Special Meeting Calls Draw More GOP Sponsors

Republicans on the McHenry County Board not under the sway of Democratic Party Board Chairman Jack Franks have filed calls for Special Board Meetings on Thursday after the Committee of the Whole Meeting and the next Tuesday after the Regular Board Meeting.

The call for Tuesday’s meeting follows:

The call for Thursday’s meeting was signed by mine members.

Ten members signed this call for a Special County Board Meeting.

The first resolution for Thursday’s meeting eliminates Jack Franks’ two patronage positions, positions that no former County Board Chairman had.

The second resolution for Thursday’s meeting call for making public opinions from the McHenry County State’s Attorney.

Here is the meeting call for Tuesday, September 19th Special Meeting:

The resolution to be considered will set up an Evaluation Committee composed of County Board members to consider hiring a leasing agent for the Valley Hi Nursing Home.


Special Meeting Calls Draw More GOP Sponsors — 11 Comments

  1. Without half the board members before hand, they are wasting time having a meeting.

    They need to find a better way to put more pressure on those who are siding with Jack.

    They need to get the NWH, DH, Trib and Sun Times to do a few stories on the issues before hand.

    It seeems this blog and Facebook just aren’t enough pressure.

  2. The meeting they called this time is right after the COW on Thursday.

    Better Strategy than the last time.

  3. At long last the voters will be able to see who stands for patronage hiring.

    They will see who stands for a lack of transparency in their County government.

    They will be able to see once and for all who the real RINOs are.

  4. By scheduling these meetings right after the COW and Regular meetings, Franks’ puppets will have to actively and physically walk out of a room that is sure to be full, passing constituents along the way. Will those cowards still have the balls to do so then?

  5. It is never a waste of time to expose public officials who are working against the people who voted them in office.

    As a procedural rule, the board should insist prior to the date of any regular or special meeting that the clerk poll MCB members to determine if a quorum will be met and notify board and public in advance.

    This will avoid inconvenience to both board members and public some of which reside an hour away.

    Also MCB might want to consider amending their rule 3.1 making it consistent with IL OMA allowing public comment even if there isn’t a quorum as well as rescheduling the meeting by approval of those present.

  6. The guys from the Edgar County Watchdogs who came to McHenry County recently re the issues in the above post were on talk radio, WIND, AM 560 yesterday morninig.

    That show is hosted by Dan Proft and a lady formerly from a Chicago tv station.

    Perhaps the person(s) who invited the Watchdogs could update them on what is coming up next in the McHenry County Board.

  7. @ Bread winner:

    They know, and they will be back for the second meeting.

  8. Where did ‘Moderate’ go?

    Could it be ‘Moderate’ was Franks’ paid shill, Ollie?

  9. Patronage hiring? Really?

    What about your GOP Chair?

    You don’t see the timing of Sandra’s hire as patronage?

    This county is ripe with examples of patronage hiring. hilarious.

  10. They really need to call a special meeting to firmly establish that the Internal Support & Facilities Committee has oversight over changes in Board Rules.

    Until the Board does this, Big Chief Many Chins will continue his games with ad hoc committees comprised of his bootlickers.

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