County Board Tote Board Not Working

Noet that the electronic voting machine did not record the votes of two Crystal Lake members voting against Chairman Jack Franks’ wishes. Votes from both Jim Heisler and Donna Kurtz were not recorded by the expensive machine, which was purchased without County Board permission.

Above is one of the votes taken electronically at Thursday’s McHenry County Board Committee of the Whole meeting.

A technician tried to fix the problem for Jim Heisler, but failed.

At least two times, the tote board did not show Jim Heisler’s vote.

Donna Kurtz could not get her voting switch to work either.

One member suggested the meeting could have been over a half an hour earlier had oral roll calls been conducted.

Jack Franks has the same advantage over ordinary members that House Speaker Mike Madigan has in Springfield. He can see how a vote is progressing. At least in Springfield, House members can see how people are voting before the tally is taken.

And, Jack Franks would not have know who was voting how before each vote was cast, as he can with the current system.


County Board Tote Board Not Working — 12 Comments

  1. McHenry county republican board members, please take notes. This is yet more evidence of how much the good, law abiding citizens of McHenry county are suffering under the brutal dictatorship of Jack D. Franks.

    Dictatorships are usually set up and preserved by means of violence, but the power can also be taken and preserved using electoral fraud.

    If such fraud were to go undetected, electoral results would no longer rely on our votes and we, the people, would not even notice we had lost Democracy because we would continue voting.

    In more than two centuries no western democracy had any serious trouble arising from using ballot papers (by the way, what’s wrong with them?) and to date most democracies of the world use ballot papers to elect their Parliaments and Governments.

    However, hardware and software vendors are pressing for the use of electronic voting and Governments often endorse it.

    Most people see electronic voting as a mere technical evolution of ballot paper voting and therefore they are confidently waiting for hardware and software that will make electronic elections as secure as remote banking, for example.

    They probably think voting is a simple transaction by which we add 1 to the electoral “balance” of our candidate, just the way we add money to someone’s bank balance when we use our credit card.

    Unfortunately voting is not like banking because votes and financial data differ in the level of the secrecy they require and such intrinsic difference is the very reason why electronic voting is unfit for political elections in democracy and no technology can change this.

    In Democracy the governmental power is transferred by counting secret votes during elections.

    To accept such transfer people and parties must be 100% sure that electoral results are fair and square: doubts about the legitimacy of the winner can damage the political life of the country and even bring riots and revolutions.

    Votes must be forever secret from everybody because otherwise voters could undergo illicit pressure to vote according to somebody else’s will.

    Criminals (and/or governments and/or politicians) have enough power to compel people to vote in a certain way.

    Electoral procedures are obviously set-up and managed by large organizations which span all over the country and give contracts to private and public companies.

    Many people and/or organizations are interested in falsifying electoral results to maintain or to get the governmental power.

    They can be highly motivated, well financed, sophisticated, and could be outsiders as well as insiders with full knowledge of the election system.

    These attackers could be political operatives, voters, vendor personnel, polling place workers, election administrators, foreign countries, international terrorist organizations, or just pranksters.

    Sitting governments are in charge of guaranteeing the accuracy of electoral results and the secrecy of votes, but the social groups & the economical powers which are the base of any government have the obvious interest in falsifying electoral results and violating the secrecy of votes to preserve the power.

    They could also succeed thanks to the complete control they have over the electoral process.

    Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Is the Board ‘not working’ or is it being controlled?

    Remember the voting machines that registered differently than what the voter selected.

  3. Relative to the initial post above by a school teacher, he represents what has given us:

    * More than one in three people (37%) could not name a single right protected by the First Amendment. THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

    * Only one in four (26%) can name all three branches of the government….

    * One in three (33%) can’t name any branch of government. None. Not even one.

  4. Who (of management) is responsible for the installation, integrity, maintenance, accuracy and testing of the tote board?

  5. I believe our illustrious County Clerk is in charge of the tote board.

  6. Does anyone find it suspicious that the two people who have contested Jack’s shenanigans, and have been targeted by him for slanderous political attack, do not have their votes recorded.

    If you look at the vote tote board, it looks as though Heisler and Kurtz are not at the meeting.

  7. This stupid fail was the brainchild of Franks and McClusterfurk !

    Franks controls the board by saying ‘Did you vote yet Chris?’ etc

    (In other words ‘are you sure you want to vote that way?’)

    It’s obvious and it’s disgusting.


    and get rid of the electronic tote board voting system too.

  8. Question: Who is in charge of the tote board?

    Answer: Our illustrious County Clerk. (is that the same County Clerk that is being sued for denying FOIA requests recently to the Edgar County Watch Dogs?)

    She’s in the custodians closet with Jack!

    Oh look, some new stuff on Whacko Jacko! (The Round Mound, The White Elvis) whatever the name of the day is for this slime ball!

  9. Just use the old-fashioned and reliable method of a roll call with the secretary present recording the votes.

    If gimmicky tote board must be used, the county should hire an independent audit agency with expertise in software and computers to review and certify the software code and the hardware on a regular basis.

    Also the audit would verify that the entire system (hardware, software) has controls that assure integrity and deny intrusion by anyone other than the person(s) authorized to oversee the system.

  10. Hamemrand AWOL AGAIN!!!

    Spoerl, Aavang and Bates up to their old tricks! They must GO!

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