.

    The world is messed up; and you think this is an important issue.

    Now, that’s messed up!

    BTW Do you understand that the word community comes from Communism?

    Maybe it’s your values that are messed up.

  7. “Drink and play? Really? really! Sounds sacrilegious, especially as to where we are in history right now.”
    Game on: com·plaint
    an expression of discontent, regret, pain, censure, resentment, or grief; lament; faultfinding:
    Oh and nice use of the Victim Card!
    Your turn our most significant Troll!

  8. In nob’s simplistic view of the world, it would seem he got me.

    Someone who thinks from and of are the same interchangeable words that mean the exact same thing.

    Someone who doesn’t understand nuances of language.

    Oh, wait.

    THOSE are complaints. Uh, oh.

    Every word ever written as a comment anywhere is ACTUALLY a complaint in his very narrow use of word meanings!

    Now he is complaining that I am using a victim card. (Whatever that is supposed to mean in his liberal jargon.)

    I wonder if Cal knows that every article he has ever printed is actually a complaint.

    Maybe Cal should change the name of his site to Cal’s Grumblings.

    Don’t want to confuse the nitwits like nob that live in a totally black and white world.

    Gee, now I don’t feel so good.

    Oh, wait!

    That’s a complaint! (Or am I playing the victim card?)

    But, that’s a complaint, again!


  9. Playing Saul Lewinsky card #13 also?

    I’d say you were playing with a full deck, but I know better.

  10. Good one, the Ignorant Card.
    Let see you played the religious, victim, troll, #13, and ignorant cards.
    With the deck you have, oh say 35 to go yet.

  11. tiresome… except for the police chief, the rest are parasites.

    Jourdan Family: pathetic, old Al ruined the GOP and Illinois in the process.

    Hetterman needs a full time keeper.

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