Jack Franks Turns Press Box into Seating for “Guests of Honor”

For as long as the McHenry County Board has been meeting in its current room, there has been a press box where reporters can have a flat surface on which to take notes.

But, apparently no more.

Democrat Jack Franks has decided that reporters should have to sit in regular seats behind staff members.

The last meeting I sat there, I was told by County Administrator Peter Austin that what was heretofore the press box was now reserved for “honored guests.”

He asked why I was sitting there and I told him that it was because I was a member of the media.

Austin then asked who said so.

I told him the Illinois Attorney General.

He asked me if I had the documentation.

I told him I did.

I refused to leave and not only the building security, but the Woodstock Police were called.

This past week four signs showed up in the press box saying “County of McHenry Honored Guests.”

The County Board room’s Press Box under Jack Franks.

No one used the seats.

(I decided I wanted to be able to get better photos of Franks and sat in the front row of seats near the rostrum.)


Jack Franks Turns Press Box into Seating for “Guests of Honor” — 22 Comments

  1. Is a press box really needed when the only local newspaper doesn’t even bother to send a reporter to cover meetings?

    Copy and paste from Jack Franks’ press releases is the Northwest Herald’s MO.

  2. Thanks for moving, Cal. You are no honored guest, and it’s nice that finally realized this fact of your little life.

  3. I love how Franks gets under your skin Cal. Anything he does to piss you off is just pure bliss.

  4. Jack Franks once again acting like the County Executive of Jack Franks County.

  5. Jack Franks cheerleader Democrat agitators.

    “Guests of Honor” is just Jack Franks’ way of saying “Cal Skinner Can’t Sit Here and I’m in Charge.”

  6. Same Q as Leeeery – Did the County Board authorize this change, or any other procedural “changes”, such as invitations, campaigning, etc. for Jesse White and who else in the future?

    Please, County Board Members, get a legal opinion on these “changes” as well as the authority to set and structure the agenda.

    Surely, it must not be in the hands of a few, manipulative individuals who want to silence any opposition to the new regime.

    The County continues on the runaway train.

    Where are you County Board members when we need a voice?

  7. Does anyone know where to find online a “complete” set of rules and procedures pertaining to the responsibilities, authorities and operations of the McHenry County Board and its chairman?

  8. Jack ‘The Ripper’ just wants to keep tabs on his paid stooges better!

  9. Jack Franks tries to intimidate, which I have to say he’s not very good at it, he tried it with me, he tried it with Joe Tereo.

    He is a perfect example why people hate politicians!!

  10. The antics of a spoiled brat child who grew up to a be the “round mound” bully.

  11. Dear Chairman Jack D. Franks: Thanks for accepting the truth. Who better than our freeloader sunshine blogger to sit there as a guest of honor? I can see him, next to his lazy cat, and his shotgun on the back, teaching us a lesson on compassionate conservative, freedom journalism…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. Dear Chairman Jack D. Franks, you should be so proud, that our Fallen Angel has joined your team . . . best of luck to you. tic, tock, tic, tock.

  13. Is there a procedure for deciding who will be the “Honored Guest” or is it up to Franks?

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