Does Jack Franks Have the Guts to Seek the Democratic Nomination for Attorney General?

Jack Franks surveying his domain.

Sitting on about $570,000 in his campaign fund, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks could be well positioned to seek the Democratic Party nomination for Illinois Attorney General now that incumbent Lisa Madigan has decided to retire from the office.

Franks may have more money in the bank than any other legislative or local official Democrat who might be interested in the office.

Franks problem is that there are a plethora of rich personal injury lawyers who could jump into such a primary race to challenge him.

Not to mention Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

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Franks has told the Northwest Herald he is considering running.


Does Jack Franks Have the Guts to Seek the Democratic Nomination for Attorney General? — 12 Comments

  1. Not the guts, but he does possess plenty of hubris.

    Besides that, he lacks the intellect for the position.

  2. If he ran I think he would get it.

    Remember who he knows and that would be good for McHenry

  3. OK. If he ran, what are his qualifications?

    Wasn’t he the guy who introduced the worst ever US president to be to McHenry County Democrats?

    Is that a good qualification?

  4. You don’t need ‘intellect’ to win any elected position in the state of Illinois.

    Just look around at what we are stuck with.

    Cui bono

  5. Sunshine blogger: Please show there is still plenty of gas in your tank and run for office. It is just a matter of a short ride around the Chicago river; we organize a Super PAC, and the rest takes care of itself. Those in favor of our sunshine blogger for AG say aye! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. I think Franks relishes being a big fat fish in a small pond.

    Egomaniacs and sociopaths are very dangerous people.

  7. Yes nitwit voters of Illinois, elect him.

    He can do more damage that way.

  8. Franks and Dart have been close friends since the beginning of their political careers.

    The will not run against each other.

    If Dart endorses Franks, a big amount of Law Enforcement, especially from Cook County, comes with it.

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