Althoff Telling People She Is Running for County Board

Pam Althoff

While retiring from the Illinois State Senate, Pam Althoff is letting people know that she is going to run for the McHenry County Board is District 4.

Long-time member John Hammerand is not running for re-election.

One-term incumbent Chuck Wheeler is a candidate for re-election.

No other candidate has made his or her intentions to run public.

I emailed Althoff asking, “Wish to confirm that?”

“Maybe” was her reply.


Althoff Telling People She Is Running for County Board — 11 Comments

  1. Great move.

    She the only republican that can beat jack Frank’s.


  2. @ No No, Jack Franks is the Chairman of the Board and Althoff is talking about running in District 4.

    Different positions.

    And you should be careful about wanting a Republican just for the sake of having a Republican.

    There are Republicans worse than Jack Franks.

  3. You’ve done enough damage, Pammie.

    Please, please, please, just go away.

  4. Cal, you ought to ask her what she thinks of the events transpiring at the County Board.

    How would she have voted on the issues and what does she think of Jack and those that think differently than him.

    Where would she line up?

  5. ‘Pammie’ and the “round mound” have been ‘joined at the hip’ for years.

    The “round mound” wants to fill the Board with his supporters and “Pammie’ is one of those.

    “The supreme commander” will do whatever it takes to get a Board that supports his rule.

  6. McHenry County Tea Party thanks Senator Althoff for her years of service as a conservative stalwart in Springfield!

  7. Readers will not be surprised to learn that this comment is not from a McHenry County Tea Party leader.

    Such leaders are quite willing to use their names.

  8. Huntley Tea Party would back Pam. They have continued to back any candidate who runs as an “R” including several that are now targets to be replaced and being depicted as “The Dirty Dozen”…

  9. Althgoof is a libtard… pure and simple.

    Did she write the tea-party ‘endorsement’ herself or diid one of her ‘trans’ minions?

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