NWH Takes Note of Jack Franks’ Patronage Hires and Thursday Meeting to Eliminate Those Improperly Filled Positions

In his ninth month as McHenry County Board Chairman, the Northwest Herald has taken notice that Jack Franks has made “political hires.”

This is how the Northwest Herald promoted its article about the Special Meeting to get rid of Jack Franks’ patronage employees.

It’s in a story about the Special Meeting called Thursday by a minority of Republicans on the County Board who were thwarted last month when enough colleagues did not show up for the roll call of two meetings to constitute a quorum.

Both meetings were adjourned by Franks without public comment being allowed.

A number of people signed up to speak at the Special Meetings not held on August 23, 2017.

A visitor from Illinois Leaks, the publication of the Edgar County Watchdogs, nevertheless, spoke to thirty or so who remained after the meeting on illegalities occurring in McHenry County’s 911 Commission.

Franks tried to convince Board members, those in the audience and Assistant State’s Attorney Norm Vinton that an illegal meeting was occurring.

The article, quoting Craig Wilcox, reports, “The utility coordinator position became vacant on May 3, 2013, and the temporary project manager was vacated on Aug. 12, 2016. Both were filled in December.”

Franks continues to use a false argument one would think a attorney would know to be irrelevant.

He says the other countywide elected officials can hire whom they wish, so he, as a countywide elected official should be able to do so as well.

What he does not bother to reveal is that the other countywide elected officials positions were specifically created in the 1970 State Constitution.

The office of County Board Chairman was not.

The difference is what gives positions like the State’s Attorney, County Clerk, Sheriff, Recorder of Deeds, etc., the hiring power that Franks does not have.

The Special Meeting will be held immediately after the Board’s Committee of the Whole meeting, which starts at 9 AM on Thursday morning.


NWH Takes Note of Jack Franks’ Patronage Hires and Thursday Meeting to Eliminate Those Improperly Filled Positions — 10 Comments

  1. What great theater these RINOs have brought us.

    Who will leave and who will stay after the regular meeting?

    Who will vote and who will abstain?

    Will we finally see the RINOs show their true colors when they back the illegal hires for their Democratic chairman?

    Fodder for the upcoming campaigns; who could ask for more?

  2. Who will froggin’ do their jobs and represent the taxpayers in their districts???

    Will you Michelle Aavang?

    Gordon State doesn’t think so and just so much as said so in the pigs arena at the county fair when you were bidding!!

  3. Hopefully someone will videotape the meeting and post it on YouTube.

  4. The Northwest Herald, a division of Shaw Media, is the only daily newspaper published in McHenry County.

    It is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s best community information sources.

    In recent years, the Northwest Herald has been a repeat winner of the Illinois Press Association’s top honors for journalistic excellence and for excellence in advertising presentation.

    NWHerald.com is the No. 1 local website in McHenry County (not even close to our sunshine blog, but whatever…).

    It is the 2011 EPpy award winner for Best Daily Newspaper Website in its division.

    At Shaw Media, their purpose reads, “Making our communities better places to live.”

    And they take it seriously.

    Its first publication was launched over 150 years ago in Woodstock, Illinois.

    Since that time, they have been dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities they serve.

    Whether they report on important local matters, supporting a worthy local cause, or developing marketing programs to help local businesses succeed, they exist to fulfill this purpose.

    Today, they provide information in a variety of platforms, including daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and other niche publications, web sites, video, social media and messages delivered straight to customers’ phone and email.

    Because of these technology advancements, they consider themselves better able to fulfill that commitment to the communities they serve by delivering the same relevant information and marketing solutions more quickly.

    Please praise this prodigious research. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Thank you. May the glory be given to the lord, not to me. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Angel

    The NWHerald is a rag sheet unworthy of lining a bird cage.

    Maybe you can wrap old fish in it. It has zero journalistic integrity. We have seen that time and again.

    I loved how Kevin C. wrote his typically B S pro Jack Franks story on a Friday, the NWH published it front page on that Sunday, and Kevin started his new job working for Jacko on the following Monday.

    Howwwwww . . Convenient.

    The NWH smells of Franks politics. Hey maybe they already wrapped Franks fishing trip’s big catch in it.

  6. Fallen Angel: Please return to hell, maybe you can keep your NWH subscription there.

  7. Notice in the picture of the sign-in sheet that John Kraft and Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs did not provide their address.

    Seems like one does not have to provide their address to the government as a condition of making a public comment at a government public meeting.

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