Joe Walsh Speaking at Craig Wilcox McHenry VFW Fundraiser Tonight

An email entered my computer saying the following:

Former Congressman Joe Walsh, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host will be speaking Thursday, September 21st, at a campaign kick-off dinner for one of his endorsed candidates, Colonel Craig Wilcox.

Craig is running for Illinois State Senate District 32.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.

All are welcome.

Coincidentally, McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady has an article in the Northwest Herald today announcing her candidacy for the same State Senate seat. (I have asked for her press release.)


Joe Walsh Speaking at Craig Wilcox McHenry VFW Fundraiser Tonight — 35 Comments

  1. Wilcox is too partisan and extreme.

    We need people willing to work together for solutions.

    His work on county board proves he is only trying to make name for himself.

    I’ll take Mary Mahady please!

  2. Facts please, we have large problems in Illinois.

    Electing someone who wants to work together, is admirable, but they enable the corruption to continue.

  3. I don’t disagree anotherwatcher.

    Unfortunately corruption and politics go hand in hand.

    It’s more important to elect the person rather than the party.

  4. Compromise has the US $20 trillion in debt.

    Compromise is why Illinois is $200+ billion in debt.

    We’ve had enough of compromise.

  5. Hahaha the only ‘kiss of death’ is for Craig’s opponents!

    ‘Facts Please’ must be Jack Franks minion Kevin Craver !

    AnotherWatcher you get it.

    We need a fighter not a yes man or a lap dog! And we need someone principled, like Wilcox.

  6. Amen to that Xout.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    We don’t need another politician going into this for friends. You want friends, join a country club.


    I’ll help you any way I can because you’re a fighter for transparency and the voters and you’re not afraid to speak up.

  7. As long as the Democrats are in charge of the General Assembly, “working together” means more spending that we can’t afford and no checks on the power of the public employee unions that have bled this state dry.

    Illinois needs more dysfunction.

  8. Billy Bob, our Gov. Rauner is a Republican . . . a poor excuse of a man who will not take a stand. By the way, I am a Republican.

  9. I’m not a big fan of Rauner’s either, but he isn’t the main problem.

    The Dems, with a little help from some RINOs, were able to force their budget upon Rauner over his veto.

    It is imperative that we weaken the Dems in the General Assembly, and that means not electing any more of them and getting rid of the RINOs.

  10. Lani!

    You hit the nail on the head with out ‘Facts Please’ as the lying Craver.

    It all fits!!!!

  11. Wilcox, ‘too extreme’???

    Good, Ill vote for him!

    Thanks Craver-boy!

  12. The letter to the editor is right on the money.

    If one decides to venture into public service, a Cal and One and Done Walsh endorsement is the kiss-of-death.

    Cal was ineffective (so long ago) as a Representative and Walsh is an anti-American who rode the Tea Party surge to his laughable single term.

    Both are losers.

  13. Thank you Tom. For bringing reality check to the naysayers and blind followers on this blog.

    Cal leads the land of misfits.

  14. Agitator? You must mean Cal and the minions in this blog, right? That’s all this is. A place for misfits to whine about non stories.

  15. I spoke to that stinking rat Craver a/k/a ‘Facts Please’ once, when he worked for the Northwest Franks’ Herald.

    Now he’s come ‘clean’ in a way, and directly and publicly works for his puppet-master Jacko.

    You can always tell a rat by the name they take.

    Craver fancies himself another Walter Winchell-type reporter (Winchell was also a Red Shill(, hence his lame projection ‘Facts Please’ … yet Craver’s claim to infamy was his fact-spiking and news-twisting!

  16. Cindy. Stuck in your craw? Sounds like something some liberal elitist would say.

  17. Truth2? Maybe more like Paul Winchell. Then that would make Moderate Jerry Mahoney.

  18. Oh, I almost forgot. That would make Jack Knucklehead Smiff. (How could I forget Knucklehead!)

  19. Somebody at 6:06 PM yesterday said that Walsh is an anti-American.

    This person obviously has never followed Walsh positions in his 2-year US Rep term nor listened to his radio show.

    Yes, Walsh at times is obnoxious when he yells sometimes and that is not necessary and ill advised.

    But, in no way is he an anti-American.

    If you want to use that term for somebody, there is a guy who left office this year and ran our country for 8 years who might come closer to that term if you look at his miserable record of apologizing for the US, diminishing US stature in the world as well as numerous lamebrain decisions and actions he took that diminished the US in many ways.

  20. Wilcox Army lifer with crazies like Joe Walsh and bimbo girl cindy

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  22. This is hilarious.

    Obviously Cal hits nerves with his reporting and the Edgar County Watchdogs that fight corruption have picked up the scent that somebody doesn’t want them to.

    Desperate and all too obvious, I’d say that letter was drafted by Lying Jack Franks himself!

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