Jack Franks Backs Down on Leasing, Perhaps Privatizing Valley Hi

In a McHenry County Board meeting that could charitable be described as chaotic, Board members forced Chairman Jack Franks to back down from his effort to obtain Requests for Qualifications from potential Valley Hi Nursing Home leasing agents.

With the RFQs due Wednesday afternoon, the Board considered a resolution drafted by Craig Wilcox, the Board’s liaison to the Valley Hi Operating Board.

It would have set up a committee to evaluate the submissions.

Donna Kurtz

Out of the box, Donna Kurtz moved to amend the resolution to rescind the RFQ and refer a discussion of the future of Valley Hi to the Public Health and Community Service Committee, chaired by Chuck Wheeler.

What followed were impassioned arguments to leave Valley Hi as it is.

Mary McCann sought an amendment that would mandate the Public Health Committee to perform or contract for “an administrative assessment…to tell us where we are in the scheme of things.”

[Whether the 2016 WIPFLI consultant’s market analysis report supplied what she desired is unclear.  One can find articles on that report below:

McCann’s effort eventually died.
Mike Skala entered the debate by suggesting, as stated by Franks, that the Public Health Committee be allowed to evaluate the FRQs.

Kurtz accepted Skala’s suggestion as a friendly amendment, but, after it passed by a voice vote of something to three, members seemed to have no idea what they had just passed.

Franks stated that the staff would still evaluated the RFQ.

“Mr. Franks, that was not my intent of what I said,” Skala stated.

“If the committee as a committee decides to let the staff do with what they want to do,” he continued.

Veteran member John Hammerand entered the discussion for the first time saying, “I’ve listened for an hour and I’m not sure what we voted upon.”

Jim Kearns moved to re-consider the vote, which was seconded by Jeff Thorsen.

At that point one of the Edgar County Watchdogs shouted, “Who voted “mo?”

“Sit down,” Franks shouted.

“Sit down,” McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks yelled at one of the Edgar County Watchdogs who had previously said Franks had committed a criminal act.

“We are not going to turn this into a circus.”

“It already is” the same audience member replied loudly.

Donna Kurtz and Mike Skala work out the wording of their amendment to Craig Wilcox’ motion.

At that point a recess was called so that Kurtz and Skala could agree on the wording of the amendment to Wilcox’ resolution.

Language of the amendment worked out by Donna Kurtz and Mike Skala.

The amendment passed.

Wilcox then made a motion to rescind the Request for Qualifications.

Roll call on Craig Wilcox’ motion to rescind the Valley Hi leasing Request for Qualifications.

It passed 14-8, although the electronic tote board continued to malfunction because Mike Walkup’s vote was not recorded.

Wilcox now Kurtz-Skala-Wilcox amended resolution then passed 22-0.

So, what began as an effort by Jack Franks to perhaps privatize Valley Hi in a move about which no one on the County Board was consulted, ended with the RFQ killed and the issue of what, if anything to do with Valley Hi, given to the Public Health and Community Service Committee for consideration.


Jack Franks Backs Down on Leasing, Perhaps Privatizing Valley Hi — 31 Comments

  1. Here is one question – who votes on the strategic plan?

    The Board

    What was in the strategic plan?

    The RFQ

    Second question – in what universe is an RFQ a fully baked solution?

    Cal is trying to blame Franks for something he didn’t do, pure and simple.

  2. The RFQ was conducted by staff.

    Not franks.

    Get your facts straight Cal. Last night was a circus thanks to rogue board members.

    Good example they set for county employees.

    No wonder people are worried about their jobs there and unionizing.

    The county board should be working together for the good of the county.

    Instead we have people like Wilcox trying to make a name for themselves.

    He would get more credit for solutions to problems rather than creating unnecessary problems.

    It’s time to do the job of a board member and drop the partisan crap.

  3. All “good” politicians know that you get what you want while everyone is concentrating on something else much as an illusionist does.

    Expect a crisis to take your focus while Valley Hi is sold off.

  4. The staff conducted the RFQ under Franks. Staff answers to the board-not Franks!

    He is over-reaching and will get his hand slapped. Next time it may get cut off!

    Franks turned this county Board into a circus and he’s head clown!

    Trying to shut down meetings without public comment is an open meetings VIOLATION!

    Looking forward to Franks arrest due to his lying on his Statement of Economic Interest!

    But then again he IS LyingJackFranks.com

  5. What is wrong with Kay Bates?

    Has she been eating retarded sandwiches?

    Wake up dearie, start paying attn!

    What’s the difference between being ‘Away’ and being “Absent”?

  6. “Sit down”…….Jacko looks like he’s channeling Dean Wormer in that picture.

    Hopefully, a majority of the Board now “gets it” about Jack Franks.

    I won’t hold my breath, but some of the people who voted against him here really surprised me.

  7. Well, I see our old false friend, Johnny “Bad Onion Boy” Jung is a consistent fellow!

    This Jack Franks Puppet votes Jack’s way every single time.

    I do wonder what the jackal-Jacko has on the onion-rat!

    Tar & Feather John Jung Committee of Greenwood Township

  8. Bates is false too!

    But she’s not as comatose as Jung, and should know better.

    Perhaps comatose is the wrong word; maybe Kid Franks just hypnotized the Stinking Onion Jung.

    If so, Jung needs serious help!

  9. I’d like to know which private nursing organization was going to be considered.

    Who are they connected to?

    Let’s guess….

    I want my cut

  10. All this Valley Hi rancor, is an attempt by Franks, to stick his snout in that reserve trough.

    Loot coerced from long suffering taxpayers through over taxation.

    Hope Chuck Wheeler can keep this Democrat swine at bay.

  11. I think Franks was a “little” frazzled by the Edgar County Watchdogs.

    Finally, a group who is not intimidated by him.

    I wonder if Franks’ big push for the RFQ is so he can bring in someone he knows, that seems to be how he operates, just look at his history……..

    -Kevin Craver (former NW Herald reporter who’s articles always supported Franks),

    -Bridget Geenen (former legislative assistant),

    -two new Trustees at the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District (hand picked by Franks),

    -new attorney at the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District (a Democratic State Representative) and the list probably goes on and on and on.

  12. Letter to Editor NWH and Woodstock Independent:

    Fact checking and logic refute “Nathan Thurm”-esque sophistry by County Board Chairman recently printed in the newspaper which until August employed Chairman’s newly hired personal assistant as a reporter.

    County Board Chairman has two jobs to perform:

    1- create agendas and

    2- conduct meetings.

    He may also create ad-hoc committees as he sees fit, and must present a “State of the County” address.

    Given that workload, there is no need for additional staff.

    All prior Chairpersons managed simply utilizing existing administrative staff when or if needed.

    By unilaterally dictating hiring of two of his campaign workers as personal assistants, in violation of County Code and salary administration policy, Chairman pressured all County Board Members to selectively enforce (in this case, NOT enforce) County Code at risk of personal liability.

    He put taxpayers at risk of litigation by any job applicant who was NOT subject to extraordinary considerations granted these two new employees (only a jury can say whether bigotry was not the actual reason why other applicants did not receive exemptions from County Code and Salary Admin Policy), and objections by any citizens who were subjects of ENFORCEMENT of County Code by those empowered and obligated to do so.

    The 8 minority County Board members have voting records on public record, so do the other 16.

    If the 8 weren’t in a minority, our County would not be within the top 1/4 of 1% highest property tax rate Counties in America.

    The 8 have consistently fought Valley Hi excess tax accumulation (long before Chairman ran for office) as well as other questionable County spending.

    Simple solution: Let a Judge Decide.

    Chairman filed a quo warrento (“by what authority?”) lawsuit against LITH water district.

    Board could file quo warrento suit against Chairman:

    Chairman could state legal precedent allowing him to disregard County Code and Salary Administration Policy to hire his campaign workers as personal assistants at County expense, and Board Members could cite County Code and Policy outlining procedures for hiring County employees.

    A judge would decide at a bench trial, and it should cost no more than the LITH quo warrento suit.

    This ruling would allow clarity for all future job applicants and potential litigants as to the level of personal political connection needed in order to obtain County jobs.

    susan handelsman

  13. postscript:

    I hope Chairman will, as is his obligation under the promise of reducing McHenry County tax burden, release all specific data related to any and all County Employment Positions kept open beyond their determined expiration dates, so that these positions may also be eliminated and save the taxpayers the money which may otherwise be allocated to frivolous unneeded expenditures in order that Department Heads may keep ‘padded budgets’ unnecessarily high.

  14. Did anyone videotape the meeting?


    The County Board Chair pointed to the watchdog and yelled at them to sit?

  15. Good County Board Chair etiquette is pointing and yelling?


    The watchdog shouted, “Who voted no” because it was not evident to the audience who voted no?


    Is this post about the County Board Special Meeting on Tuesday September 19th, 2017 at 8PM?

    Or the County Board Regular Meeting on Tuesday September 19, 2017 at 7PM?

  16. hahah ‘Fair Play’, oh he can only WISH they shut up but they won’t.

    Franks is going to find out he’s not Lord of the County.

    He’s a slime-ball exposed.

    Franks wanted to be able to put in who he wanted to operate Valley Hi and he wanted to make deals on who they’d hire, maybe even get a large campaign donation in return.

    He’s got the Crooked Hillary way down pat!

    Well he was a Super Delegate for Hillary, after all.He also has been salivating over the $40M surplus to use as HE SEES FIT.

    Hit the road, Jack, that’s OUR MONEY!

    Board members, you are not alone!

    You must report any intimidation by Franks, as some of you have.

    You must report Franks asking you NOT to go to board meetings, as some of you have.

    County Officials, you must report any LIES on paperwork, improprieties, as some of you have.

    Don’t get sucked in by LyingJackFranks.com

  17. We need to elect leaders who follow the process. I”m very disappointed in the board members who were disruptive.

  18. Got your wires crossed my man!

    Just remember folks… this blogger is no relation of mine…

  19. Re Fair Play, (or is it Moderate, or Jack), you say…

    Here is one question – who votes on the strategic plan?

    The Board

    What was in the strategic plan?

    The RFQ

    Second question – in what universe is an RFQ a fully baked solution?

    Cal is trying to blame Franks for something he didn’t do, pure and simple.

    (By the way, that’s three questions. No surprise you can’t run a meeting; you can’t even count to three.)

    So, I downloaded the Strategic Plan.

    There is no reference to an RFQ.

    There is only one reference to Valley Hi. from the “ORGANIZATIONAL ADVANCEMENT AND SERVICES” document, Goal 3, Objective A, Task 2. It reads as follows…

    2) Examine future/possible models for operations at Valley Hi; evaluate the core services and explore alternative profiles or viability/desirability of various options.

    It clearly does NOT say, “Publish an RFQ to select a broker to lease Valley Hi, open the submissions in private, make selection in private and make sure that no one other than ‘staff’ can participate.”

    What truly amazes me is the ease in your lies.

    The only thing more troubling than the volume of your lies, is the ease in your delivery of them. Add a touch of indignation to paint you as the victim and you have the portrait of a true Illinois politician.

    You fancy yourself the Captain of the ship.

    You see the iceberg, and rather than work to steer the ship away from disaster, you realize you can pick some pockets while you direct the people’s attention to their certain folly.

    But the iceberg will not spare you, Captain Smith.

    Fate finds us all.

  20. Hey Eddy Schuster,
    We need to elect leaders who follow the process.

    LYING JACK FRANKS Does not follow the process.

    So you must be very disappointed in him!

  21. Is it me or does Jack Franks head looks like it’s coming to a point.

    He’s starting to resemble one of the coneheads from SNL.

    BTW, anyone can film during the public board meetings anytime from anywhere.

  22. Phony ‘Ed Schuster’, you’ve been outed as a fink, now buzz off.

  23. Valley Hi is an unnecessary service and has functioned as a county subsidized facility for the politically connected, especially from the western townships.

    It should be privatized.

  24. The audio for the September 14, 2017 County Board Special Meeting is posted on the McHenry County meeting portal.

    The audio for the September 20, 2017 County Board Regular Meeting is posted on the McHenry County Meeting portal.

    The audio for the September 20, 2017 County Board Special Meeting is not posted on the McHenry County meeting portal.


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