Franks Asks for Budget Ideas

Jack Franks asks for budget advice on his politidl billboard. on Route 47.

On the sign in front of his political office, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks asks,

Got Budget. Got Ideas? Call  338-6363.

Wonder what a Freedom of Information Act request for documents resulting from such phone calls would yield.


Franks Asks for Budget Ideas — 8 Comments

  1. Yeah, here’s some ideas for ya, Lyin’ Jack Franks!

    *Reverse the fact that you’ve tripled the cost of your elected office by hiring your Campaign workers from your State Rep job.

    *Quit taking $500/mo. gas allowance. You work and live in the same county!

    *Stop thinking of ways to get personal things paid for by the tax payers (i.e. wardrobe allowance, cell phone, car allowance, etc)

  2. Why would he still have that?

    I don’t care as long as we’re not putting dime one toward it.

    Any way we can find out if the taxpayers are contributing to the rent on that Rt 47 office?

  3. How about this idea: Impeach the creepy County Board Chairman.

  4. It’s obvious he controls much of the county board.

    As one poster previously asked, “What does he hold over them?”

  5. Isn’t this the job of the CEO and CFO?

    When D-26 went through the process of cutting operating spending several years ago, we ended up with a list of about 5 dozen items that we considered.

    Most were implemented and a few were not.

    We reduced our operating cost structure by over 18% in the first 6 months.

    And more than 25% by Year 3.

    I’m not suggesting this as a County target, but is merely illustrative of the kind of cuts that can be possible.

    Given the County’s size, shouldn’t the two top executives of the County provide a list of at least 100 cost-savings measures to consider?

    With that list force ranked by dollar impact so that Board members can evaluate the list effectively.

    I really don’t think posting a sign in the middle of nowhere, an effective strategy for identifying operating cost savings for a $250 million operating budget.

    I would recommend that the County create a list of what has been considered so far and each item’s status.

    During our process, I found it helpful to actively keep that list in front of Board members as we moved through the process.

    It kept Board members focused on pushing forward to reach our goals.

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